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Comment systems for websites exist to enable users to discuss questions and topics without posting new answers that are not applicable. Comments are often used for clarification on certain subjects and to provide meta-information about posts. They are normally short containing up to 600 characters with URLs mentioned automatically becoming hyper-links. Comments can be easily deleted since there is no revision history and users can comment on their own posts as well as in response to any answers given to their questions. Users can also edit their own comments with moderators being able to delete, edit and re-submit. A good blog needs a healthy discussion area for comments left afterwards and with many comment systems being available, it really boils down to a matter of personal taste and choosing a system that suits your individual needs. Below are ten of the best comment systems available for websites on the Internet today. Most of them are designed with small blogs or large websites in mind since they are all adaptable, they are all popular and they are all together listed below.


Comment systems

1. Disqus –

Disqus is a comments platform designed for small blogs or large websites. It is easy to use, works with any kind of website and is free. It is very popular on account of being easy to install, with powerful tools and many features including real-time live discussion, typing presence, activity indicators and social sharing, tagging and reaction facilities. It possesses an in-built moderation dashboard which makes moderating comments easier and results can be viewed in the analytics panel.



2. Intense Debate –

IntenseDebate is a feature-rich comment system for WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and many other blogging or CMS platforms. Installation is simple and features include auto-filtered comments, auto-deletion, spam filtering and multiple admin management. The best comments can be highlighted with comment history and overview also an option. Threading and email notification are also featured along with plug-in API, widgets, RSS feeds and social network integration.



3. –

Livefyre is a real-time app that appeals to small publishers on account of being free and having a powerful admin dashboard and also to large publishers since it allows the freedom of moving between live blog, live chat and live comments. Full support is offered on the site with instructions for installation and managing along with further tips being found in blog. Some of the features include customisable design, social network integration, real-time spam control and easy installation and an impressive list of current customers can be seen on the site.



4. Realtidbits –

Realtidbits is free to try and works in real-time. Some of the other features are email notification, social network integration, image attachment to comments, instant video using PC webcam, analytics, automatic audience segmentation and thumbnail zoom views to name a few. There is a section for support with categorised advice also being found in blog and a full demonstration is given on the site.



5. Facebook Comments –


This is one of the most well-known comment sites the world over and offers many plug-ins including buttons for like, send and follow, activity feed, recommendations bar and box along with facepile. Comments can be displayed by the most relevant or most discussed with spam comments hidden from view. A version for mobiles is also available and tools include debugger, ads manager, Beta tier and object browser. Details on creating, testing and managing the system are clearly demonstrated and a community page with full support is offered on the site.



6. Top Dream Weaver –


Top Dream Weaver Extensions offers a variety of products and service to developers worldwide. The comment system works with Dreamweaver MX, DW, CS5 or later and requires PHP on your hosting. A demonstration video can be found on the site along with installation guides and an FAQ. A useful section contains details about how to manage comments and a useful link is provided to download the system which costs $29.99.



7. Instacomment –

Instacomment has free comment ad forum software to help a website grow by adding SEOed community software. A full feature list and price comparison table can be found on the site and some of the features included are ad free, spam filter, comment ranking, auto back-ups, multiple admin and advanced security amongst others, although the features are limited or upgraded depending on the programme chosen. Prices range from $19 per month to $29 per month for the pro version with an FAQ available for assistance.



8. Comluv –

CommentLuv is actually a WordPress plug-in that works with WordPress MU and logged on users. It utilises Ajax which doesn’t interfere with the database by adding tables or texts and just saves the comment. It’s compatible with other Ajax plug-ins and shows you how many clicks and ‘luv links’ have been received.



9. Commentator –

This system is very easy to use and maintain. has a detailed description of the product on their site with a link available for downloading the system. Information can be found for commenting, usage and spam protecting with the settings clearly laid. Some of the features include Gravatars can be turned off, Askimet spam protection, simple deleting methods and optional pagination of comments. Further hints and tips can be found in the blog posts at the bottom of the page.



10. –

Pnyxe offers a comment system that can be installed in minutes called Discusslt. The system is either free or available for $19 per month with enhanced features in Pro version. A live demonstration can be viewed on the site and some of the features include real-time commenting, author reputation, poll insertion into posts, social network integration, automatic spam filter, permissions management, Adsense banner, intelligent comment rank algorithm and complete search engine indexing. It is suitable for all kinds of websites including Wix, Tumblr, WordPress, Go Daddy, Weebly, Typepad and Google sites. A support forum is available on the site, but signing up to receive the latest updates is recommended.


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