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Applications are very useful since they can enhance our iPhones and iPads giving them the capacity to function and multi-task beyond the original design. They perform beneficial tasks and with so many being available on the market these days, you can surely find applications that are tailored-made to suit your needs and requirements. Some are designed to assist us with every day office and administration tasks and some are especially made for educational purposes. Games have become a popular addition to mobile phones as they allow us to while away the time and keep our brains active. There are games of skill for testing mental ability and thinking capacities as well as action and adventure where you can invite your friends and family or even with total strangers to play along with you. Some of the games are highly addictive and can be fun to play as users try and better their scores daily and there are some that can transport you to a world of fantasy and make-believe. Below is a list of top ten games available for iPhones on the Internet today. Some of the games require skill, some provide action and adventure, whilst others are purely a fun way to relieve boredom. If you are looking for the latest games to download and play on your mobile, then the list will be very useful.




1. Fifa 14 –

Fifa 14 has real players, real teams and real leagues as it is the most authentic football app available at this point in time. There are 33 leagues, 600 licensed teams and 16,000 of the best players from around the world. You can follow your favourite club and play along with real live fixtures and matches in realistic stadiums with commentary in several languages. Players can be traded and swapped as you build your own dream fantasy team with real scenarios such as suspensions, injuries and extra time. You can play for free or purchase packs with players moving, shooting and passing as if in a real football match.




2. Virtual Tennis –

As its name suggests this is a game of virtual tennis with many features including 18 different opponents, three different skill levels and the ability to spin and slam the ball. There is a tutorial to help you as well as screenshots on the site and tips can be found on serving and how to get your position out of position. It’s a fast action-packed game that will have you thinking like a tennis-pro and running around the court in no time.




3. Temple Run –

Temple Run is an exhilarating running game that tests your reflexes as you race down ancient temple walls and along sheer cliffs. The screen is swiped to turn, jump and slide whilst you collect power-ups and coins on your way. You can move up levels using the power-ups and also play as seven different characters as you compete against friends and try and take your place on the leader-board. The game is great fun to play and there are screenshots on the site as well as great reviews by happy gamers.





4. Angry Birds Space –

This game is a variation on the original Angry Birds game as it has interstellar levels on planets in zero gravity and the birds float in a strange galaxy collecting eggs, but surrounded by flying pigs, giant wormholes and giant claws. The Angry Birds have superpowers to help them whilst exploring the skies which are no longer the limit. There are 30 difficult levels to conquer, but beware of the space eagles or you may have a nasty surprise.



5. Grand Theft Auto –

This game is now in its 10th year and is one of the most successful of all time. There is a wild selection of characters from all walks of life in an intriguing and ruthless world of crime. It supports several languages and special features including stunning graphics that extend the realistic adventure. There is a stunning voice track which adds to the darkly comic storyline and screenshots and reviews can be found on the site.




6. Assassins Creed Rearmed –

The popular multi-player game of Assassins Creed is available free for mobiles so you can continue to expand your experience by purchasing additional characters, items and abilities. You can compete with your friends and foes from around the globe in real-time as you hunt your prey or be stalked yourself. You can customise yourself with blades, boots, braces and belts whilst you walk and run in this virtual world. But, remember to kill them, before they kill you.




7. Time–Surfer –

It is the end of the universe and you must race across the galaxy as an evil force is out to destroy you! Time-Surfer is great fun and fast with a blaze of bright colour, tunes and pixel art. There are time-bonuses and magnets to collect with simple controls to speed you along and if something is missed you can simply rewind and grab it. You can unlock new pets and earn space cakes to feed them as you journey to complete your mission and bounce through the skies.





8. Highway Rider –

Highway Rider is for those that like speed as you put on your helmet and prepare to race, but be careful not to crash! You can be daring and pass close by other vehicles in your race to the finishing line. You can manoeuvre your way and test your riding skills as you weave through traffic against international opponents earning points and achievements. Riders can be personalised to give them added touches and screenshots are available on the site to help you play.




9. Warhammer Quest –

In this game you lead your group of brave adventurers through perilous dungeons in Warhammer World on your quest for wealth and glory. The game is a mix of strategy and role-playing as you loot weapons, mysterious artefacts and armour from fallen enemies such as trolls, orcs and goblins. You can play for 25 hours or more with new and improved features that have been added recently and the game also supports many languages.




10. The Drowning –

The Drowning is a very popular game with stunning 3D graphics. The end of the world is nigh and as you fight for survival in a post-apocalyptic future you scavenge and search for weapons and survival gear to escape the nightmare where an eco-disaster has turned millions into soulless monsters. Tips can be found for survival in the Drowning as you explore 15 different environments and build your arsenal of weaponry.


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