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1. Death Note –

Death Note is one of those anime sites that that is full of suspense and points to the morals of good and evil, morality and justice. It is set in Japan and all the characters are of a very high intellect. The story goes with a student who finds a notebook called Death Note, which lets him kill anyone who has their name written in it.



2. Dragon Ball –

This anime has been around since 1984 and follows young Gohan and his quest to seek out the seven magical dragon balls. He uses his super powers to save the world from the evil foes and there is plenty of hand to hand combat in the scenes here.



3. Black Butler –

This anime follows a family of nobility based in England; Sebastian Michaels is the perfect butler who serves a 12 year-old master. It’s full of comedy, mystery and a bit of the supernatural. Michaels will get the young earl’s soul when he dies. It’s a dark black comedy that will be entertaining for those into the supernatural.



4. One Piece –

 One Piece follows the quest of Monkey Luffy, a 17-year old boy who has supernatural powers just from eating a special fruit. Monkey goes off and searches for treasure with his gang in a wonderful fantasy world adventure.



5. Naruto –

Naruto is a ninja fighting anime series that appeals to the younger audiences. There are a number of comedy scenes in this anime which give Naruto a lighter side.



6. Hellsing –

Hellsing is another one of those brilliant supernatural anime productions. A British company that kills vampires are central to the plot and there are many secret service organizations that will have you held in suspense.



7. Elfen Lied –

It’s a psychological romance with gripping brutality and creatures with two horns sticking out of their heads. The Song of the Elves (its translation from the German Elfen Lied) has a beautiful soundtrack.



8. Rurouni Kenshin –

Rurouni Kenshin is one of those who can harbour a dark secretive past hidden behind a sunny disposition. There is plenty of Kendo and Samurai sword action and battling with enemies throughout.



9. Full Metal Alchemist –

Set in the industrial heartland of Europe, Full Metal Alchemist features some guy called Edward searching for his lost arm and leg. His chum Alphonso has lost his entire body!


10. Bleach –

Bleach is a great adventure anime that follows the quest of a student with the powers of a soul reaper. She will need these powers in order to save his family. It embraces the concepts of friendship and loyalty while combining comedy, laughter and great action.



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