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Need some forum software for your site.

The following are a list of forum software sites. Communication and starting discussions on web-sites is important for customer services in order to gain feedback from clients as well as providing valuable SEO words. If you know what your customers want then it’s easy to improve your products and facilities by letting your customers tell you themselves and SEO wording is vital for improving ratings within Search Engines. You can start interesting topics on your site and receive messages and responses instantly. The sites listed below give useful information on setting up forums, information on how they work, how to upgrade them and what can be achieved from having them, plus much more. All the sites offer different software and reading all the information first is recommended before purchasing since performance, speed and quality can differ greatly from software to software. If you have a website and need to start a forum then the list below will be very useful to you.



forum software

1. Vanilla Forums –

Vanilla forums is ranked fairly high on and provides hosted community forum software with speed optimisation for creating forums on websites along with in-depth explanations and demonstrations of all applications and their capabilities, which can all be downloaded. All ‘add-ons’ are reviewed ensuring safety and any technical issues can be discussed in the forum and blogs. There is an informative quick-start guide and great detail can be found in the documentation section, which gives introductions, installation assistance, configurations and features of all applications along with all developer details.





2. Yabb –


Yabb stand for ‘Yet Another Bulletin Board’ and offers open source forum software written in Perl. The history and details of the company can be found in great depth and testimonials can be read from many satisfied customers. You can join the support community and full explanations on downloading, customising, installing and operation are given. Regular updates can be found on all versions and information on graphics and styles is offered. Although the service is free, you are encouraged to contribute with time, talent, ‘add-ons’ or money.




3. Xenforo –


Xenoforo offers easy to use software for building forums with the emphasis on integration with social networking sites. There is a wide selection of readily available add-ons and changes to styling can be made easily without changing codes. Many SEO features are embedded in the system along with an activity stream allowing interaction between members on the forum with personal news-feed. A free demonstration is available to view and help and assistance can be found in community support and in the manual.



4. Dot Net Forum –

 Dot Net Forum prides itself on having a very easy to use system. Explanations are given regarding the various categories along with how to add forums and manage groups. Different themes can be selected and the admin dashboard gives greater insight into the site settings and the forum statistics. The software is designed with multiple users in mind, which makes it desirable for companies with several employees in preference to an individual user. The site gives full demonstrations on operating the system.




5. BBPress –

BBPress is created and powered by WordPress. There is a simple step-by-step single installation guide and the system is fully integrated. The section on Multisite explains how users can create content and there are many themes to choose from. Some great add-on features can be found and the company prides itself on the speed of the software. BBPress Codex is the online manual for the product and provides great knowledge about the workings and capabilities along with components and types. Help is given in the topics discussed in blog and support, which is updated regularly.




6. Simple Machines –

Simple Machines offers free open source software which prides itself on its power. The company was formed in2010 and has achieved a high rank on in a short space of time.  It contains a long list of features including a log for search-engines, multi-language support with a powerful CAPTCHA system and anti-spam system to mention a few. There is information on customising themes and modifications on the site and a complete online guide.





7. Phorum –

Phorum was started back in 1999 and its speciality is speed. It is available in several languages with various modules and templates to select from. It offers a support forum, but states clearly that all questions must be asked in the appropriate forum network. A variety of add-ons can be found and demonstrations and links are given.




8. vBulletin5 –

vBulletin5 has Forum software at its core and some of the most powerful sites on the Internet are powered by the software as shown on the site. Technical support is fast and efficient with any queries and questions being answered within three hours. Full features for the forum are given along with FAQ, tips and updates with articles and instructions allowing further insight into the operation of the forum.




9. phpBB –

PhpBB is an open source forum software with many built-in features integrated into the system, such as advanced caching and anti-spam; the list of which you can find on the site since they are too numerous to mention. There are many styles in the database to select and full support for use is given on the site with demonstrations and tutorials. The system is powerful and easy to use with further assistance being offered in blog and the community. There are interesting articles to read in developments, which explain all the new features and improvements to the forum software currently being tested for future use.




10. miniBB –

This is open source Forum software, but it is especially designed for speed and ease. The forum has a very large live community who continual work to upgrade and improve it. It is fully SEO optimised allowing for fast growth within a forum and the program is very flexible since it can be adapted to suit individual web-site needs and tastes. Unlimited add-ons can be installed along with personal custom codes and a full demonstration with premium support is offered on the site.


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