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Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? It’s Superman

Superman is a fictional character and a superhero that appears in comic books by the company DC comics. Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and artistically designed by Joe Schuster back in 1933, but it wasn’t until 1938 that the hero made his first appearance in the comic book by Detective Comics and since then the much loved character has been featured in films, books, radio shows and television programmes. The story finds the character created on the planet Krypton, who is then sent to earth as an infant by his father.  He is adopted by a farming family from Kansas in the US and given the name of Clark Kent. As he grows it is evident that the character possesses supernatural powers and superhuman strength, which he then uses to benefit and help humankind. He is given a job as a reporter for the newspaper called the Daily Planet and falls in love with his fellow journalist at the newspaper Lois Lane. The story has delighted young and old for several generations and has instilled the idea that humankind can help each other by giving, whether with superhuman powers or not, expecting nothing in return, hence making the world a better place for all. Superman’s colourful bright blue costume with the signature ‘S’ and red cloak has delighted many children who inspire to be like him, but parents must guide children to be like him in character and not to follow in his feats since most children do not possesses the powers of superman and trying to copy him may cause danger. Below is a list of sites dedicated to the wonderful comic book hero. Some have merchandise available to purchase and some just contain information, but all the sites are a must see for enthusiasts of this wonderful character.




1. Superman Homepage –

This site recommends that if it is your first visit you take a guided tour of the site with timeline menus given for searching for information by specific dates. Interesting articles can be found on the superhero with podcasts, radio programmes, videos and a message board adding to knowledge.  Television, films, comics and radio music can be searched and there is an online shop for purchasing merchandise. Subscribing to the site is recommended in order to receive the newsletter, vote in the polls and submit and share Superman news with other members.




2. Superman Super Site –

This site has a wide range of articles to read about Superman and gives a long list of sub categories in which to select information from the navigation section, the movie section and the television section. Featured links are provided leading to further information and you can vote in the poll for your favourite actor in the new movie ‘Man of Steel’. Suggestions are given for reading material and details about a Superman museum can also be found.




3. Kryptonsite –

Kryptonsite has facts and articles about the superhero as well as forums for discussing and debating. Information can be found in reviews, episodes, spoilers, news and cast with a special section dedicated to the latest movie. A link to ‘KSite TV’ is provided and a store can be found on the site to purchase books, games, magazines, videos and toys all about Superman.




4. Caped Wonder –

This site dedicates a special section to the life of Christopher Reeve the first Superman. Facts about the actor’s life are given along with comments and posts in the blog. Information on the character Superman can be found in categories called Donner years, Superman, screenshots, features and stories as well as a special section called Network. Sub categories can be found within the tabs giving details on costumes, videos, toys, photo galleries, tribute letters and many more, making this a very informative and top site for all Superman enthusiasts.



5. Superman Fanworld –

Superman Fanworld is a forum dedicated to Superman. Registering is advised to read, comment and contribute to the forum in order to meet like minded Superman fans. The site is available in English and German and the latest posts and news in the forum are highlighted. Current topics can be chosen from Superman films, Smallville, the adventures of Lois and Clark, Superman comics, Superboy and Supergirl to name a few. Although most of the posts are in German, translations can be found and assistance is offered from a table of contents.



6. Comic Book Movie –

Comic book movie has interesting articles on Superman including an in-depth explanation about the suit that he wears. There are videos to watch, pictures to view and polls to vote upon, but membership to the community is recommended first. The top stories are advertised and special links are provided for Superhero merchandise.



7. DC Comics –

This is the official site of DC comics who invented the character Superman. You can read his full biography on the site as well as watch videos, movies and TV. There are Superman games to play and comics to view as well as an online shop to purchase Superman T-shirts, comics and other collectibles. You can comment about the hero and follow him on Facebook and Twitter and a news section gives details for fans and family as well as the press.


8. Film Site –

Filmsite features the films of Superman. 6 movies about the superhero are reviewed with a film plot summary for each as well as photographs of the cast. Film awards and facts are given for every film and links are provided to view other critic’s write-ups. Data regarding the length of the film, the crew, the director and the gross earnings at the box office can be found and details for scenes and quotes from the movies are also given.


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