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The word History comes from Greek meaning ‘acquired knowledge through investigation’ and relates to the recording and presentation of events from the past. The world of History is the memory of the past; the experience of which has been recorded and written. Studying periods of History takes into account geographical locations, regions, military, religion and society. There are many sub-fields related to History such as Cultural History, Diplomatic History, Economic History, World History, Environmental History, People’s History, Gender History and Public History. The timeline for History is a very long one with recorded events dating back to Ancient Egypt with data being etched on stone tablets and parchments. The sites listed below are some of the best on the Internet for finding facts about this fascinating subject; from the earliest human development and civilisations, the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, Byzantium period, the Christian Crusades, the Reformation to modern day History. Since History covers such a wide range many Historians specialise in one particular area or period, but the sites below have been especially hand-picked to provide ‘general’ History covering all aspects and the list will come in useful for anyone with a need or desire to research the topic.




1. Best of History Websites – http://www.besthistorysites.net/

The Best of History Websites is a history site containing links to over 1,200 history sites, lessons, teachers’ guides, activities, quizzes and games. Many categories are on offer such as Pre-history, Ancient/Biblical History, Medieval, Military, Modern, American and Early Modern Europe with each one containing valuable information. The site is an ideal assistant for teachers’ giving advice, tips and inspiration for lessons whilst making History fun for pupils.




2. Maps of War – http://mapsofwar.com/

The next history site is Maps of War which was created by a history buff whose aim is to show the ‘big picture’ of war instead of battle-by-battle. The maps on offer are March of Democracy, History of Religion, Leadership and War, Imperial History, Iraqi Pressure Vault and Signs of Occupation with each one pinpointing and shading the significant affected areas. Each map can be downloaded, printed or shared with further historical information available in the library.3

3. BBC – http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/0/

The BBC has a website dedicated to History containing videos and programmes to watch as well as articles and facts on the subject. Information can be chosen from sections called British History, Ancient History, Family History, History for Kids, World Wars, Historic Figures, On this Day and A-Z index with many sub-categories available inside each section. History activities and things to do are listed with an available search option by area as well as details of all upcoming events and broadcasts.




4. Britannia – http://britannia.com/history/

Britannia has a section dedicated to British History with information available in texts, articles and blog. Directories list British Monarchs, timelines, church history and biographies with a special section for King Arthur. Monarchs can be searched individually with biographies listed from A-Z from personalities in government, diplomacy, religion, war, architecture, athletes, exploration, science, literature, medicine and education. Time periods include Prehistoric, Anglo-Saxon, Roman, Medieval and Renaissance with suggested reading and featured pages given.




5. Imperial War Museum – http://www.iwm.org.uk/

Another history site is The Imperial War Museum which covers conflict, especially for Britain and the Commonwealth, from the First World War to present day.  There are five museums throughout the UK including the ship HMS Belfast moored on the Thames in London. Collections and research can be found on art and culture with films, personal letters and diaries, oral history and various works of art all offering information. The site has a learning centre to assist history students and teachers with studying and full details on what is available at the museums can be found on the site. There is an online shop for buying many different products and as the museums are a charity and only receive 50% of funding, any donations or support are very welcome.




6. The History Learning Site – http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/

The History Learning Site contains a wealth of information for History students, teachers and enthusiasts of the subject with sections for revision on advanced level History courses and exams. Links are provided to pages and illustrated articles can be chosen from topics such as Ancient Rome, Medieval England, The Cold War, Nazi Germany and World War I and II. Each section has a multitude of sub-categories to read with each article giving clear information in an easy-to-read format.




7. AP European History – http://www.historyteacher.net/APEuroCourse/APEuro_Main_Weblinks_Page.htm

The site consists of thousands of links leading to history sites. Topics which can be selected are Medieval, Renaissance, Reformations, Exploration, Religious Wars, French Revolution, Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution, World Wars and Cold War to name a few. There are class assignments and maps available to aid with study and research and a section for multiple choice quizzes can be chosen. A special link leads to the main website of history teacher and any questions can be sent by email.




8. Hyperhistory.com – http://www.hyperhistory.com/online_n2/History_n2/a.html

Hyperhistory online presents 3,000 years of history in timelines, lifelines, texts and maps with search options available for gaining information on people, events and history, all of which can be selected by periods. Maps can be viewed from categories such as early civilisations, Greek colonisation, Rome, Han China, Barbarian invasions, expansion of Islam and Mongol periods with charts available to buy online. Shortcuts are provided for Science, Culture, Religion and Politics and special features can be found for information on climate change and the Great Depression. A great history site



9. Any County – http://www.anycounty.co.uk/

Any County has a section called Any History offering information from categories called Archaeology, famous events, organisations, World War I and II, British History, History –UK and places to visit. Each section contains links, photographs and descriptions and a special section is dedicated to time-maps. Other links can be found leading to further history web-sites and the site is also available in German.




10. History.com – http://www.history.com/

History.com is the ultimate History website with videos, shows, news, games and blogs on History. Any History question can be asked and a History list can be searched for information revealing interesting and illustrated articles. A section called Hungry History gives information on famous people and their foods and an online shop can be found selling books, DVDs and token History gifts. Famous speeches in History can be heard and the site is available in Spanish.


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