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Welcome to the world of Blogging?

Nowadays, anyone can become a content creator and post their posts, photos or something else entirely by blogging online. Whether you’re looking for a way to share your thoughts or make some extra money, this list of top 10 blogging sites will help you choose the perfect platform for your purpose.




Not to be confused with the content management system of the same name, WordPress is one of the most comprehensive blogging solutions online. It’s probably the most you can get on the Internet in terms of blog features without actually having to pay for it, and the only step beyond is a paid hosting service with unlimited customization.




Blogger is the original blogging platform. Created and maintained by Google, it has gone through several redesigns to adapt to the changing situation and stay relevant in today’s online environment. It’s the starting site that you would recommend to any aspiring blogger and the perfect place to test your ability to earn ad revenue. With its user-friendly dashboard and versatile themes, Blogger will meet nearly every blogger’s needs.





Tumblr is all the rage right now and attracts new members every day. Labeled as a micro-blogging website, it’s quite different from what you would expect a blog to be like. However, despite and perhaps even thanks to its limitations, it has integrated nicely into the Internet’s social media craze and became one of the top websites online for creating an online presence to share with the world. You too can post text, images, videos and more with your very own tumbleblog.




Weebly was once included in the ranks of TIME’s Top 50 Best Websites and is fully deserving of the praise. Unlike many of the simpler blogging sites out there, it offers simplicity and customization in the same package. If you want to host a blog that won’t require a lot of maintenance and will let you publish ads for revenue, Weebly will give you that and more.




TypePad is a welcome change in an endless selection of cookie-cutter blogs. Since being online for almost 10 years, it has developed into a very capable and interesting service for new and old bloggers.



6. is one of the best, most solid blogging services with free unlimited hosting and an increased set of benefits for paid subscriptions. It may not have a lot of extraordinary features, but it does exactly what it says it does and does it well. If you’re looking for a stable platform for your new blog, you won’t go wrong with





LiveJournal was once an extremely popular blogging platform that doubled as a social networking site. It has largely lost its huge role on the Internet recently, but the community discussion features, theme selection and other familiar features will still welcome anyone who wants to give it a spin.




Blogetery offers an easy solution for monetizing your blog traffic. Someone who’s eager to start earning money from blogging for the first time will certainly benefit from the easy setup features, appealing design and intuitive user interface of Blogetery, but there’s an apparent lack of extra controls. It might not bother regular users, but could turn off more serious bloggers.




Blogster successfully combines a free blogging service with image hosting. For anyone who always wanted to have them in the same place, this will be the perfect match. For everyone else, Blogster will be just another blog platform with no extraordinary features.




Open Diary is a blogging website that tries to appeal to new members with unlimited upload storage, a set of advanced features and cheap subscription fees. People who are specifically looking for this kind of service may enjoy blogging with Open Diary, but most Internet users will probably look for something more versatile.




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