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A debate is a method of interactive argument in which both sides have their say on a particularly subject. Other words of interest connected to debating include arguing, disputing, discussion and controversy. The debaters try to persuade the audience or followers and influence their feelings in order to win over the argument on whichever topic is being disputed. The quality of the debate improves with the knowledge of the participants with the most notable debates being in Parliament and taking place between two political parties often resulting in various actions having to be taken or carried out often in the form of voting. Schools and colleges sometimes participate in competitive debates, which are a form of contests, very often with the winner or winning team obtaining prizes. This not only installs competitiveness, but also instructs in fairness and equality between two opposing sides. Other forms of debate include Jes style of debating, Oxford style, Mace debate, extemporaneous debate, policy debate and impromptu debate with the world championship in debating now being a popular competition. There are many sites available on the Internet for debating. Below is a list of ten of the best and if you like a good debate, then you have certainly found the right place.


1. – is an online debate forum with a community that is passionate about its debate topics. You can join the site to participate in the debates and there is a section for educators to start their own private debate community. The most popular, new and active debates are highlighted and you can view the weekly leaderboard. Some of the current topics include neuroscience, death penalty and peer pressure and there is a special section for signing petitions.



2. – has featured debates, new debates and top debates as well random ones. There are many categories to select such as arts, beauty, politics, business, education, computer, food, health, travel, pets, society, money and love to name a few and the top debaters are highlighted. There is a section to view all the articles and after registration you can even select your own topic start your own debate.




3. Debate –

This site has over 86,000 members and you can view the latest and trending topics. It’s free to sign up and post your opinion and you can invite your friends and start your own debate. You can also start a thread in the forum as well as view all the big issues in the blog and current topics include legalising medical marijuana, gun rights, censorship and government leaks. If you like to debate then this site is for you because with so many members you are bound to meet your match.




4. –

This site would like to hear opinions from around the globe on various topics such as hitchhiking, aliens, animals, brands, banks, economy, education, entertainment, food, health, Internet, law, music, religion and technology to name a few with sections dedicated to thoughts and questions. You can read about the authors and see the top comments from individual countries with the highest scoring opinions being highlighted. There are videos to view as well as photos and drawings and full support is offered at all times.



5. Convince Me –

This site has many interesting debates to participate in which can be filtered and browsed by recent, popular, following, week or active. You can invite tour friends to join in and follow the suggestions that are given with current topics being civil rights, religion, captive animals, sports, homosexuality and gun rights. A section is given to see the latest battles and full terms and conditions must be viewed first.



6. Procon –

This site contains all the pros and cons of controversial issues. In fact, there are 47 issues which can be selected from categories such as education, elections, presidents, media, money, business, science, gender, sports, politics, health, religion and medicines. The latest headlines and most recent content can be viewed and there is a special section for teachers. You can participate in the survey or use the free thinking resources and the site is available in several languages.



7. – has many current debates taking place and topics can be selected from categories such as politics, entertainment, sport, health, religion, society, tech, money and people with a special gallery for viewing photographs. The most popular topics are advertised with a mention to the daily controversies such as gun rights, crime, gay issues, immigration, animal rights and drug laws. You can view the ‘incredibly ironic’ photos of the week and participate in the debates once you have registered with the site.



8. Idebate –

This site helps teach young people how to debate. There are articles to read and news sections to view with a list of upcoming events. You can find a mentor online and see the most popular universities for debating and there are featured youth forums and groups. There is a database guide with over 100 debates with current discussions in the community and the media section contains videos, images, handouts and publications to help you. There are teaching tools and glossaries in the training section and once you have registered you are welcome to participate.



9. Online Debate –

Some serious head-to head debating takes place on this site, so make sure you read the rules before you register to participate. You can view the threads and comments as well as the archives and members statistics. You can have ‘your say’ in the polls and current topics of debate include conspiracies, mind trapping, international affairs, religions, science and technology, social issues and politics to name a few.



10. Speaker’s Corner –

Speaker’s Corner promotes free thinking and topics of debate ranging from electoral reform, football, humanitarianism and politics to the legalisation of drugs. The debate archives can be browsed and there are articles and videos to view. The site states that debating contemporary issues is a way of stimulating the mind for academics and campaigners alike. Guidance and a library are given for assistance and there is a site map for understanding the site.


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