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The world of Internet marketing has become the main income stream for millions of people and companies all over the world especially with the current world crisis. Companies like Google have created ways for marketers to make money from publishing advertisements on their sites with revenue being paid for by other companies. There are many people who have made and are still making substantial amounts of cash each month with pay per click ads. The problem is that some of them have become disillusioned with Google receiving very little response. Google is known for their extremely stringent terms and conditions with regard to their Adsense programme. Enquiries regarding new accounts can wait weeks before receiving a reply and some even are ignored. Explicit or offensive content is forbidden as well as illegal and other pay per click sites. A lot of sites fall within these categories even though sometimes the breach is minimal and often accounts get suspended without warning causing customers to lose their main source of income. Even when Adsense customers do get a response, there have been reports of people’s average page CTR and CPC being reset. Of course lower CTRs mean lower revenues.

Lower CTRs Mean Lower Revenues

This is why it is essential to look for a good alternative to Adsense in order to make sure you continue earning and not be completely reliant on Google – especially with advertising rates continually going down. Fortunately, there are several alternatives nowadays with new companies opening up to compete with Google Adsense. Some of them offer attractive rates of pay and offer better conditions with full support, which is good news for those who have become disillusioned with Google. Below is a list of the best alternatives to consider if you are losing faith in Google.



This is a great network that offers relevant content to be published on both PC’s and mobile technology.  They display ads in a way that doesn’t seem intrusive to visitors and this is an important factor to consider when placing ads on your website. Details for publishers and marketers are given with charts demonstrating how they monetise your site and increase the traffic flow. Full information about the company can be found on the site along with the products that are on offer.



Another excellent option that offers great affiliate links for many niches. They have over 17,000 affiliate programs available upon registration. The system offers very reliable tracking making it great for bloggers, forum owners as well as for general website content. Links for making money with your site, taking paid surveys, writing for money and the bare necessities are given, offering many choices and possibilities.



This site is great for text ads that break out of the regular banner advertisement you would usually see on most websites. These text ads open a small window that shows visual and textual content related to the product on the text. You get to use your own words and content to attract potential conversions and this is always a plus if you know what you are doing. There is a demonstration to try on the site and full support a with FAQ section.



This is another contextual ad network to consider. They try to focus on delivering the right ads to get optimal conversion rates from your visitors and also offer mobile ad campaigns. The stream of revenue is in real-time and the company have won awards for their work efforts which you can see on the site. Full details are given for both advertisers and publishers and full support as well as contact details are displayed.


5) works with the Yahoo and Bing Contextual Ads Program that provides a wide range of advertising and traffic monetising solutions to a substantial and diversified client base. They offer an increase in revenue with minimal effort, top brand advertisers, relevant ads and support with personalised attention. Details for publishers and advertiser are given on the site along with the benefits and features and signing-in is encouraged.



This network has high paying advertisers with up to 85% of the earnings going to the publisher in some cases. They have dedicated account managers for reliable support and tips on getting the most out of your campaigns. Publishers are offered 10% from a referral program, excellent support and a choice of 10 ad formats.  Advertisers receive real-time online reports and safe ads with a maximum return.



This company has a portfolio of dynamic solutions for both brands and publishers. Some of the products offered are banners, fixed footers, social media packages, Pinterest boards, sponsored blog posts and many more.  The control panel shows you all the essential information you need and is easy to manage. This way you can properly tweak your current publishing work into more profitable strategies. Details for advertisers and publishers can be found on the site and an online video guide is available for help.



The best feature about this network is their constant display of the highest bidders on your website advertisement space. Their ads are highly customizable and they also generate very detailed reports for you to be able to monitor how well you are doing. There is a toolbar creator, xml feeds and a referral program, where you will be paid for every user you refer.



This site allows you to decide which advertisers display on your website or mobile campaigns. The company has 14 years experience and access to global data resources ensuring that advertisers reach their audience and publishers receive maximum revenue. The company advertises solutions for every industry and they are currently running 270,000 campaigns and working with 25,000 different advertisers.



Very rigorous standards are requested before this company accepts you into their network, but once you have been accepted, you will find highly targeted content that will give you more opportunities for conversions. will only deal with sites or blogs with less than 500k visitors a month. Information for both advertisers and publishers can be found on the site along with the terms and conditions.

So there you have it. This top ten is not an official list of top quality adsense alternatives, but after doing some good research we have found them to be some of the best options if you don’t want to deal with Google anymore. Alternatively check out our direct ad platforms article.



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    Hi, Good compilation. Here you have more good sites:

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