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EFED Wrestling or fantasy wrestling is the game of role-playing with statistic-based games set in the world of professional wrestling. The storyline is determined by the characters created and the manner in which the stories are relayed or told. Wrestling games were first featured in wrestling magazines in the mid 1980s and by the late 1980s games had started to appear on the Internet. By the early 1990s bulletin boards were introduced to facilitate the exchange of information for players in role-playing as well as connecting by email which lead to websites for enthusiasts being set up and communities and news groups were then started for enthusiasts of EFED wrestling. E-wrestling is a term that has now evolved from the Internet based on professional wrestling where the player (or handler) creates a character and manages the career of the character in a fictional wrestling federation known as the E-Fed or E-Federation. Results are determined by a number of factors depending on the particular fantasy wrestling leagues. Some leagues determine the victors by the creative writings whilst other leagues are based on storylines told through interviews and matches. Below is a list of the best EFED wrestling sites on the Internet today. The list will be invaluable for enthusiasts of this role-playing sport since they are now easy to find all listed together in one place.




1. WWO – http://wwoewrestling.angelfire.com/

WWO is a popular EFED wrestling site which displays the weekly top ten as well as WWO tour dates. Registering is simple and the roster and the staff can be viewed along with the rules. Shows are advertised and posts can be read in the forum under the board tab. Further information is posted in the magazine section and although the shop is not open yet, the site announces that it will be available soon.



2. Extreme Anarchy Wrestling – http://eanarchyw.proboards.com/

This site ranks high on Alexa.com with all the latest posts available to read on the board. There is a forum with a role-play board and feedback and you can vote for the site on the top EFEDS. A search facility is given for finding players and information and a complete guide for help is available whether you are using the site or moderating.





3. Pure Wrestling Anarchy – http://pwaefed.b1.jcink.com/index.php?act=idx

Pure wrestling anarchy is another great EFED site where you can view the latest shouts, the rules and the latest board statistics as well as match results. Registering is necessary to view much of the information although guests to the site can gain an idea. The taken lists and the contract signings can be found and a calendar is available to keep track of matches and results.




4. CPW – http://cpw.freeforums.net/

CPW or championship pro wrestling contains forums with many threads, posts and topics on EFED wrestling. Information is found in CPW TV, the cards and results and CPW media with statistics, feedback and the general board also containing details. New topics are highlighted and boards and media can be searched for players after registration. After logging in you can vote for CPW and start your journey in the world of EFED wrestling.




5. EWA – http://s2.zetaboards.com/EWA/index/

EWA has special links for the EWA magazine, rankings, schedule and title history. Latest news and important dates are highlighted and registering in order to join the community is advised. EWA champions and an active roster can be found along with a long list of past and present champions. Illustrated articles are given inside the magazine and once you have joined the community you can ‘have your say’ and comment on the posts.




6. Uncensored Wrestling – http://fullcombat.proboards.com/index.cgi

Uncensored Wrestling or UWI as it is also known,  has a chat area for discussing champions such as knockout, Xtremecore, UWI, world heavyweight, global, women’s and tag teams. The rules are clearly stated and you can view the current roster, the taken list and the cashflow as well as vote and sign your contract. After registration, you can search for other members and comment and introduce new topics with the most recent threads being highlighted.



7. MPW – http://mpdub.proboards.com/index.cgi

MPW requires you to register to view the topics in the forum. There are roster pages, the role-play board, role-play feedback, the discussion board, news and rumours to read as well as awards, the match writing board, previews and archives. There is a centre for information and all the latest threads, posts and topics are highlighted. You can visit the headquarters and also meet like minded folk while you wait for the TNT deadline.



8. Pro Champ Wrestling – http://prochampwrestling.proboards.com/index.cgi

Pro Champ wrestling or PCW is another popular EFED wrestling site. You can read news updates and applications in the general forum and in the member’s area you can view the OOC board, character developments, weekly role-plays, the Sunday spectacular card and the Sunday spectacular results. There is an information centre and the latest topics and posts are advertised. After registration, you can introduce new topics and help is available at all times.



9. CWA – http://cwaonline.angelfire.com/

The Corporate Wrestling Alliance claims to open the doors with controversy ever near. The site advises you to read the rules and then check to see is your character is available. Members can read the role-play board, the OOC board and view the history of the champions. In the show section you can find controversy cards and rules, PPV cards and PPV results. The very first Corporate Controversy is coming up soon, so signing your contract is advisable to be sure of getting in on the action.




10. RoughKut.com – http://roughkut.com/blog/

At RoughKut.com you will find e-Wrestling resources, blogs, games, discussions and EFED related tools. The latest posts and comments can be found in the blogs and categories to select include e-TOFM, e-Wrestlers, fed-heads, Kut news, lol-wrestling and Media pop. The database can be searched and features include EFEDS, e-wrestlers and forums. There is a tutorial section with guides for role-playing, e-wrestling descriptions, promoting, character creation, managing multiple members and choosing an EFED and topic ideas and quotes are welcome for submission.


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