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11. –

Justcite is a legal search engine that provides information on legal cases, articles and legislation. There are various links to all major documents and leading authorities online and the quick start guide, workbook and knowledge base adds for further assistance in searching. The site is a single point of entry to multiple sources using visualisation tools and graphics for connecting cases and documents from around the globe. A guided tour of the site can be taken and you can use the help-desk or request training to further assist you in your search.




2. Westlaw U.K. –

Westlaw U.K. was formed 10 years ago and offers an accessible library of legal information. Searching for documents is offered simplistically and there are nearly 400,000 U.K. cases dating from 1220 within the database, which is updated regularly. Legislation, books and journals are listed under headings and information on EU law can also be found. There are user guides and training videos offering support and enquiries, requests and feedback are welcome in the contact section.




3. LexisNexis –

LexisNexis has more than 45,000 legal documents, records and business sources in the database providing information throughout the world. The site facilitates law enforcement and assists with verifying identity, complying with legislation and preventing fraud. Information from various countries can be individually selected with support contact numbers available for further advice. There is varied information for legal solutions with participation from law firms, law schools and the U.S. government along with business and risk solutions. Particular industries can be chosen from a list and further details can be found in articles and blogs in the communities section. The support and training section also offers links for further solution options.




4. EUR-Lex –

This site gives access to all legal documents regarding European Law and the information is available in 23 different languages. All documents can be browsed, searched and downloaded in various formats with options for advanced searches and special links are offered to all EU institutions and legislative procedures. Details are given on all recent publications and there are further links to the European Parliament and the European Commission. There is a section dedicated to European banking, both Central and Investment, along with information on union bodies. Advice is given and help is offered in the contact section.




5. European Sources Online –

This site focuses on European Law and the editorial team are based at Cardiff EDC. Documents can be searched in the database from sources within the European Union, such as international organisations, European Governments, research organisations, journalists and professional law societies. A comprehensive guide on using the site can be found and subscription in order to download documents is necessary. All information is available in 23 languages and a complete section is given showing how to search, monitor and contact all EU institutions and agencies. There is a further section giving a complete list of all topics covered under European Law.




6. HeinOnline –

Heinonline has over ninety million pages of legal history to search from.  The information is composed of law journals, congressional records, the Federal Register, United Nations and all United States treaties dating back to the 16th century. The company has been in legal publishing for ninety years and legal documents from 200 hundred countries can be downloaded. There is a centre dedicated to help and assistance for searching and brochures and newsletters give further assistance for delivering new updates. The Library section lists all available resources and tools along with an extensive list of libraries.



7. –

This site specialises in international trade law with a full search engine for providing information from governments’ sources, trade policy experts, professors and employees of international organisations. Reports can be found on the latest arbitration with a section for trade news and international economic law. Useful links provide further insight into trade laws, which can be searched by topics or regions. The site features a database of dispute settlement tables and statistics and dispute settlement commentaries can be found in blogs, which is regularly updated. Additional information can be found in the Trade Law Library and in WTO Secretariat Documents.




8. IBFD –

The International Bureau of Fiscal Information specialises in providing information on international tax law and is celebrating its 75th anniversary. The company has a broad network of authors and correspondents covering 120 countries from various international organisations. Information can be found in journals and online books and there is a training workshop on tax treaty negotiation. The library has over 19,000 books, journals, gazettes and official documents and advice can be found in the Information Centre from experts in international and comparative tax law. Recommendations are given from tax planning, tax risk management, tax treaty, VAT and customs along with further suggested titles and articles.




9. LSE Law Library –

The LSE Law Library contains a catalogue of books and journal articles in the database. Search tips and assistance are given and advanced searches can be carried out. There is a comprehensive guide for researching articles, newspapers and government data with useful links to other libraries for further information and further research assistance. A complete section concentrates on the archives, where further guidance and added catalogues can be found. There is an A-Z of contacts, but membership may be required since some reading material and parts of the library are restricted.




10. Times Digital Archive –

Times Digital Archive allows researchers to view information from the Times newspaper dating from 1875-2006. Recently, Gale, part of Cenage, has extended the information for another twenty years. Information can be obtained from more than eleven million articles and subjects can be searched by categories or from an A-Z index. Further searches can be made in case studies and there is a section for searching in French. New articles and editions are promoted along with events and guided tours of the library and the contents are offered in a special section for product training, which is also available in Arabic.



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