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Jewish studies or Judaic studies, as they are also known as, are academic studies centred on the study of Jews and Judaism combining history, religious studies, archaeology, sociology, Jewish languages, political science and ethnic studies.  Related fields are Holocaust research, Israeli studies and Jewish thought centred round the ‘Torah’ or Hebrew Bible. Religious instruction is taught at Jewish seminaries and in the Orthodox religion these are known as ‘yeshivas’. Studies take into account Anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, the forming of the State of Israel, the Hebrew language and Middle Eastern conflicts with the emphasis being on prayers, rituals, culture, Rabbinic sages, holy cities, law, philosophy, traditions and movements. The religion in all its forms and studies is a fascinating subject to Jews and Non-Jews alike and many courses are now being offered by universities, colleges and educational establishments the world over to provide understanding and instruction especially with the tensions and current political situations surrounding the country of Israel in the Middle East. The sites listed below are the best sites available on the Internet today for learning and teaching Hebrew and Jewish studies. They are all listed together eliminating the need for searching whilst providing valuable information and insight into the religion, its origins, its spirituality and its popularity. Shalom!




1. Hebrew for Christians –

This site gives great insight and understanding about the Hebrew language with explanations, guidance and learning tips. Research is available from sections named grammar, blessings, prayers, scriptures, holidays, meditations, life cycle and names of G-d with further sections for articles and humour. The alphabet and its pronunciation can be found in glossaries giving Hebrew words, Yiddish words and abbreviations with links of interest provided for further information. There is also an online store offering self-study books, music, videos and Jewish fragrances.




2. Ancient Hebrew Research Centre –

AHRC is a great source for studying Hebrew with a large index from which can be selected the alphabet, vocabulary, language, culture and the Hebrew Bible and many sub-categories in between. Explanations are clear and easy to follow and there is also a section for mechanical translation. There are many pages to explore and a tour can be taken for assistance. Books can be purchased from three different categories and many inscriptions can be found scattered throughout the site for daily inspiration.




3. Biblical Hebrew –

The site offers self-study and tutored Hebrew courses and resources. Course details can be found on the site along with books, articles and word study and information can be gained from further sections called Judaism, Egypt/Hieroglyphs and Arabic. Biblical and Hebrew software is available and links can be found leading to useful information such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, Mishnah and Talmud. The online courses are accredited by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and any form of contact is welcome.





4. Judaism 101 –

Judaism 101 is an online encyclopaedia of Judaism covering Jewish beliefs, people, places, language, scripture, holidays, practises and customs; the most popular pages being Kosher diet, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Jewish calendar and Hebrew alphabet. Facts can be found on the role of a Rabbi, the prophets, synagogues, Shuls, temples, Jewish cooking, the Torah, Hebrew words, Yom Kippur and many more as the list is almost endless. The site is a valuable source of information for beginners, intermediate or advanced scholars on the subject of Judaism with 80 web-site pages of data.




5. – offers a course for learning Hebrew in just 13 days amongst many other courses, videos and tutorials for studying and learning Hebrew.  There is an online shop for buying books, instruction DVDs and music and links and tools are provided for assistance in researching the site. Information is available from topics covering the Torah, Prayers, Canting, Jewish calendar, Shabbat songs and Passover with hints for telling the time in Hebrew, blessings, numbers and Jewish games.




6. Mechon Mamre –

Mechon Mamre gives five free online sources for learning the Torah. The Hebrew Bible (Tana”kh) and the Oral Law (Mishneh Torah) can be found and there are sections for the Hebrew Bible in English, Mishneh Torah in English and Torah 101 in English, which is the encyclopaedia for Jewish practises and beliefs. Full texts in Hebrew can be downloaded along with pocket versions of all Bibles. Mechon Mamre has its headquarters in Jerusalem and full details can be found on the site along with support in both English and Hebrew.




7. Learn Hebrew –

Learn Hebrew is a pod especially designed for learning the language with a series of lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Free lessons are offered, but signing up is advisable to continue with study. A special section is dedicated to Jewish prayers and tips, hints and guidelines are given for reading the Hebrew alphabet with the rules and pronunciation laid out. A tour can be taken of the site and the benefits of taking the courses are clearly demonstrated.




8. E Teacher –

ETeacher is an academy which offers the chance to learn Hebrew online from the University of Jerusalem. The structure, faculties and reviews about the course can be found and tools are provided to assist with learning. Instruction is given in Hebrew with virtual classes and videoconferences with materials presented on the screen from a multimedia application. The courses on offer are Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Aramaic and Yiddish with seminars and self study options. There are articles and newsletters to read with an online dictionary and the site is available in several languages.




9. Hebrew World –

Hebrew World is an online Jewish shop containing a multitude of information in the Jewish world with categories such as Learn Hebrew, Jewish Prayers, Biblical Hebrew, Bible Narration and Talmud. The online shop offers books, lessons, DVDs, music, prayers, coins, dictionaries and gifts and contact in all forms is welcome.




10. Jewish Virtual Library –

The Jewish virtual library promotes relations between America and Israel and offers a virtual bookstore of information with topics such as Judaic Treasures, the Holocaust, Religion, Biography, Maps and History to name a few. The books are arranged by alphabetical topic order and individual chapters can be read with further sections revealing links, glossaries and news. There is an option to take a virtual tour of the Holy Land and a special section for reading up-to-date facts on the Middle East conflict.



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