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Do you have an opening in your Calendar?

A calendar is a system of days, weeks, months and years and is used to record data and organise events for administration purposes, religious, personal, social or commercial events. Some calendars synchronise the days and months around the cycle of the moon and the sun with many civilisations from the past synchronising and adapting various themes to suit their needs. The word calendar is derived from Latin meaning first day of every month. A full calendar gives a different day and date for every day and month of the year and types of calendars in existence include Gregorian calendar, Islamic calendar, Hebrew calendar, solar calendar and lunar calendar. Nearly all calendars are grouped into days, weeks and months, but the lunar calendar is based on the cycles of the moon and the solar calendar is based on the time that it takes to complete the Earth’s cycle of seasons. Calendars are normally made and printed from paper, but with the invention of the Internet there are now many digital and virtual versions available. Calendar apps have now made life simpler as you can check the date and record your appointments on the move. Below is a list of ten of the best calendar apps on the Internet today. For those of you without a calendar on your mobile phone or for those who wish to update the current version, the list will be very useful.




1. Calengoo –

Calengoo is a fast and easy way to access and change Google Calendar and even works when you are not connected to the Internet. There are five different views which are day, week, month, landscape day view and agenda that displays colour-coded events. It comes with tutorials to show you how to use it and you can send invites to people as well as see their responses. Many options are given for changing font and size and news with updates will be sent after joining the mailing list.




2. Organiser for iPhone –

With Organiser you can enter text, events, create diagrams, insert pictures and maps as well as add your contacts. You can record and play voice memos on your phone and manage your daily schedule, to-do lists and diary. It doubles up as a calendar and sends you reminders of appointments as it is in sync with Google Calendar and the app comes with many more features that can be viewed by clicking the link above.




3. Pocket Informant –

Pocket Informant completely integrates your schedule with both calendar events and tasks viewable on the same screen. It’s uncomplicated task management and scheduling system is easy to use and reminders are sent for every entry. You can view the calendar by day, week or month and jump from date-to-date without scrolling. You can select different templates as well as location mapping and invite all your contacts to functions. Photos are easily attached and events can be colour-coded to facilitate viewing.




4. Countdown Calendar –

This app has a smart interface that allows you to count down to any date by day, week, month or year. It also lets you count up from previous dates and you can share countdowns with your friends to let them know about important dates. You can download from a central repository of countdowns and share movie releases, sporting events and other important dates.





5. Week Calendar –

Week calendar supports 24 different languages and is currently available on iPod, iPhone and iPad, but more platforms will be available soon. Clear views are presented by day, week or month and you can select to see an overview of the entire week’s events. Appointments can be made by dragging and dropping or copying and pasting and reminders are sent for entries with the option for colour-coding each different task. There are different templates to select and all time zones are supported with many more features also available.





6. Touch Calendar –

Touch Calendar allows you to see your entire calendar at a glance without having to flip or swipe pages. It functions with Google Calendar and features include double tap zoom in, edit and delete events option, tap and hold to add an event, forward and backward scroll, calendar advance search and date skipping. Widgets are available and you can colour-code events to make them stand out. New additions to the app now include supported time zones and additional information can be found by clicking the link above.




7. Calalarm –

This is a user-friendly calendar with snooze and repeat functions to remind you about your appointments. You can reschedule, delete and create appointments as well as set alerts to remind you very hour or every minute. You can view the calendar in days, weeks or months and all data from your phone is synchronised. You can import data including birthdays from other calendars to keep everything all in one place and screenshots of the app can be viewed after clicking the link above.




8. Fantastical –

Fantastical has a day-ticker for checking all your appointments and all your events are listed making it easy to view. You can type in an event or speak in into the app with several languages supported and the calendar is fast and user-friendly. Just tap an event to show the details and edit and then tap and hold to duplicate or to move the date. It integrates with social media so you can sync all your events and store them in one place.




9. Calendars + –

This calendar works with Google Calendar and lets you manage events online and offline. Dragging and dropping moves events and you can navigate quickly between dates to change times, repeat schedules and set alerts. Your information is automatically synced ensuring that you are always up-to-date and invites to appointments can be sent with repeat events, which is useful at the end of the year for remembering birthdays.




10. Mical –

Mical is short for Missing Calendar and this device has been voted app of the week in 13 different countries. You can view by day, week, month or year and there is a welcome page with every event for the day written on it. You can add your contacts to the schedule and show the details of the event and there are different colours to highlight importance. Reminders can be set at 5-minute intervals and many more features can be viewed by clicking on the link above.


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