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A calendar is a system of days, weeks, months and years and is used to record and organise events for administration purposes, religious, personal, social or commercial events. Some calendars synchronise the days and months around the cycle of the moon and the sun with many civilisations from the past synchronising and adapting various themes to suit their needs. The word calendar is derived from Latin meaning first day of every month. A full calendar gives a different day and date for every day and month of the year and types of calendars in existence include Gregorian calendar, Islamic calendar, Hebrew calendar, solar calendar and lunar calendar. Nearly all calendars are grouped into days, weeks and months, but the lunar calendar is based on the cycles of the moon and the solar calendar is based on the time that it takes to complete the Earth’s cycle of seasons. Calendars are normally made and printed from paper, but with the invention of the Internet there are now many digital and virtual versions available. Below is a list of ten of the best calendar sites on the Internet today. Some of the sites have facilities to download and save, so you can ensure that you never miss another birthday or an appointment again.


1. –

This calendar site has won awards for the calendar that it produces. It is simple to access as you simple fill in your details to get started. You can try the calendar for free and add birthdays, keep informed on what’s going on, remember appointments, keep up with your friends and never forget forthcoming holidays as you share and organise everything with friends and family.



2. Time and Date –

Time and Date has good information as you can check the current time not only locally, but in any country all around the globe. There are time zones converters and a world clock as well as a calendar and the sun and moon calendars are also given. You can check out holidays and events around the world and there are also calculators, apps and games to play. A section for weather gives accurate predictions and there is a distance calculator available too.




3. Calendars –

This site has a great selection of calendars to purchase including wall calendars, desks, minis, personalised, books and accessories as well. There are games and prize competitions to enter and when you spend $25 or above you receive free shipping or a flat rate of $5. You can browse categories such as flowers, animals, food, life-style, science, sports and travel to name a few and the latest editions and most popular calendars are highlighted.



4. Google Calendar –

Google calendar has days, weeks, months and years for you to write and plan events. You can create new calendars and print them as well as import them and send and share them with friends. The calendar can be attached to your private Google accounts and emails and also sends you reminders every day.  You can select to permit friends to view your calendar and many language options are available.




5. –

This site has free online and printable calendars for you to browse and select. Calendars can be chosen from many countries with religious festivals noted on them and other categories include animals, birds, flowers, nature and blank or you can even make your own designs with your photos. There are school calendars and quotation widgets for your website or blog and a section is dedicated to world time around the globe with the individual holidays of each country mentioned.



6. Keep and Share – offers a free trial with their calendars allowing you the facility to store them securely online, access them and store them in a private location. You can share the calendars with friends and business colleagues and access can be gained instantly from almost any device. The site has over 2.5 million users and you have complete control for viewing and administration with 7 tools available for assistance.



7. Holidays Calendar –

This site permits you to select calendars from each different country as well as Christian, Jewish and Lunar calendars. Popular holidays and upcoming holidays are stated on the site so you can add them along with personal dates. Explanations on the history, meaning and traditions of holidays can be found from cultures all over the globe and if you find a holiday not mentioned on the site, then please contact them as they are longing to hear from you.



8. Calendar Home –

This site has an online store for purchasing calendars, but also a section for downloading them for free. There are calendar toolbars, date converters, the world clock and calendar links to be found on the site with special birthdays of famous people along with notable historical dates. There are over 5,000 different calendars to browse and selections can be chosen from aeroplanes, animals, comedy and inspiration to name a few as well as a calendar encyclopaedia.



9. –

This site has calendar templates for you to download. You can make your own calendar using Excel or Word with free calendar pop-up dates as reminders. There are free blank and printable calendars with days, weeks and months and holidays mentioned and you can colour co-ordinate specific dates. A free desktop calendar for Windows can be found and there is a special section which mentions all the upcoming holidays and events.



10. –

This site is available in several languages and has free printable calendars for you to download. You can make your own calendar and customise it into a PDF for sharing with various sizes, fonts, colours, columns and displays to select. You can opt to view 1 month per page or the whole year on show and still have space to write. A newsletter is available with subscription and any suggestions or feedback are welcome to be submitted.









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