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1. Blue Gauntlet – http://www.blue-gauntlet.com/

Blue Gauntlet gives deals and special offers on all fencing attire and equipment which can be selected in categories either by name or price. Gift certificates can be purchased along with DVD’s and books. Although the company is U.S.A. based, they distribute fencing products worldwide and invite comments and suggestions from all customers. The site has a small bog section and subscription to the newsletter is welcome in English or Spanish.




2. U.S.A. Fencing – http://www.usfencing.org/

The site is concerned with the fencing community within the U.S.A. as the name suggests. However, the amount of information available on the sport is immense containing news on players, rankings, clubs, events, training and coaching. Tickets can be purchased for all fencing events and registry and entry for competitions can be found along with information on all venues where the sport is played. There are videos and photographs to view in the gallery, an online shop and an extensive list of available coaches and sponsors. News and events about fencing can be found in articles and membership to the site is recommended.



3. Leon Paul London – http://www.leonpaul.com/

This site offers an online shop where you can purchase fencing attire and equipment, all of which is made in London, with the founding family having won 25 titles between them in fencing. An extensive range of goods can be found and the company can deliver throughout the world. Demonstration videos for repairing armoury can be found along with advice and tools for restoring and maintaining equipment. After becoming a member in the community, you can comment on any of the latest threads and posts in the forum. Information on major events and competitions can be found along with rules, referees and wheelchair fencing. Leon Paul also has other fencing sites in U.S.A, Italy, France, Spain and Poland.




4. Fencing.net – http://www.fencing.net/

Fencing.net offers good information and articles from around the globe, giving tips on playing the sport, the rules of the game and training and is listed as the number one site for the sport of fencing on Alexa.com. Profiles on athletes can be found along with guides regarding equipment and useful fitness and nutritional information. The latest news and videos about the sport can be viewed and details on playing clubs are given. After registering, you can participate and comment on all threads and posts in the forum and there is an online store offering an extensive range of fencing goods.





5. FIE 100 – http://www.fie.ch/

This is the French site of the International Fencing Federation and is available in French, English or Spanish. It gives information of tournaments and events taking place around the world with reports on match results and the rankings and positions of all the top players. Addresses can be found of all committees, commissions, federations and manufacturers of the sport in the database. Interesting facts on rules, regulations and referees can be found with articles that are up-dated regularly. Under the ‘media tab’ magazine articles and press releases can be found and followers are encouraged through social media sites.




6. Absolute Fencing Gear – http://www.absolutefencinggear.com/shopping/

This site has an extensive online shop selling all the latest equipment, uniforms, masks and designer products for the sport of fencing, offering advice and recommendations for wheelchair players, amateurs and professionals. Although the company is U.S.A. based, they do ship worldwide and provide fencing equipment for the top tournaments and professional facilities around the globe. The customer service section gives advice on choosing and buying equipment and useful links can be found for gaining further information.




7. The Fencing Post – http://stores.thefencingpost.com/StoreFront.bok

The Fencing Post is also a U.S.A. based company that was founded by a former competitive fencer and professional advice is offered for choosing equipment. The shop has an extensive range of items to select and also offers fencing wear for children and coaches. Scoring equipment can be found too along with DVD’s, books and toys about the game. A list of tournaments and events is given, stating where ‘Fencing Post’ products will be displayed so they can be tried, tested and viewed before purchasing.




8. Physical Chess – https://www.physicalchess.com/

Physical Chess is a large online store for purchasing all clothing and equipment for fencing. Garments, protective wear, epees, foils, sabres and footwear are all featured along with carrying cases and bags, gloves and masks. Scoring machines and training equipment can also be found with ‘repair parts’ and special features are also on offer.  Posters and pictures of famous fencers past and present can be purchased and discounts are given to playing clubs and schools upon request and registration.




9. British Fencing – http://www.britishfencing.com/

British Fencing performs exactly as the name suggests, bringing all information and news regarding the sport within the British Isles. The latest details on events and tournaments, both at club and international level, are reported upon in detail with rankings of junior, veterans, rising stars and national players. Information on guidelines, rules, regulations and committees can be found along with coaching tips and forthcoming events and courses. A list of playing clubs and schools within the country is shown and details are given regarding awards schemes that are currently available. There are many articles to read on health, training, disciplinary, rules and strategies within the sport and the latest match scores, achievements and news is constantly up-dated. Membership and joining the site is encouraged along with asking any questions regarding the sport. There are useful links for buying fencing equipment and clothing and an interesting review about the history of the game.




10. The Fencing Forum – http://fencingforum.com/

The site is rated at number six on Alexa.com for the sport of fencing and focuses largely on the contributions received from the members. All topics in the world of fencing are covered and after joining you can participate in all the current discussions and threads. There is a special section for the rules of the sport and questions, replies and comments are welcomed under the ‘what’s new’ and ‘latest posts tabs’. There are also useful links to other fencing sites.


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