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Can you ever really have too many designer handbags?


Many ladies have a fascination for handbags, especially designer handbags with their tempting colour schemes, interesting shapes and a variety of different styles. Fashion houses and designers are responsible for starting new trends and setting the standards around the globe with the delights that they produce each season. Some designers deliberately introduce bright colours to brighten the dark winter days, whilst others have practicality and purposefulness in mind and others push the limits by creating inspiring designs with the purpose of  the ‘shock and awe’ effect to stun us and prove that there are no boundaries when it comes to fashion. With the current world crisis hitting deeply for most of us, the thought of a designer handbag is just a dream and allows us only the facility of ‘window shopping.’ However, with many high street shops and Internet online stores now struggling for business, there are some very good bargains and copied styles to be found if you are prepared to shop around and for a small price the same desired effect can be obtained. Below is a list of ten of the best designer handbags sites on the Internet today. The houses and designers are now introducing their new collections ready for this coming season. So sit down, relax and be prepared to be transported to the fascinating world of designer handbags.


1. –

Donna Karan New York or DKNY, as it is also known as, currently has a sale on with items up to 70% off. The winter handbag collection is supporting maroons, browns, leopard prints and blacks with the special DKNY symbol on the grey bags. Satchel style is heavily featured for this coming season, but shoppers, totes and clutches can also be found with short handles or with chains and adjustable straps. You can browse by shape, style or colour with current free delivery within the U.S.A. and very affordable shipping internationally.



2. –

Burberry has a wide selection of handbags to choose from including Prorsum bags, exotic bags, clutches, leather bags, totes, bowling bags, shoulder bags and cross-body bags in all their famous check designs. This year the new feature is the ‘crush’ bag, which is set to explode onto the market being both trendy and practical in design. You can shop online and then collect it in your nearest store which you can locate on the site and there are some wonderful snake skin designs to be found as this is the year of the snake.


3. –

The famous Italian design house has a colourful selection of bags with fuchsia being their main colour to brighten up a dull winter’s day. Baguettes, leather bags, clutches, totes and shoulder bags are all featured along with the Boston bag and new collections from Pequin, Zucca and Selleria. The black and white Zebra stripped is the latest design for shoppers and you can view the full collection on the site as well as look for your nearest store.




4. Alexander McQueen -

The iconic legend that was Alexander McQueen has a wonderful new range for winter with the ‘in’ colour being pale blue. There are clutches, totes, satchels and top handles with evening clutches still supporting the famous ‘skull ring’ design that the house presented to us some years ago which has now surpassed all expectations globally. The famous ‘bling’ and ‘dazzle’ can still be found in the ‘Python’ box clutch and the complete collection is a must-see on account of the stunning appeal and quality we have come to expect from this design house.



5. Vivienne Westwood –

Tartan is the theme for this winter from this talented designer and it can be found across the board in the shoppers, clutches, top handles and rucksacks. The famous ‘orb’ emblem is still in sight and glimpses of the designer’s ‘punk’ days can be found in the flag design in the shoppers and clutches. A new heart-shape clutch make a welcome entry to the collection and logging into the site is recommended in order to receive the newsletter for the latest updates.



6. –

Chanel is one of the most well-known fashion houses throughout the world and they are playing it very safe this season as they have opted for classic black, brown, grey and khaki with their colours. Even their ‘exceptional pieces’ section does little to stir the blood, but there are a few clutches and flaps worth viewing in the evening section. There are camera cases and large zipped totes and all pieces support the famous ‘CC’ emblem.



7. –

Gucci have gone completely in the opposite direction to Chanel and chosen bright vivid oranges and pinks with their latest offerings. There are shoulder bags, top handles, totes, cross bodies, clutches and Boston bags with a wide selection of various animal prints in the ‘precious skins’ department. The ‘classic and icon’ section has more Jaguar spots and Zebra stripes beckoning and viewing the full collection on site is a joy to behold.



8. –

The ‘colour box Neverfull bag’ is the newest sensation from Louis Vuitton, which is available in bright vibrant colours as well as classic black. It is fairly chunky in a new ‘shopper’ style and certainly provides ample room for all daytime accessories and necessities. The collection features rucksacks in the famous LV print as well as the ‘speedy’ with the detachable shoulder strap that proved very popular last year. You can view the complete collection online as well as search for your nearest available store.



9. Dolce & Gabbana –

D & G have a wide selection to browse such as rucksacks, medium and large fabric and leather bags, bumbags, briefcases and luggage. The colours are black, green, grey and brown and make for an ideal every day choice. Also, included on the site are hip bags, laptop bags and travel bags for practical purposes and with the future remaining uncertain for this designer house, would-be shoppers are advised to be quick off the mark.


10. Prada –

Prada have a wide selection to offer with winter colours, bright colours and checks. There are top handles, totes, shoulder bags, evening bags and clutches all emblazoned with the famous emblem. The back zipper is a popular feature on the shoppers and top handles and sparkly rhinestones can be spotted on some of the evening bags with the full collection being displayed temptingly on the site.



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