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You may only know a few of the most popular video sharing sites online, but there’s a whole new world of possibilities out there for someone who is looking for a multimedia platform that would best fit their unique purpose. Are you curious which website scored the highest? Read our list of top 10 video sites online and find out!



1. YouTube- http:/

After going through several redesigns, improvements, fixes and important deals in Google’s stead, YouTube remains the world’s number one video sharing website. It has a strong lead over its closest competitors both in terms of popularity, variety and revenue, which the site is happy to share with content creators through its official partnership program. From its very own classics to promising upstarts, YouTube is a source of endless stream of videos for any topic, mood and occasion!



2. Dailymotion-

Dailymotion is currently the second biggest video sharing site after YouTube. Although the margin is still very large, it tries not to fall too far behind in terms of useful features, content quality and user experience.



3. Netflix-

After a series of successful deals with the key players in the movie and entertainment industry, Netflix has become the go-to application for when you want to buy or rent a movie online. Whether you prefer to watch the latest DVD releases or undying classics from the golden age of cinema, you will find what you’re looking for on their website or mobile application.



4. Facebook-

Considering that Facebook is the single most popular social media network and second most visited site in the world, it’s not surprising that it peers into the domain of video sharing websites as well. It may not have been built specifically for that purpose, but the convenient feature of video uploads is used and enjoyed by a huge number of people every day.



5. Hulu-

Labeled as a premier video site, Hulu has been offering high quality movies, TV shows and other media releases since 2007. Through its paid subscription service, the website offers users direct streaming of content by NBC, Fox, ABC, Disney, Nickelodeon and other networks.


6. Vimeo-

Ever since being founded in November 2004, Vimeo has impressed its users with fast performance, imaginative designs and accessible features. For someone who’s looking to share their artistic endeavors online, this could become the perfect video sharing platform to do so.



7. MetaCafe-

MetaCafe greets its visitors with a broad selection of topical videos. It mostly focuses on categories like movies, video, sports, music, games and television.




This video submission website started off way back in 1998 under the name of as a place to find comedy videos, flash games and funny images. Now named, it continues to maintain the easy-going atmosphere and —– that made it popular in the first place. Like most successful websites, it has found a specific audience to appeal to and doesn’t take a single day off from doing that.



9. Veoh-

Back in 2007, Veoh was one of the top contenders for the lead in Internet television market, but its rapid rise to fame did not last long. It eventually experienced the crushing impact of unending legal battles that forced the founder to file for bankruptcy in 2010. Under the new ownership, the video site is now a shell of its former self, but many people still prefer to visit it for its convenient design and intuitive user interface.



10. Yahoo! Screen-

After its initial launch in 2006 as Yahoo! Video, this website has accumulated a steady collection of branded channels, movie trailers, popular comedy skits and other content. In order to find your way around the site, you’ll have to use the search bar or find your way through a simple category navigation system. Even though Yahoo! Screen has some exclusive content to offer, it ultimately falls short of providing a complete viewing experience and isn’t very popular with most Internet users.


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