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The Power of the Democracy

A democracy is a form of government in which all citizens participate equally in the proposal, development and creation of laws. The term comes from the Greek phrase meaning rule of the people promoting freedom for all concerned and the right to free speech. There are two basic forms of democracy; direct democracy in which all citizens have direct and active participation in the decision making of the government and the other is representative democracy where eligible citizens remain the sovereign power, but political power is exercised through representatives. The concept rose from ideas formed during the time of the Middle Ages through to the Reformation, Age of Enlightenment and the American and French revolutions. It has been suggested that the right to a democratic vote is to participate freely and fully in the life of the society where all citizens have a right to their point of view and their say on the decisions that affect their lives. Some forms of democracy provide better representation and more freedom for their citizens than others. It is a fascinating topic for debating which has given rise to many websites being set up on the Internet providing us with more information on the subject. Below is a list of ten of the best democratic sites to be found on the Internet today and the list makes for several hours of curious and interesting reading.


1. Hot Air – brings the latest headlines and news from the democratic world with the top democracy picks highlighted as well as quotes from the day in the blog. Topics can be read on many categories such as satires, entertainment, Internet, TV, industry and terrorism with many links leading to TV channels, audio podcasts and further information. Many more topics are available to read in the Green room and you can join in the conversations regarding the ‘Ed Morrisey Show’ as well as view the archives in the vault.




2. Newsbusters –

Newsbusters is dedicated to exposing and combating liberal media bias and there are many articles, videos and posts to view. Opinions can be read in the Wall Street journal as well as CNS news and there are many links to further recommended sites. There are posts and threads to follow in the blog and forum with comments to view and you can take action on such topics as Anthony Weiner, collusion, Bob Filner and censoring the news. democracy





3. Real Clear Politics –

Real Clear Politics is a popular site and ranks high on Views, articles and posts can be read on topics such as policy, world, markets, science, religion, tech, history, energy, sports and defence. The topics are updated daily on the site and can be selected for viewing by individual day along with a selection of videos. You can vote in the polls and view the results and even suggest a topic for discussion. The most read articles are highlighted and there is a section stating the latest active bills.




4. Human Events –

Human Events believes in preserving freedom and has many news stories and special focus reports to read. You can receive the morning briefing sent to your email daily, vote in the polls and view the data in the political section. The columnists and contributors are listed and there are also sections containing information and articles on health and money.




5. American Thinker –

The American Thinker is a daily Internet publication devoted to exploring important issues to Americans. There are many articles to read on subjects such as Israel, business, science, technology, medicine, economic and American culture and videos can also be viewed. The latest news headlines are advertised and there is an online shop for purchasing apparel.





6. – brings the latest from inside ‘the wire’ with articles, videos, slideshows and even jokes and cartoons. The latest stories on the news-front are highlighted and topics can be selected from categories such as America, politics, money and health. The facility to search for information is given and there is a special section featuring the top influential women on the site. You can subscribe to the newsletter as well as meet the correspondents and insiders and a further is section is dedicated to events around the world.





7. Weekly Standard –

Weekly Standard is another popular democracy site with a high ranking on There are articles, a magazine, videos and a blog containing information and the current issues are highlighted.  You can meet the writers on the site and select topics from categories such as books, arts and society, foreign policy and national security, politics and government and events and there is an online store for purchasing accessories.





8. National review –

This is a very popular site with articles, threads, comments, and videos to view. There is a section for meeting and contacting the authors and there are audios to listen to along with many sections containing information such as ‘the corner’, agenda, campaign spot, home front, bench memos, planer gore, exchequer, critical condition and human ‘exceptionalism’. Current hot topics include healthcare, politics, the media and the Middle East and after joining the site you are free to comment.



9. – contains political commentary and analysis from over 100 columnists and opinion leaders. There are sections for news and events with further information found in books, videos and the photo gallery. You can view election results, the poll tracker and follow information the ‘baring arms’ tab. There is a further section for finance and also the cartoon of the day and you can subscribe to read the monthly magazine.




10. Procon –

This site states to promote critical thinking, education and informed citizenship by presenting controversial issues. You can read the latest headlines, the newest content and testimonials and view the pros and cons of 47 different issues. There is a section dedicated to educators along with topics in development on the whiteboard and the site is available in many languages.






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