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I heard it through the grape Vine…

Vine is a great way to see and share life in motion. Short, beautiful looping videos can be created for friends and family to view. The video posts are instant and can be shared with all major social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and people of interest can be found and followed with trending videos and editors picks highlighted. A recent new feature means that people can now comment in posts as hash-tags have been added, although loops can still take a short time to load and are not instant. Vine was first distributed in January of 2013 and now there is an app version suitable to function on iPhones and also available for Android. The app has been used for journalism as it allows up to six seconds of video filming and also for publicity for such companies as the BBC and Columbia Records. Vine does not support pornographic material and is free to use for anyone from the age of twelve and upwards with signing in achieved through Twitter or by email. Below is a list of the top ten best users to follow on Vine. The users all have creative videos and designs to view and many ideas can be gained from their expertise.


1. Jethro Ames –

Jethro Ames is an art director and has won an award at the Tribeca Film Fest. He has some very interesting posts on Vine, the majority of which are based on food with dazzling designs of how to present your food, or as he says ‘play with your food.’ The designs are simple, but effective and many ideas and inspiration can be gained, which are original and some are even in 3D.




2. Khoa –

Khoa describes himself as a tech geek, social media lover and ‘gif’ maker. He is also very popular on Vine and has made many Vine videos as well as worked with the cartoon designers of Peanuts. You can check out his stories, which he tells with animation or read some of his tutorials along with his Snapple designs. He loves to roam free with his imagination on paper and he likes testing the edges with angles and dimensions.



3. Meagan Cignoli –   39022421831680

Meagan Cignoli is a photographer and director. There are quotes from film stars and tidbits of gossip to view on her  vine page as well as spectacular views and creative works of art. The sky is the limit with the aeroplane photos and she gives the impression that less is more with a homely feel in the shots of her living space. There are modelling photos and still life and she makes a mad dash in her video with Usain Bolt.



4. Pinot –

Pinot believes in dreams, graphic design and Apple and works as an illustrator and animator. There are some wonderful demonstrations of flying paper to see and a pen and notebook are never very far from his hand. He obviously loves the Beatles, which is evident in his Abbey Road video along with other photos from famous London landmarks and he adores showing his artwork from his children along with them having a good time.



5. Ian Padgham –

Ian Padgham is an artist and a moviemaker. He has some very clever photographs with Morph, although he calls his creation ‘Woodboy’ and he seems to have a ‘converse boot’ fetish with several pictures of the famous shoes in black. There is also a touch of Tracey Emmins with several vine videos of his bed and he gives the impression that he likes to play cards and read in his spare time judging from his videos about books. Market life and the streets of London are heavily featured and with the videos of clay models it can be deduced that one of his influences was Tony Hart.




6. Charlie Love –

Charlie states that he likes to “Park that car, drop that phone, sleep on the floor and dream about me”.  He certainly has some dreamy videos to view and there are some beautiful scenic shots. His passion for music and nature is clear to see as he has an accurate eye for snapping beauty as well as famous landmarks and street life from his hometown of San Francisco.




7. Nick Mastodon –

It’s clear that Nick likes to take videos of his face as there are several of them; some pulling faces, some covered in white paint and others supporting glasses. There are also some very cute videos of his child and the impression can be felt that he is very much a family man. Cartoons are featured heavily, which is obviously an influence from his little one and classic film clips have also been snapped.




8. Yves Das –

Yves Das gives the impression of a modern-day artist with many abstract videos on the theme of a small colourful Vespa scooter which appears in nearly all of the videos. Food is heavily featured with ice-cream, cheese, apples and mashed potato in evidence along with various kitchen appliances and accessories.




9. Yelldesign –

Yelldesign features still life, playing cards, polka dots and dreamy videos with modern day designs and inventions. Facebook and YouTube are filmed with a very clever spin on them and food seems to be a constant theme. Angles and perspectives are purposely distorted to allow the imagination to ram free with the designs.



10. Johnny McHone –

Johnny McHone is a cartoonist and animator. There is a strong presence of Star Wars in the videos with plastic figures resembling the characters and some very clever creations with plasticine and penguins. Animation around board meetings brings a smile and the presence of fantasy and imagination are never very far away. His creations for Pacific Rim and Jurassic Park are truly masterpieces with dinosaurs evidently a firm favourite and even Kermit the frog makes a brief appearance along with Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.


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