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European Studies is a field offered by many colleges and universities with the focus on current developments in European integration. Most of these courses take into account European History, European Law, Economics and Sociology while some concentrate on European Languages, European Literature and European Culture. The subject combines humanities and social science with disciplines including Anthropology, Geography, History, Linguistics, Philosophy, Political Science and Psychology to name a few. European studies are not restricted to study within the European continent as many universities and colleges throughout the world offer exams, and degrees in the subject. It is a fascinating topic since Europe has so many countries each contributing by bringing different languages, cultures, history, traditions and political views that it truly has become a social melting pot and point of fascination for other continents throughout the world. Below is a list of top sites on the Internet today that give valuable information since they are dedicated to either teaching or informing on the subject of European Social and Political Studies.



1. European University Institute –

The European University Institute has a department for political and social sciences with full details of courses, programmes and fellowships being given on the site. Research can be obtained from the research centres or from the library catalogue with advice being given for methods of study and searching. The latest news and events are highlighted and there are special sections dedicated to the Robert Schuman Centre and the Max Weber Programme both containing details on teaching and publications.





2. University of Dundee –

Dundee University offers an MA (Hons) in European Studies during which perspectives from economists, geographers, historians, lawyers, linguists, philosophers and political analysts can be gained. The course focuses on current European issues such as migration, economic policy and cultural identity with further courses being combined such as languages. Full details on the course, admissions and the university are given on the site with the possibility of field trips to Brussels and Strasbourg from time to time.






3. Social Europe Journal –

The Social Europe Journal was founded in 2004 and deals with social democracy and European policy addressing issues of critical interest through the forum provided for innovative thinking and debating. News, events and information can be found in essays, pdfs, columns, reports and articles with themes such as business, capitalism, economic policies, European politics, globalisation and democracy as well as labour and employment. Expert sourcing can be found in the sections for EU Social Dimension and European Growth Strategy and the latest blog postings and essays are highlighted.



4. Council of Europe –

The Council of Europe is an international organisation promoting the cooperation of all European countries with the emphasis on human rights. Full details about the council and their aims can be found on the site and information is available to read from sections called human rights, democracy, rule of law and organisation. Articles can be read on society, health, dignity, culture and heritage amongst others and the latest events from the newsroom are highlighted.  Forty Seven countries have council membership and the site is available in different languages.




5. University of Oxford –

The University of Oxford offers degree courses in politics and international relations. Details regarding admission are available along with online and distance courses. There is a special section for international students and centres of research include international studies, political ideologies, study of social justice, study of inequality and democracy and ethics law and armed conflict. Details of programmes and applications are given and contact details are found on the site.




6. Master Studies –

Master Studies offers a masters degree in Political Science in Europe. Graduates from the programme have the opportunity for careers in fields such as politics and consulting as the course concentrates on international development to Russia in the Asia-Pacific politics, economics and security. The course lasts for two years and also offers internships for practical work experience. A number of other courses can be selected with various European areas of study including foreign languages with useful links leading to further information.




7. Study Portal –

Study Portal has a department for International Relations and European Studies specialising in a one-year course to obtain a Master of Arts in the subject of the same name. The programme provides students with a ‘General International Relations Discipline’ as well as the exposure to the European Union, the world economy and international security. Details for applying for the course along with funding and requirements are given on the site and relevant links are provided.  A special section describes the contents and study areas and subscription is encouraged for news and updates.



8. European Trade Union Institute –

The European Trade Union Institute is an independent training and research centre which affiliates European trade unions into a single European organisation. There are three main departments: Research, Education and Working Conditions, Health and Safety. Information can be gained from books, guides, periodicals, reports and working papers on topics such as crisis, economic trends and policies, worker participation and labour market, employment and social policy to name a few. A full list of services is given and the latest news and events are highlighted.




9. UCL –

University College London has a department for European Social and Political Studies offering a four-year degree course specialising in any one of nine humanities and social sciences with the emphasis being on European history, law, politics, philosophy and fluency in a European language. A year can be spent studying at a European University and the qualification provides a foundation for careers in journalism, government and European business. Full details about the course and the university can be found on the site with a section dedicated to the prospectus.




10. FESPS –

This is the Foundation of European, Social and Political Studies, which is an independent forum aimed at research and study for European concerns and political and social issues. The foundation is based in Cyprus, but the forum is open to all members of the EU for discussions. Although the foundation was created in 2005, the site is still under construction, but links can be found leading to further information on the EU and the European Science Foundation with subscription to contribute to the forum being encouraged.


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