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The main international agencies for Global Health are the World Health Organisation, UNICEF, World Food Programme, World Bank and Millennium Developments Goals. The subject covers worldwide issues for improving health, reducing disparities and protecting against global threats irrespective of national borders. Global Health researches economies, political environments and diseases with sociology and epidemiology amongst other subjects to prevent potential threats and the spread of diseases throughout the world. Initiatives have been taken and funds allocated to raise awareness of infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria with the focus on immunisation and child survival. The Third World and underdeveloped countries are most at risk with education and funding still needed in parts of Africa, Asia and South America to assist in combating issues and ensuring survival. Below are listed some of the best sites on the Internet today for providing information on the subject. With the current world crisis still taking effect, the topic is one of vital importance and urgency and much respect must be given to the sites mentioned, along with many others, in promoting and highlighting the subject of Global Health.



global health

1. National Institutes of Health –

This site is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services which provides medical research for making important discoveries that improve health and save lives. Full details about the organisation, funding, history and institutes can be found on the site with news and events being available in videos, images, audio and press releases. There is a section dedicated to research and training which contains information on Science education, laboratory research, safety and regulations, training opportunities, library resources and research resources along with a section for personal health. A virtual tour of the site can be taken with updates emailed and all information is available in Spanish.




2. NHS Direct –

NHS Direct provides an emergency service throughout the UK for health issues and compliments the ambulance service. The site has a digital health and symptom checker for advice and also provides the latest news and press releases for medical information throughout the country. Other services include seasonal health advice and quick online health assessments with full details being available on the site.


3. Web MD –

WebMD has a wealth of information in articles, video demonstrations, hints and tips providing advice from doctors and dentists. Health conditions can be individually searched from A-Z and information on drugs and supplements is shown. There are special sections for healthy living, pregnancy and family and information is given for self-assessment. The news and top trending stories are advertised and exercises and quizzes can also be found to test your health knowledge.




4. Global Health –

Global Health is the web-site for the United States Department of Health and Human Services which protects the health of all Americans providing assistance for those who are not able to help themselves. News and events from around the world on global health issues are shown with individual world regions available for searching. Global Health topics such as diseases, water supply and safety, health diplomacy, refugee health and maternal child health are discussed with global programmes and initiatives explained. Full details about the organisation can be found on the site and funding opportunities are also available.




5. – provides accurate and trustworthy medical information from experienced health professionals. Illustrated articles can be read on many diseases and conditions which are listed from A-Z with body maps to assist with information. Search facilities are provided for symptoms, drugs, treatments and doctors with a special tool for identifying pills. Further advice can be found in health videos and in the health-line blog with featured topics highlighted.





6. Global Issues –

Global Issues has over 550 articles on the site discussing trade, globalisation, poverty, human rights, geopolitics and the environment. The global issues can be browsed by category and the most popular and topical issues are advertised. A section is dedicated to World News with relevant topics highlighted and a further section gives videos, headlines, reading lists, links and resources leading to further information.





7. New England Journal of Medicine –

The New England Journal of Medicine provides up-to-date information for doctors, biomedical scientists and physicians from the world of medicine. Articles, reviews, videos, summaries and images can be viewed and selected for research purposes on topics such as clinical practise, global health, health policies, surgeries, genetics and individual diseases. A special section is dedicated to issues and manuscripts and letters can be tracked and submitted. Current topics in the global health section explore AIDS, Influenza, vaccines and climate change and links are provided for finding further articles and information.





8. Global Fitness –

Global Fitness and Health provides scientific health recommendations, personal consulting, customised programmes, fitness tracking software and hundreds of exercise instructions with video demonstrations that are easy to understand and follow. The site features a free simple DVD guide to losing weight and gives tips and hints to healthy eating and diet. The idea bases itself on the American TV programme ‘the biggest loser’ which successfully helped many people to tackle weight problems and become healthier and a tour of the site can be taken if assistance is required.




9. – is an Oklahoma based organisation with an array of pharmaceutical offerings and insurances designed to help with health issues. Articles can be read on wellness and useful links are provided for viewing prescription plans, finding a doctor or hospital and searching formulary. The emphasis is on medical insurance with medical care being offered to seniors. All plans and services can be viewed on the site and membership is greatly encouraged.





10. Unite for Sight –

Unite for Sight supports eye clinics throughout the world and to date they have provided eye care services to over 1.6 million people including 65,000 sight restoring surgeries. A range of courses are available to take which are free and discuss the importance of best practises to make a change in global health. Full details of the courses and the organisation can be found on the site with a special section for volunteering to work abroad. Donations are greatly accepted and with 80% of blindness being preventable and 36 million needlessly blind, 100% of donations will go to provide eye care for patients living in extreme poverty.




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