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A mobile phone is also known as a hand phone or a cell phone and is a device that can receive and make calls through a radio link whilst moving around a geographic area. It connects to a cellular network provided by a mobile phone operator which allows access to the public telephone network. Most modern mobile phones support a wide range of other services such as text messaging, emails, Internet access, MMS, short-range wireless communication like Bluetooth, business applications, gaming and photography with the more advanced type of these phones being known as Smartphones. The first hand-held mobile was introduced in 1973, but was heavy and impractical. From 1983 mobiles began to emerge as smaller and more compact and to date they have now sold in the billions. The phone consists of a battery and keypad or touchscreen as well as the handset and a SIM card is inserted which stores details of the phone and allows the account to be opened. The devices have become so popular that it is difficult to imagine how life was before their invention. Below is a list of the best sites on the Internet with information for mobile phones. Whether you are seeking an upgrade, useful information, a change of service provider or are just browsing the sites below will be very useful.



1. –

The Phone Arena has many reviews to read for the latest phones to help you decide which one suits your needs. There are discussions and news items to read, videos to view and special sections with information for tablets and iPhones. You can filter the page to see Nokia, T-mobile, Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, Android, Windows and Sprint to name a few with the latest stories, specs and reviews highlighted. Articles can be found and new phones are advertised and you can subscribe to receive the latest feed.




2. – has the latest news, reviews and information for phones with articles and videos for you to view. Apple and Samsung models are highlighted and you can see the most popular reactions to the handsets. There are special sections for T-mobile, Verizon, Sprint and AT and T with the people’s choice rankings to guide you. You can view all the latest and hottest devices and a Blackberry online store is available to purchase accessories as well as goods.




3. – has great details about the latest models and information can be found in articles, reviews, glossaries, carriers and news with a handy section for finding specific phones. There are forums for discussing and debating the latest phone technology and each article has a useful link leading to further information. You can read about Nokia’s latest announcements and see what Apple are saying as well as register with the site to receive the latest updates.




4. –

This site has articles and videos for you to view with featured articles such as the rise and fall of Blackberry, the illusion of connection and mind versus machine. The most popular phones such as Motorola, Samsung and Nokia are highlighted and you can subscribe to the site to receive the latest updates. Other sections are entitled beyond technology, culture desk and the phone booth and the current dilemma in China for Apple can also be viewed.




5. –

This site allows you to look for a specific mobile with the most popular being Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, HTC, Google, Apple and Blackberry. There are reviews and comparisons to read to help you decide as well as user guides and a news section. The top ten mobiles are featured and there is a blog for commenting on the threads and you can also view the current trending apps as well as handsets.




6. –

This site has special offers with 20% discounts currently available on certain models and 40% on specific Internet devices. There are many plans available for you to select including prepaid unlimited cell phones. Information can be read for android, iPhone, talk and text and broadband and there are useful links and a site-map to help you. There is the facility to find a store close to your location and support is found if needed with the information also available in Spanish.




7. –

T-mobile advertises free shipping in the USA on all phones and devices and has recommendations for you to see along with accessories. There are special offers to consider and you can switch plans painlessly with a section for questions and answers to help you. You can view which stores are closest to your location and you can activate your phone in advance. A special trade-in programme can also be found along with support at all times.




8. – has articles and podcasts to view with the emphasis on 4G, unlimited talk and faster speeds. There is an online shop for purchasing mobiles, SIM cards and plans with a section dedicated to international calling. You can find out how to activate, reactivate and transfer your numbers and a useful section called ‘how it works’ provides insight and explanations to assist you and support is available if necessary.



9. –

This site has news and reviews for all the latest makes and models of mobiles for you to read. Each brand can be individually selected and searched and there is a blog with comments and threads for you to follow. Samsung, Apple and Blackberry are heavily featured and you can view which makes are popular in the stores as well as see the latest models. There are press releases to help you make your decision and you can view what other users have rated as the best devices.




10. – has news and information about the latest brands and carriers and each model can be individually selected. There are videos and posts to read as well as glossaries and recent additions are highlighted. There are special sections with information for phones and tablets and reviews can be found to help you decide which model to select. Press releases reveal further details and you can subscribe to receive the latest updates by RSS feed.


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