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Playing video games has been a long time passion for many of us since they were first invented. The idea was first considered in the 1950s and by the late 1970s and early 1980s video personal computer games were introduced to us from companies like Infocom, who were a major contributor to the industry back in their day. Since then we have seen the development grow and increase significantly with numerous MU online video gaming sites. Many online sites have online communities where players can compete and interact with one another. The original MU online was created back in 2001 by a Korean company called Webzen. Since then there have been thousands of MU online games invented and many hours can be spent creating characters and competing in competitions. Some of the top video games include Halo, Need for Speed, Mario Bros, Counter Strike, Street Fighter, God of War, Moto GP, Pac-Man, Grand Theft Auto and Resident Evil to name a few.  Successful console companies include Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Sony and Microsoft with the best selling consoles today being Xbox, Wii and Gameboy. If you play video games and you like MU gaming online then the list below is exactly what you need since the best sites in the world are all listed together below. So, bookmark the page and keep the list handy as many happy hours can be spent exploring the sites and playing the games.




1. Top 100 Games –

With Top 100 Games you can choose games from FPS, general, MMORGG, RPG and strategy with many gaming sites and games listed.  Each game is reviewed and contains instructions to play as well as hints and tips for getting the most from the game. You can add a site to the list and the most recent additions are highlighted with the rules and regulations clearly stated. There are private servers and free servers and contact with the site is welcome.



2. MU Online –

Mu Online presents you with the top 100 MU sites and is designed to bring you the best gaming links. The top categories are listed and there are over 2,000 games in the database. You can vote for your favourite site and keep abreast of MU gaming in the articles and posts in the blog as well as receive incentives for adding a site. All games are reviewed and you can see the editor’s picks to help you decide on the best games to play.




3. Top Game Sites –

This site has over 37,500 gaming sites in the database. Top sites can be chosen from general, console, FPS, MPOG, strategy and RPG with each game containing advice for playing. All the top games can be found amongst private servers, games servers, powerful servers and private gaming servers with sections to add a site and edit.





4. Game Sites 200 –

This site contains many links for gaming sites. Sites can be chosen from categories such as consoles, general, FPS, MPOG, MMO, strategy and role playing with many sub-categories, sections and games to be found. Some of the games on offer are from Dark Age of Camelot, MU online, RF online, Runescape, Cabal, Conquer, perfect world and final fantasy. There are 35 games lists on the site and page rankings are given by number of votes. Voting is easy and explanations are given along with details for adding a site.





5. A Game –

A Game is a very popular site from the States where all the online games are free to play. Games can be chosen from best games, social games, racing, action, sports, girls and multi-player with a special section for games of skill. There is a great section dedicated to music games featuring keyboards, guitars and drums with games for all ages to play and so encourage the budding young musicians out there to develop their talents and play. There can be no doubt that this fact has propelled the site into the top 1,500 in the world.





6. Extreme Top 100 –

Extreme Top 100 gives you access to the top 100 game sites with the list being regularly updated. Sites can be submitted and there is a forum to comment and debate with the best servers and games highlighted on the site. Games can be chosen from categories named general, FPS, consoles, MMORPG, strategy and RPG with a special section for all the latest news in the gaming world.





7. –

Gamespot is one of the top sites for games on being in the top 750 sites in the world. You can read reviews on all the latest games, catch up with news and top stories in the gaming world and many interesting videos can be viewed in the video section. Other categories include Xbox, PC, PlayStation, Wii U, 3DS, PS Vita and mobile. You can find what’s hot in the ‘fuse’ tab, browse under the eSports tab as well find further information in the comments and posts in the blog and the forum.





8. –

This is the top site for gaming and ranks at 280 in the world on The most popular games and the most wanted FAQs are highlighted with the hotspot headlines and the popular topics board advertised. Popular topics can be chosen from the feature list with a huge list of tabs including iPhones, PC, 3DS, DC, PS3 and 4, PSP, Vita, Wii U and many more systems. A large range of topics can be chosen from the FAQ section as well as help and answers and signing up with the site is recommended.





9. Game Trailers –

Game Trailers brings you interviews, reviews, trailers and features from the world of games with information to be found in E3 2013, shows, news, guides and game dates with a social score for each game. Featured consoles are Wii U, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with the trending and most popular games constantly updating. You can see what GT recommends, have your say in the forum and find out what’s happening in all the gaming events from around the world.





10. – is another popular gaming site which brings you the latest reviews, videos, news and previews from within the gaming world. You can see which top ten heroes deserve their own game, vote in the polls and read articles on new games as well as select information from the many categories on offer.  Hottest trending topics include the best of E3 2013, Deadpool, Super Luigi and Second Son.


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