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Harry Potter is a series of books by the author J. K. Rowling. The books are Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the Chamber of Secrets, the Prisoner of Azkaban, the Goblet of Fire, the Order of the Phoenix, the Half-Blood Prince, the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. All the books have been made into films and released by Warner brothers making stars out of the main characters which are Harry Potter played by Daniel Radcliffe, Hermione Granger played by Emma Watson and Ron Weasley played by Rupert Grint. The books and films have delighted children and adults alike transporting the imagination to a world of fantasy and magic whilst catapulting J. K. Rowling as one of the world’s most successful authors of all time. Harry is one of the most famous wizards of his era and is magically sent to Hogwarts School of Wizardry to learn and improve his craft. His arch enemy Voldemort is ever present as each book contains plots, twists and turns leaving Harry and his friends many battles to overcome, but always with goodness and friendship at the fore. The list below contains some of the best sites on the Internet today for Harry Potter fans. For avid fans some of the sites will be well known, but others may be a new thrill to discover. The sites are a delight for all ages, so relax, enjoy and explore the wonderful magical world of Harry Potter.




harry potter

1. Trapdoor2 – http://trapdoor2.proboards.com/

Trapdoor2 is a forum dedicated to all Harry Potter lovers. You can view the topics in the forums which are called Diagon Alley, the library, Hogwarts and general. You can register to comment on any of the posts and also view the special year books. New topics can be started and help is available if needed. Although the site is updated regularly it is lacking in members, so Harry Potter fans are advised to join to meet like-minded folk.





2. Harry Potter – http://harrypotter.warnerbros.co.uk/games/home.html

This site is dedicated to Harry Potter and is the official Warner Brothers Harry Potter website. You can view the Marauder’s map, the daily prophet, trailers and the message board as well as download screensavers, e-cards, wallpapers, buddy icons and door hangars. You can try your hand at Quidditch or in the Weasley’s kitchen with the games that are offered and there is also an online Wizard shop.




3. Mugglenet – www.mugglenet.com

This site has articles on Harry Potter with facts, quotes and release dates and you can also vote in the polls or answer the Harry Potter questions. Information can be found in the book category and films can be viewed as well as fun to be had for all the fans. You can join in any of the current Harry Potter discussions, watch videos and view photos in the gallery along with play one of the many games offered.



4. Harry Potter Lexicon – http://www.hp-lexicon.org/index-2.html

Harry Potter Lexicon invites you to explore the world of wizardry with articles and information from categories called Wizarding World, Muggle World, digging deeper and beyond canon. There are podcasts, essays and an A-Z guide as well as a forum with all the latest posts and comments advertised. There is an online store for buying accessories and a full FAQ and help are available for exploring the site further.



5. The Leaky Cauldron – http://www.the-leaky-cauldron.org/

The Leaky Cauldron is a popular Harry Potter site with lots of articles to read and comment upon. You can check out the news in ‘what’s brewing’ and start a new craft in the ‘potter parties’ as well as listen to an interview by J.K. Rawlings and watch Harry Potter film snippets. There are DVDs, videos, books, reviews, commentaries, interviews and events to read about as well as a gallery of photographs to view. In the fun section you can find games, merchandise and contests and logging into the site is advised in order to join the Harry Potter social community.



6. J. K. Rowling – http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/J._K._Rowling_Official_Site

This is the official site of J. K. Rowling the author of Harry Potter. The site has over 11,000 pages with games, books, films, videos, photos and articles to view. You can join the community and chat in the forum and find out about J. K. Rowling along with all the Harry Potter stories. Links are provided for soundtracks, videos, games and information on all the books. There are also documentaries to read and the site is also available in French and Spanish.


7. Veritaserum – http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Veritaserum

This is a very popular Harry Potter site and ranks highly on Alexa.com. There are over 11,000 pages on the site with articles to read, books, films, photos and videos to view and you can post and comment on the threads in the forum and chat with the community. You can read all about the characters in the books, read reviews on the eight films, view documentaries and find out about the directors and the stars of the movies. There are games to play and author’s comments to view and you can take a peek at Harry Potter from behind the scenes.



8. Fan Fiction – http://harrypotterfanfiction.com/

This site is dedicated to Harry Potter fans everywhere and has over 80,000 stories to read. Information can be selected from various categories and genres with the top stories being highlighted. After reading, you are invited to leave a review in order to help the authors improve on the stories that they submit. All the latest Harry Potter news is advertised and after registering you can even add your own story to the list.



9. Hogwarts Experience – http://hogwarts-experience.heavenforum.org/

The Hogwarts Experience encourages you to post in the ‘sorting hat’, take classes, learn to duel and play Quidditch whilst earning house points. There are posts and topics to read in the forums and you can check out the winning names on the noticeboard. House points can be earned in the Challenge Chamber and at Hogwarts Towers and you can debate and discuss in the great hall and in the classroom.



10. Scholastic.com – http://harrypotter.scholastic.com/

This site has many games to play and you can test your knowledge in the Wizard’s challenge as well as unlock the magic with your wand. Explore the books one by one and read about the adventures as you watch videos, view the message board, catch up with friends in the blog and create your profile, but be quick because the owls are gathering!










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