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More and more people are creating their own websites nowadays on the Internet. There are several ways to create a new site on the web without having to invest large sums of money as websites can now be designed and programmes can be installed and activated from many companies offering free downloads and on-going support and assistance. Once you have your website it is useful to know how it operates behind the scenes and what programmes and codes your new site uses and needs to make it function perfectly. Not all of us claim to be computer programming experts and the various terminology used is baffling to most of us to say the least. However, there are various sites offering assistance in learning how to code and whether you are a complete beginner, need a refresher course or are indeed an expert, the following list of sites will come in useful since they all offer valuable advice and instructions on learning how to code.


1) Code School –

Code School is an attractive site for learning how to code. A list of all courses for each computer languages on offer is given from the basics to the advanced and all stages in between. Languages covered are Ruby, Javascript, HTML/CSS and Ios. Free screen-casts can be viewed and lessons are shown in videos. There is an online shop and enrolment details are given on the site as well as a blog which gives further tips and useful information.


2) –

CodeGuru contains hundreds of articles and thousands of pieces of code that are available to download along with tips and tricks for learning about code. Many people have contributed to the site with ideas and information on code and the company emphasis is very much about sharing knowledge. Various forums and blogs offer further advice and all contributions to the site with data are encouraged. There is a special section with instructions for the Windows 8 application and you can receive regular updates in the newsletter.


3) Code Project –

Code project is ranked high on, no doubt from the amount of information that the site contains. There are hundreds of articles to read with a quick answer section to assist in solving any queries promptly along with advice and information on languages in the discussion section. Hints and tips are given in the community section with further research facilities available under the features tab. There are several search options available to find relevant information and topics can also be found for Indian and Chinese sites.


4) Planet Source Code –

This is a very successful site on the Internet offering nearly 30 million lines of source code and averaging 5 page views every second. Information can be obtained from over four thousand articles and tutorials and the site also offers discussion boards, coding contests with prizes and programming jobs. Featured codes are Javascript, .Net, PHP, Java, C/C++, SQP, Perl, ASP classic, VB classic, Delphi and Cold Fusion. Tips and further information can be read on the blog and the site proudly displays awards that have been received in recognition for their hard work.


5) Dynamic Drive –

This is a very popular site for code with a CSS library full of links, tools, demos and layouts. A multitude of tips, hints and instructions are given to start a website with DHTML and Javascript highlighted. A selection of articles and explanations can be obtained from selecting script categories and there is a further section on XML and RSS. Direction for optimisations, banners, animation, buttons and ribbons are shown and even more information can be sought in the forums from blog posts, comments and threads, but registration is needed to contribute.


6) – ranks very well on and it has been especially designed to teach code. The foundations for building a website can be found on the site and the codes offered are HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Ruby and PHP. Explanations on all the codes can be found along with details of what each course contains and what can be expected from studying and learning. Each course has specific exercises to complete with after school programmes and experiments to test your knowledge as the course progresses. The site invites anyone to create a course and share their expertise with other users.


7) 2 Create a Web-site –

The site is dedicated to showing how to create a website. The information is laid out in a step-by-step guide with easy to follow instructions. There is a blog section containing tips and further sections on web design and building up traffic. Tutorials can be found on HTML and CSS showing hex charts and templates which can be used and a full demonstration on how to customise a WordPress theme is given. Further hints and tips can be found in videos and a simple ‘like’ is all that is required after obtaining information.


8) Dave Site –

Dave site is a small site, but a very popular one nevertheless ranking well on, with a good number of backlinks. The site gives free instructions and guides on code with HTML and CSS being offered in tutorials. A training tutorial is also available and books can be viewed on the site. A history of the Internet is also given and all three books written can be downloaded. The tutorials are offered in videos with clear instructions and you can also learn to design a website for free.


9) W3Schools –

This site is aimed at self education and is ranked at 235 in the world on There is a wide range of code courses to choose from with HTML/CSS, Javascript, ASP.Net and XML being offered. Further courses on web building and servers are also given with certificates being awarded for passing various courses. Examples, quizzes, books, character sets and statistics are stated and tips, hints and popular pages are also demonstrated. A complete section is dedicated to web references for finding further details on code and a new course on HTML5 has just been introduced.


10) Bloc –

This site gives special tuition on different types of code with courses running over 12 weeks.  Intensive boot-camps are offered and a personal mentor will provide coaching and guidance throughout the chosen course. There are several courses to choose from and featured codes are Ruby, HTMLand CSS. All details and dates for upcoming courses are given on the site and no experience is necessary since the courses are especially designed with beginners in mind.







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