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The world of Internet marketing has become the main income stream for millions of people and companies all over the world especially with the current world crisis. Companies like Google have created ways for marketers to make money from publishing advertisements on their sites with revenue being paid for by other companies. There are many people who have made and are still making substantial amounts of cash each month with pay-per-click ads. Unfortunately some of them have become disillusioned with Google receiving very little response or support and are now seeking alternative sites. Google AdWords is Google’s main advertising product and the main source of revenue. AdWords offer pay-per-click advertising with site-targeted banners and text ads and the ads can be short. Enquiries regarding new accounts can wait weeks before receiving a reply and some even are ignored. Explicit or offensive content is forbidden as well as illegal and other pay-per-click sites. A lot of sites fall within these categories even though sometimes the breach is minimal and often accounts get suspended without warning causing customers to lose their main source of income. This is why it is essential to look for a good alternative to AdWords in order to make sure you continue earning and not be completely reliant on Google – especially with advertising rates decreasing since competition is fierce within the advertising industry. Below are listed the ten best alternatives to AdWords on the Internet today. Some of them offer attractive rates of pay and better conditions and if you are looking for an alternative to Google AdWords then the list will be very useful.


1. – has three boxes in which to enter simple data and then results can be viewed after pressing the merge button. Various combinations will appear and the system can be used in whatever way you decide such as keywords, domain registering or Google AdWords.




2. –

This site has over one trillion keywords in the database and you can try 30 keywords for free. There are free keyword tools to assist you such as keyword suggestions, keyword niche finder, keyword grouper as well as a negative keyword finder. Instant reports are offered on your AdWords performance including analysis and tips and a free trial is available along with a demonstration with several pricing plans available for upgrades. The site claims to give you 40 hours of PPC in less than 60 seconds or less and full details can be viewed on the site.



3. –

This site is very popular and ranks high at 839 on Several pricing plans are available and features include advertising research, facility to view competitor’s organic positions, keyword research and charts for comparing SEO metrics. You can study your competitor’s ad texts and search for long-tailed keywords with the opportunity provided to see the system in action. Tools include charts and position tracking and you can register and contact them for free.




4. –

After registering for a free account and logging in, this site will generate keywords using the keyword list generator and the keyword list cleaner. The system is powered by Wordtracker which offers a free 7-day trial. Different pricing plans are available and there is a section dedicated to training. There are videos to view and a wide range of SEO tools such as pay-per-click tools, analysis tools, analytics tools, rank checkers and competitive research. There is a blog with an active community for gaining hints and sharing tips and a guided tour is available for assistance.




5. –

This site offers keyword research in order to keep an eye on competitors as well as identifying top keywords. Features include a cloud layout, keyword visualisations, anchor text report, domain keyword report and keyword opportunities report. There is a free plan to get you started with upgrades are available from £9.99 per month as well as live chat, which is always available is you need any help.




6. Mozilla Addon –

KGen is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox which allows you to see what keywords are strong on visited web pages for search engines. It tells you how many times keywords appear and their positioning as well as giving you a history of any changes that you make. You can scan your content while editing and the app comes with customised tools. The suggested price is just $10 and is very simple to download and install.




7. –

Bing can help you increase traffic to your site with their keyword assistance and tools. The tools scan and recommend work items for you as well as help you understand what people are searching for. Reports are given to assist you and there are step-by-step guidelines to follow. Further support can be found in the discussion forum and the blog and email support can also be chosen upon signing up.




8. – allows you to spy on your competitors and profit from their success. Features include real-time tracking, affiliate intelligence, daily database updates and ad combinations with over 127 million keywords in the database. You can take a free trial to see the app in action and keyword research and advanced searches are also featured. The professional version is available for $139.95 monthly and help and live chat are available for assistance.




9. –

This site offers you a tour with articles and videos to see along with slideshows and tips. The app features hot words to use as well as crosswords and games with a crossword solver and a writing dynamo. The purpose of the app is to improve your word knowledge so you can pick relevant keywords. Tools can be found for assistance and a mobile version can also be used with all information also available in Spanish.




10. –

This site gives you keyword suggestions and ideas. Simply select a topic or a term and the app will give you a list of suggestions and visible keywords. Many languages are supported and there are thousands of keywords in the database to give you inspiration and ideas. The keyword tool is free to use and will make it easier to optimise your blog or ad campaigns with help being available if necessary.


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