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The first comic book to appear was back in 1933 in the United States called Famous Funnies which was a re-printing of an earlier newspaper comic strip which had established many of the story-telling devices used in comic books today. Despite their name, comic books are not necessarily humorous with modern day books telling tales in many genres. The silver age of the comic book saw the introduction of Flash with Marvel comics producing the Fantastic Four and Spiderman. Comic book collecting has become a popular pastime with four comic books to date selling for more than one million dollars each, but the highest amount ever paid was for the first appearance of Superman which was sold for $2.16 million dollars. Misprints, limited and first editions bring in the highest prices with the value depending on the amount of comics printed. Famous comics throughout history include Captain Marvel, Batman, Judge Dredd, the Beano, the Dandy, Viz, the Eagle, Sheena, 2000 AD, Tintin, Asterix, The Topper, Roy of the Rovers, Binty, Buster and Twinkle to name a few. Various countries have adopted their own versions and such countries include Japan, Italy, Belgium and France.  Below are listed ten of the best comic sites on the web. You will find old comics to download and read as well as all the latest comics with some of the sites containing online shops for buying and forums for discussing and exchanging. All the sites are dedicated to comic books and they are now all together in one place making it easy for you find details on your favourite comic books.


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1. Comics Forever –

This is a popular comic book forum for enthusiasts of comic books to meet liked minded folk and discuss and debate comics. The latest posts and threads can be found in the forums called comics forever, Marvel Universe comics, DC comics, image comics, collectors, indie and web comics. In the community section you can search for other members and view pictures and albums, but registering is required in order to comment on the posts.



2. Comics Alliance –

This is a popular American site with a high ranking on There are interesting articles to read and videos clips to view with special and featured posts and the most popular articles are highlighted. Categories on offer are main humour, culture, web comics, news, Marvel/DC, Indie and Comic-Con with a special section for giving your opinion. A recent post looks at artwork contributions to comic books and any feedback on the site is welcome.

3 3. Go Comics –

This is a very popular comic site from the U.S.A. with a high rank on The site is part of Universal Uclick which introduced us to Peanuts, Ziggy, Garfield and Dilbert. Comic strips are listed and updated daily and can be chosen from an A-Z index. Editorial cartoons and collections can be viewed and there is a special section called ‘Comics Sherpa’. Signing up to the site is advised in order to comment in the blog and there is an online shop selling comic gifts and accessories.


4. Comic Book Resources –

This is another great comic site from the U.S.A. with news, articles, blog postings and reviews about comics. You can read about all your favourite comics in the columns and there are comic book trailers, film clips and video game clips to view as well as an in-depth search facility for finding comics. Dark Horse, Marvel, DC and Image comics are reviewed and there are eight different forums to view with commenting on threads allowed after signing-up. You can also subscribe to the newsletter and post your opinions in the polls.



5. –

Marvel is the company that gave us the Hulk, Iron Man, The Avengers and Spider-man and you can read all about them on the site. The latest editions of the comics are available to read and other sections include videos, games, films, TV and more. There are articles and video trailers to view for comic characters and you can also view images in the gallery and have your say at the polls. There is a fans page with podcasts and an online shop for comic enthusiasts, which contains a special section for collectibles.



6. Comic Vine –

Comic Vine is a popular site from The US with a high rank on and it is easy to see why. As soon as you enter the site you find the latest battles between Superman, Batman and Scarlet Spider. All the latest comics are reviewed and you can read about the latest stories as well as catch up with old favourites like Wolverine and the Incredible Hulk. There are videos and podcasts to view and many forums are offered for commenting and debating.



7. Comic Book –

This is another site from the States with articles and videos on all the latest gossip in the comic world. The top articles are highlighted and there are links to Thor, Iron Man, The Avengers, Captain America, Spider Man and the Dark Knight Rises. A section is dedicated to the movies and comic books with clips and videos to view and if you have any news tips for the site, then they would love to hear from you.



8. My Comic Shop –

This in an online comic shop where you can buy, sell, trade, consign and collect comic books. You can visit the auctions to place a bid or you can browse the long list of comic supplies on offer from categories such as new releases, comic books, comic supplies and comic art. If you are searching for a particular comic you can add it to the ‘want list’ as well as place an advert to sell a comic. The company ship worldwide and there is also a blog for commenting.



9. –

This is a popular American site with a high rank on Dilbert strips can be searched, viewed, emailed and shared and there is a section for mash-ups. There are videos to view in a section called animation and each strip can be voted upon with a blog available for commenting and posting. There is an online shop to buy Dilbert memorabilia and other accessories and the site is available in many languages.



10. New Kadia –

New Kadia is a popular online shop for buying comics. Comics can be searched by name and many special offers, deals and bargains can be found. You can find all your favourite heroes, search by category, date, popularity, price or author and there is a special section for children. There are ideas given for gifts and gift cards available to purchase. The site ships comic books worldwide and the site is available in many languages.


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