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Chemical Engineering is a branch of engineering that includes physics and chemistry. It can also include Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Mathematics and Economics. Chemical engineers are continually searching for new materials and related techniques to be used in such fields as manufacturing and design, operation of plants and machinery and the development of new substances for products. A series of lectures was given by George E. Davis in 1887 at the Manchester Technical School (university) and this was thought to be the first communications on the subject. Chemical engineers develop ways of using materials and energy to turn raw materials into products such as medicine, petrochemicals and plastics. Whether in industry or for research they are tasked with designing and experimenting to create better ways of production, controlling pollution, conserving resources and making processes safer. Covering areas can also be Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and mineral processing. Listed below are some of the best sites on the Internet today for finding resources about Chemical Engineering. Some of the sites are companies, some are associations and others are universities and learning establishments, but all of them contain information for Chemical Engineering.

Chemical Engineering

1. Chemical Engineering –

Chemical Engineering is a monthly magazine aimed at chemical engineers and technicians within the chemical process industries as well as engineering, design and construction companies. Articles can be chosen from processing and handling, business and economics, environmental health and safety and software, automation and control. There are many topics within each category to choose from and the most read and most commented are advertised. There is a centre for help in finding information and a store for purchasing further resources on the subject.



2. AIChe –

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers is the world’s leading organisation for chemical engineers with over 45,000 members in 90 different countries. Upon joining the association you can access information on Biological engineering, energy, chemicals and materials, safety and sustainability and the environment. Full details about the community can be found with events, resources and members highlighted and ideas and information about the world of Chemical Engineering can be exchanged.



3. CAS –

Chemical Abstracts Service is a division of the American Chemical Society. CAS is the only organisation in the world to publicly disclose chemical substance information. The database is controlled by a team of scientists from pharmaceutical companies, universities and government organisations from around the globe. Information can be chosen from products and content with trade shows and media releases being found in the news section. An FAQ is available on the site which can be translated into Chinese and Japanese.



4. Chemical Processing –

Chemical Processing is a magazine providing information for chemical engineers and other industry professionals. Resources can be chosen from automation, design and simulation, energy, the environment, health and safety, fluid handling and separation processes to name a few. An eSource library is available online and the current edition of the magazine is advertised with back issues available to download. Further articles and postings are given in the ‘perspectives’ section and notifications of jobs within the industry are highlighted.



5. BASF –

BASF is one of the world’s leading chemical companies employing over 110,000 people with 380 production sites worldwide. The company concentrates on chemicals, performance products, functional materials and solutions, oil and gas and agricultural solutions. Full details about the company can be found on the site along with a list of all products and industries. Useful facts and figures can be found in research and the site is also available in German.



6. IChemE –

The Institute for Chemical Engineers is a global organisation providing information for anyone who has an interest in Chemical Engineering. The association is responsible for awarding several titles to outstanding individuals every year and offices are scattered worldwide. There are many articles to read on a wide range of chemical topics and events, news and careers within the industry are to be found on the site. Chemical developments from individual countries around the world can be selected and publications are available from the institute with an online shop for buying books on the subject.



7. Chemical Engineering Site –

Chemical Engineering Site provides basic resources for students, designers, professionals and industrialists in the world of Chemical Engineering. Articles can be chosen from General, Industry, Process Design and the Resources categories with updates available after registering. A search facility is given on the site and diagrams are provided with explanations adding to understanding about the workings of chemical equipment.



8. Chemical Engineering News –

Chemical and Engineering News is a magazine serving the chemical, life sciences and laboratory worlds. Articles can be read from various departments with the latest news and most popular topics highlighted. The departments include business, government and policy and science and technology containing books, letters and new scripts to read with a special section for careers, employment and education. Back copies of the magazine can be found along with the latest edition and further information can be found in blogs and videos. Links are provided for other publications produced by the company and subscription and commenting on the site is welcome.



9. UCL –

This is the website for the Chemical Engineering Department for the University College of London. It gives clear information about available courses as well details on the university itself. Details for research are provided and conversations can be joined in the blog. The course programmes are accredited by the Institute of Chemical Engineers and the Engineering Council and career prospects are given for possible job opportunities after completion of coursework.



10. Chemical Engineering –

Chemical Engineering is dedicated to the achievements, advancements and innovation that chemical engineers have contributed to society. Information can be found in categories named generating energy, saving the environment, advancing bio-medicine, developing electronics, improving materials and enhancing food production with further topics and articles contained in each section. All articles are accompanied by photographs and links are provided for further information.


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