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Conspiracy theorist?

A conspiracy theory is the idea that a person or groups of people have covered up information on an event or a phenomenon in an effort to hide or conceal the truth. The event could be political, social or economical. There are many websites that have been set up nowadays on the Internet to inform people of these possible cover-ups in an effort to search for true information and facts. There are many unproven conspiracy theories which are related to government plans, murders, secret knowledge and technology and political, cultural and historical events. Popular conspiracy theories include the denial of the Holocaust, John F. Kennedy assassination, death of Marilyn Monroe, death of Princess Diana, various film stars and famous singers deaths such as Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, Michael Jackson and Jimi Hendrix, UFO sightings, crop circles, 9/11, Area 51 and the moon landings to name a few. With the search for truth comes the demand from many people around the world to uncover more facts since scheming and plotting has now been proven to exist amongst many governments, large corporations and establishments who ‘bend’ the truth and ‘lie’ so they can continue to gain and reign with power and control. Below are ten of the best conspiracy theory sites on the Internet today. The sites are popular and seek to expand the minds of those curious enough to question and explore plausible explanations for many ‘open’ questions that at present remain unanswered.




1. Illuminati Conspiracy Archive –

This site has many articles to read on the Illuminati, the new world order and the new age movement. Further information can be found in the blog and some very interesting theories can be found in the section dedicated to ‘commentary’. Every article is dated and quick links are provided for more details. Books are suggested for reading for those with a particular interest in the subject and subscription to the site is encouraged in order to receive the conspiracy newsletter.





2. The Unhived Mind –

This site can really open your mind with the articles that it contains on topics from devil worshipping to the Roman Empire and the Vatican. The latest news and articles are highlighted along with recent comments and videos and audios are also available to watch and hear respectively on many of the conspiracies. A special section contains illustrated articles on health and further information can be found in another section named ‘general.’





3. Godlike Productions –

This site has a very popular forum for discussing many topics with the latest threads and comments highlighted and rated. Topics such as conspiracy theories, UFOs and societies are amongst the current popular posts with news items, advanced searches and directories being available to assist. Many more interesting facts can be found in the archives and hours of fascinating reading are guaranteed to set the mind working and induce thinking. The site is free to join and serves millions of unique visitors every month, so any donations that can be given are greatly received to enable the site to continue.



4. David Icke –

David Icke is well known in the world of conspiracy theories and his website contains many interesting articles with the latest headlines and the latest features advertised. David travels the world with his teachings and tickets, books, DVDs, music and gifts are available in the online shop on the site. Many comments and threads can be found in the forum where you can debate the latest topics with many more being available in the archives. Subscription to the forum is free, but £3 per month is needed for unlimited access to the library and to receive the weekly newsletter.



5. Conspiracy Reality –

This site exposes the secrecy behind the institutions of global enslavement with subjects such as population control, new world order, the Illuminati, secret societies, government cover-ups, suppressed technologies, 9/11, UFOs and monetary control to name a few in articles, reality TV, books, videos and documentaries. Alternative conspiracy news, related sites and the latest videos are highlighted with category suggestions and a list of videos also available for viewing.




6. –

This is the official site of the Alex Jones radio show. Hot news and topics are highlighted such as terrorism, border control, laws, health, technology, police state, big brother watching, war and economic crisis with the daily headlines advertised. You can listen to the show live on the site, sign up for the newsletter, view video clips and photos and read the comments and threads in the forum. There are two stores available for buying merchandise and a search facility is given to find the top stories.





7. Above Top Secret –

Above Top Secret is a very popular site for alternative topics. Current hot topics include politics, abductions and new world order with many topics old and new illustrated with videos. After logging into the site, you can follow the thread and comments in the forum and vote on any of the topics appearing in the news-feed. Other topics include secret societies, the paranormal and scandals and there is a search facility to view the 16,000,000 topics that have been posted by members.




8. Intellectual Oddities Network –

Logging into this site is necessary to view the posts and topics discussed. News, fringe and oddities are posted by members and a search facility is given to find fellow members. Help is available and the rules are clearly stated on the site, but due to the restrictions further information is limited so registration is recommended in order to gain further knowledge.



9. Beyond News –

Beyond News is a forum dedicated to bringing fringe news. The threads and posts in the forum are rated and any new threads are advertised. There are over 19,000 posts on the site and 4,700 threads with many topics and conspiracy theories. Links are provided leading to other conspiracy sites and registering is advised before commenting and posting.




10. Common Sense Conspiracy –

This website is dedicated to those who like to delve deeper into the fabric of the world that we live in. There is a wide range of articles in the index on topics such as Armageddon, new world order, Illuminati, the Holocaust, JFK assassination, the paranormal, 9/11 and UFOs to name a few. Comments and threads in the forum can be viewed and subscribing to the newsletter is advised to be kept abreast of the latest postings on the site.





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