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Becoming aware of the environment and the pollution caused to the planet by humankind is not something new. Scientists have made the world aware of the issues and modern day bad habits that are destroying flora and fauna such as toxic waste dumps, air pollution, water pollution and even noise pollution. Natural resources are wearing thin and being drained at an alarming rate, but fortunately many people are now aware of the problems and are trying to help and restore the natural balance. Saving on energy resources is now readily available and becoming popular with solar power, wind turbines and other natural ways of using the elements to our advantage are now being developed every year. Humankind has started to deal with deforestation by planting new trees and re-cycling and waste treatment plants are being used more and more for disposing of waste. Water treatment centres, water catchments and desalination plants go a long way to help with water shortages in many parts of the world and electric cars and small-engine vehicles are appearing more frequently on the market as people are saving on petrol consumption as well as assisting to preserve natural oil resources which are now running low. Trying to become ‘more green’ is something many folks are trying to achieve these days and listed below is a list of ten of the best apps on the Internet to help you become greener and give the planet much needed assistance.


1.        Green Genie –

This app is a complete sustainable guide for living a greener lifestyle. Basic tips are provided that add up to many savings and there are over 100 projects with explanations about the environment and how much money you will save. Links are provided to various carbon footprint calculators and there is a full glossary of green terms and a breakdown of certified green products. You can find green organisations and there is the facility to submit ideas, projects and resources to the app.


2.     GoodGuide –

This app instantly reveals whether products are safe, healthy, green and social responsible while you shop. The bar-code scanning feature has over 1,700 products in the database and you can select the issues that you care about most such as nutrition, animal welfare, human rights, climate change and energy efficiency to name a few. The app then informs you whether the product has passed or failed your key criteria revealing consumer transparent products and helping you with your values at the same time.


3.     CarbonTrack –

Carbon Track has been designed to give you an idea of the CO2 emissions caused by some of your daily activities such as travel, electric usage and waste as well as their impact on the environment. You can compare a typical journey with various modes of transport, calculate energy savings by switching various appliances on and off and measure the effects of different types of business waste. The information is still for demonstration purposes at the moment, but an idea of environmental impact can be gauged.



4.    Green Outlet –

Green Outlet helps you identify which of your household appliances are costing the most to assist you with electricity savings. You can select various appliances and enter the daily hours of use and the app will predict your energy bill for the month. As well as add up your financial cost, you will also see your household carbon footprint and alerts are sent when you have exceeded your recommended carbon usage. Screenshots and reviews from customers can be found and the app is compatible with iPhones, iPads and iPods.


5.    Green Gas Saver –

The green gas saver lets you monitor your fuel efficiency and informs you if you are driving too fast or turning too hard. Two screen gauges display how a user accelerates and corners and a warning is given to the driver in order to eliminate bad habits. A running score is kept so you can see how well you are driving in real-time and over the course of a journey. The app helps you to re-teach yourself driving efficiently and after a few weeks, benefits will be seen on fuel costs.


6.    Green Charging –

This is an app that will help you save power and assists in global warming. The application notifies when your mobile phone is fully charged along with battery status, stand-by time and talk-time. There is a checker on the site to see if the application is compatible with your current phone and you can also read about how the app can save money whilst making the plant greener at the same time.


7.    Green Me –

Green Me is a free app that provides users with tips and information on how to maintain a greener and environmentally friendly lifestyle. You can submit your own tips to help expand the community and sections include clothing, community, food, Eco footprint, garden, home, travel, sports, workplace and transportation to name a few. There are screenshots to view and further information can be found on the site.


8.    Green Map –

This is an award-winning app that connects you to over 800 projects in 65 different countries and produces maps with fresh perspectives on local green living sites and the community’s natural, cultural and social resources. Every map is a unique project and they combine to highlight important sustainability assets and issues. You can find sites such as farmers markets, green buildings, solar sites and bike lanes and the app will link you to a healthier and greener community.



9.    ClimateCounts –

This app analyses companies and the ranking scale tells you how well the company is addressing climate change. Knowing the company’s performance can assist you in making your mind when buying products as supporting the high-scoring companies sends a message to the low scorers urging them to take action on climate change. The climate counts measure footprints, impacts on global warming, progressive climate legislation and public disclosure of a company’s climate actions.


10.   Label Lookup –

This app tells you if claims saying ‘backed by good standards’ are true or not. Over 200 different claims can be found on product labels and the system rates the claims from 1-4 therefore giving you an idea of companies who you can trust. The ratings take into account impact on the environment, safety, health, public information, company structuring and certification with four being the highest rating and zero having the lowest.


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