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Role-playing is changing one’s behaviour to assume a character or adopt a role either consciously or unconsciously. In Psychology this refers to four terms; playing a role or character in a film or theatre play, taking the role of an existing person or character, game playing such as in videos and role-playing in games. Many children partake in role-playing games often dressing-up in costumes to create a world of make-believe such as doctors and nurses, cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers. The ancient Romans, Chinese and Medieval Europeans all participated in role-playing by organising events for entertaining purposes which has now developed into games where participants can create characters and partake in stories either as hobbies or as a means of escaping from real life. The most common examples of role-play are occupational training, educational exercises and certain military war games. Today on the Internet there are many role-playing sites where the community of the site can post and challenge each other learning tips and tricks to achieve a better standard of role-play. Below is a list of some of the best role-playing sites available today. For those who are new to role-playing or for those who are more experienced the sites below contain a host of entertainment in the world of role-playing.



1. Mizahar –

Mizahar is a friendly fantasy role-play forum where the community is dedicated to telling epic-level tales. Current role-plays are advertised along with featured characters, contributors and threads and a long list of role-playing resources is given for assistance along with tips and hints. Sections can be found for role-playing news and further details are available in lore, chat and blogs. There is a photo gallery containing over 1,000 albums and full help is available to get newcomers started.




2. Plagued –

Plagued is a zombie survival role-play like no other. Details for resident goddesses, call to arms, graveyard, questions and greetings can be found along with hideouts, brethren and cries of the dead. The game is hardcore and not for the faint-hearted, but new topics, updates and help are given. There is a search facility and registering is essential in order to play, if you dare.





3. Dead on Arrival –

With ‘dead on arrival’ you play a character from your favourite fandom as anything can happen to hurl the world into chaos. The rules, announcements, storylines, character creations, welcomes and departures can all be found along with places such as Isafaro, Jherrazad desert, Aircano, Moon Valley, Kari and Hallowton to name a few. The latest posts and threads are shown for all stories and registration is needed to partake in this fantasy world where you are dead on arrival.




4. Pokémon Voyage –

Pokémon Voyage is a well established role-playing site and for newcomers it is advised to chat around on the chat box before playing. There are many monthly events, tournaments, contests and frontier battles to be played so reading the rules and guides is also advised. You can select your banner and choose the places and cities of Kanji and Lire along with the islands of contest and frontier. The statistics can be read on the board and in the future it could be your character mentioned on the achievement of the month award.



5. Bleach D20 –

Bleach D20 is another great role-playing site with a creative community, threads, discussions, character write-ups and feedback. The rules are clearly laid out on the discussion board and there are many forums with topics to select. Logging into the site is advised to view and partake in all the sections as some parts are restricted to guests and non-members. There is a search facility and a comprehensive guide for users and moderators along with a long list of Bleach D20 pdf books to download.



6. Chains that Bind –

Chains that Bind has a chat box with links to the rules, the plot, groups, canons and announcements. There are posts on claims, plotting, thread trackers and wanted ads in the forums and communications are easy with instant messaging, journals and a bulletin board. The West Wing contains classrooms, the west tower, the girl’s dormitory and the dining hall and in the East Wing you can find the boy’s dormitory, the media room, the library and the nurse’s office. The rest of the school has a student lounge, perfect dormitories, a courtyard, an auditorium and a gymnasium and basement and other territories to explore include the island and the mainland.




7. Devil May Cry –

The Devil May Cry is clearly not for the faint-hearted as sacrifices are made to heal the Human world. The rules and the basics are stated and once you have registered you can meet your inner demons and read the comments, posts and threads in the Demon World, Pegasus City, Dunmary Island, Fortuna, Domino City and Ravens Crown City. There is a billboard and a nomination centre and there are links provided for characters and claims.



8. Heroes vs Villains –

Visitors are invited to take a look around this site, but registering is necessary for role-playing. It’s the future and the cities have come under an oppressive ruler. There are vendettas, superpowers and heroes that help the community, but there are battles to face on the black side. The latest news and threads are highlighted and you can ‘have your say’ in the shout-box.



9. Antiva Chronus –

This site has various game related boards including the main story, side stories, monthly events, special events and ‘partics guilds’. There is a creative corner for graphics, writings and role-plays and you can play in the contests or participate in the games corner after creating your character and registering. There are sections for announcements, good-byes, suggestions and advertisements and a search facility is available to find specific characters.



10. Monsters Playhouse –

The Monsters Playhouse welcomes you to register and create your character as well as read character biographies and comment on the threads and posts. There are playable character races and you can enter the Athenaeum to partake in old posts as well as new ones. The rules are available to read on the site and much entertainment can be found as you enter the unusual world of the Monsters Playhouse.


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