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From Simba to Lion King

The Lion King is a Walt Disney animated musical film which was made in 1994. The story is set in a kingdom of lions in Africa and features the voices of many famous movie stars such as Matthew Broderick, Jeremy Irons, James Earl Jones, Rowan Atkinson, Cheech Marine and Whoopi Goldberg to name a few. Simba is a young lion cub who is set to follow in his father’s footsteps and become king of the pride. However, Scar his wicked uncle kills his father and takes control of the pride forcing Simba to abandon the lion kingdom and grow up alone in the wilderness where he seeks his revenge on his wicked uncle and also makes friends with other animals. The film was extremely successful and sparked the need for merchandise to the delight of both children and adults. A musical play adaptation was launched around the world in theatres including Broadway in New York and London and to this day still thrills audiences with long waiting lists for purchasing tickets. The musical score was written and composed by Elton John and Tim Rice winning many awards and still remains a popular favourite for many people. The sites listed below are all dedicated to the Lion King and will be very useful for anyone seeking gifts or information on this wonderful film as they are all listed together in one place making the search easier for enthusiasts and admirers alike.



Lion King

1. –

This site has lots of news about the Lion King. You can view art on the Lion King, read movie scripts, sing-a-long to the songs in the movie, download postcards and see movie clips and videos of the Lion King as well as interact in the forum and meet other Lion King enthusiasts. There are links to other sites and games to play and you can also find screensavers, skins and desktop themes.




2. The Lion King –

This site is dedicated to the theatre show the Lion King. Details can be found about the show, the cast, the performance times and the theatres where the Lion King is playing as well as directions for finding the theatres and for parking. You can view the stage from a position in the theatre in London and explore the Lion King by category looking at the music, the costumes, the characters, the puppets, the dances and the language. There is an online shop for buying merchandise and full details about tickets are given on the site.



3. Saka –

There are various sections in this site to find information about the Lion King. The media section has songs, videos, sounds and images from the movies and the story section contains character descriptions as well as details about upcoming films and TV shows. The Lion King Fandom section will lead you to other enthusiasts where you can chat and discuss your favourite characters and in the news section you can keep up-to-date of all events in the world of the Lion King. Under the ‘goodies’ tab you can find quizzes and games to play and you can also download desktop themes for making your computer colourful and Lion King friendly.



4. The Lion King Goes On –

This site is a community of Lion King fans who love to role-play. There is a forum where you can discuss the films and chat whilst taking on one of the characters from the movie. The latest comments and posts can be viewed in the shout-box and you are welcome to partake and join in after registering with the site. You can keep track of all your activity in the ‘paw prints’ section and full details about the site are available to view.


5. My Lion King –

My Lion King has an active community of Lion King enthusiasts. You can read all about the Lion King and the theatre play, view photos in the gallery and catch up with the characters as well as sing-a-long with the songs and quotes. You can role-play in the forum as well as chat and discuss and there are special sections dedicated to the films. You can read and write articles at the Lion King Wiki as well as share your Lion King artwork with other fans.



6. The Lion King Club –

The Lion King Club has a community for Lion King enthusiasts everywhere and a special Lion King code. There are magic tricks on the site and there are images, skins and wallpapers to download. Special awards are given out on the site and pictures can be viewed of all your favourite characters in the movies.


7. Radio Lion King –

Radio Lion King has all the songs from the movies and also has other tracks by artists that have contributed to Lion King soundtracks. Updates are noted on the site and you can also discuss Radio Lion King. Albums featured are the original motion picture soundtrack, rhythm of the Pride Lands, original Broadway cast, Return to Pride Rock, Festival of the Lion King, motion picture special edition and the Lion King 1½.



8. Timon –

This site is also available in Spanish and has lots of information on the Lion King. You can meet the movie characters, sing the songs, listen to the animal sounds and receive all the latest Lion King news. You can chat with other Lion King fans and also read about the story plots. The site is still under construction, but in the future there will be movies to watch, videos to view and pictures to see as well as available links.


9. Lion King Source –

This site has a host of activity in the forum with the latest posts being highlighted. There are many pictures of all the Lion King characters to view and you can listen to the music and vote in the polls too. Illustrated articles can be found and you can test your Lion King knowledge in the quizzes and the game-book. Projects and fan-art can be viewed and you can read reviews on the film as well.


10. Kublia–

This site has articles to read on the Lion King and it is also available in German. The CDs and DVDs are listed and there are useful links leading to further information. There is a large section on art to view and you can hear the music from the film too. Many beautiful pictures from the movie are given and you can find maps of the land of the Lion King.





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