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Who’s in your Social Network?


 1. Facebook-

Facebook is easily the most populated social networking website on the World Wide Web. The purpose of the website is to connect family members, friends, and business associates. It is presently the largest social networking website on the Internet. Facebook was originally created to be a college networking website in 2004.


2. Twitter-

Twitter is an online social networking website that doubles as a microblogging website. The microblogging tool on the website allows users to send and receive text-based messages that can be up to 140 characters. Twitter was created in March of 2006 and was launched to the public by July of the same year.


3. Pinterest-

Pinterest is a photo-sharing social networking website that features a pinboard-style. Users can create, modify, and maintain image collections feature a certain theme. These themes normally revolve around interests, hobbies, and events. Pinterest launched for public use in March of 2010.


4. LinkedIn-

LinkedIn is a social networking website that has more of a professional environment. It is intended to be used by individuals with a professional occupation. The website was originally founded in December of 2002 and was launched for public use in May of 2003.


5. Google Plus+-

Google Plus is also known as G+ or GPlus. It is a multilingual social networking website that also doubles as an identity service. The website was originally launched as an invite only test to a small number of Google users in 2011. It was not until September of 2011 that Google Plus was open for anyone to create an account with them.


6. DeviantArt-

DeviantArt was not really created with the intention of being a social networking website. As the website progressed and became more popular it transformed into a social networking website for artists. DeviantArt launched for public use in August of 2000.


7. LiveJournal-

LiveJournal is a social networking website that was created for Internet writers. Users can use LiveJournal as a way to keep a virtual journal or blog. Users have the option of setting their journal to be private, public for friends only, or public for all. LiveJournal was originally launched for public use in April of 1999.


8. Tagged-

Tagged was created with the purpose of being a social discovery website. It was originally launched for public use in October of 2004. The website allows its members to interact with each other’s profiles, play games, and share virtual gifts Tagged also offers their users the ability to chat with each other through an instant messaging client


9. Ning-

Ning is a website that allows users to create their own social networking website in a few minutes. The reason why Ning ranks as one of the most popular social networking websites is because of how unique the service it offers is. Ning first launched in October of 2005.


10. Orkut-

Orkut is owned and operated by Google. The purpose of this social networking website was to help users connect with old friends as well as maintaining relationships with current ones. Orkut was originally launched to the public in January of 2004.


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