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Classical music was first introduced in the 11th century, but became common practise between 1550 and 1900s. There have been many famous classical music composers throughout the centuries such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, George Frideric Handel, Ludwig van Beethoven, Richard Wagner, Giuseppe Verdi, Johann Strauss, Johannes Brahms, Edward Elgar and George Gershwin to name a few. The symphony orchestra is the most widely known in classical music and consists of brass, string, woodwind and percussion. The string section is composed of violins, violas and cellos, the woodwind is made up of flutes, oboes, clarinets and bassoons, the brass section consists of trumpets, trombone, tuba and French horn while the percussion section is made up of timpani or any form of instrument that is hit or shaken. There are solo instruments such as piano, harpsichord and organ which stand along in the orchestra. Classical music has been noted for its development of highly sophisticated forms of instrumental music which include concerto, symphony, sonata, suite, opera and others. It has long been thought to be relaxing and now there are several sites on the Internet available for listening to classical music. Below is a list of ten of the best, so tune in, turn up the volume and be prepared to be transported into the wonderful world of classical music.



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1. Classical Archives –

Classical Archives is the ultimate destination for classical music lovers with a long list of composers and symphonies to select. You can play the music searching by artist, period or album or download your favourites with an available app so you can listen to the music anywhere. New releases are featured and there is a fourteen-day free trial with every subscription which allows you the freedom of unlimited play for just $7.99 per month. You can also enjoy the music playing in the radio section and make your own play-lists as well as read testimonials by current members.



2. – has quick links and an index to find your favourite composers and their music. There are articles and reviews to read as well as a section for news and events and recommended books and scores are suggested. A buyer’s guide can be found to help you choose and there are over 20,000 images to view. Lesser-known works can also be found as the database has more than 9,000 pages and 5,500 links to browse.



3. – has over 800,000 classical tracks from different composers to listen to with recommendations given from the editor.  You can create and share your play-lists and subscribe for unlimited listening. Joining the site costs £8 per month, but the first month is available for only £1 and there is a free album every week. Genres can be selected from orchestral, instrumental, vocal, chamber, choral and more and help is available if needed.



4. –

Listening to classical music is easy with this site since you just choose a composer, choose the music and play. There are over 100 composers to select as well as young performers and there is an index of over 6,000 free classical music performances. Music can also be chosen by instrument or performer with the top 100 popular performances highlighted. There are different genres to select as well as links to other classical music sites with a blog for commenting and help is available in English or Dutch if needed.



5. Classical-music –

This is the official site of the BBC music magazine with a fine selection of classical music on offer. You can select music by composers, view podcasts, reviews and illustrated articles and also download many musical pieces for free. There are quizzes to enter, guides to the great composers as well as a ‘what’s on’ guide for classical listening. You can sign up for a free musical newsletter, comment in the blog and also have your say in the polls. There is a section for exclusive features and an online shop for purchasing CDs and you can also view the current edition and back issues of the magazine online.



6. – has more than 5,000 CDs and DVDs to listen and watch as well as podcasts and video clips and you can subscribe to the newsletter to keep abreast of the latest classical news. New releases and best sellers are advertised and there are reviews to read as well as the top album picks. Music can be searched by composer, label or in the catalogue and there is a special section for music in the movies. There is an online store for buying albums which are shipped worldwide and there is also a section for education.



7. – advertises 101 tracks for $9.99 with five tracks free. Music can be browsed by composer, genre and label and new releases, featured labels and top albums are highlighted. There are reviews to read and online exclusives and subscription to the newsletter is free. There are listening guides, podcasts and guided tours with box sets and gift certificates also available from the online shop.



8. –

This site is an online radio station for classical music with over 160 live stations which can be searched worldwide. You can listen to the music with or without iTunes and each station has an audio link for connection. A description of every station is given along with the type of music that is played and after listening you are welcome to sign the guest-book.



9. Classical Connect –

Classical Connect is a virtual free concert hall featuring thousands of classical music recordings which can be browsed by instrument, composer or performer and then uploaded. Visitors are able to hear the first three minutes of any recording, but members to the site can listen to full performances. Play-lists can be created and shared and help is available if needed. There is a blog for commenting and a special blog for musicians and there are musical topics available to read in the forum.



10. –

Classic FM is a radio station for classical music lovers with articles to read, classical music periods to listen to, news of events and pictures to view as well as stating the order of programmes airing for the day. A long list of artists and composers can be selected and you can discover Baroque, romantic, wedding music, film music and relaxation music to name a few. There are classical music guides and an online music shop for buying albums many of which have reviews.


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