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The word Physics derives from ancient Greek. Since Physics also includes Astronomy, it can be said that this is the oldest science containing Bio, Quantum and Nuclear Physics in its sub-categories to name a few. Physics has been used to develop many modern well-known products in the world today such as televisions, computers and electrical domestic appliances, whose very existence would prove difficult to live without. The sites listed below are dedicated to Physics and contain all the information that is needed to know about the subject. The history, philosophy, theories and applications of Physics both classical and modern can be found in these sites giving valuable information for teaching, studying and researching any Physics related topic. physics sites



1) Institute of Physics –

A wealth of knowledge can be gained from the Institute of Physics who are a leading scientific society bringing physicists together from all over the world. There is a notice board containing all the latest news and articles with a special section dedicated to teachers, students, volunteers and members of the association where individual topics can be selected for research purposes. There are links for further resources and publications and a list of all meetings and events occurring within the society. Other websites with useful articles are highlighted and becoming a member of the society is open to everyone.


2) American Institute of Physics –

The American Institute of Physics is a non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing and promoting the knowledge of Physics. The contents on the site are valued by teachers, students, professional scientists and researchers throughout the world. All areas of Physics are covered and there are journals, articles and magazine publications along with a library of citations as well as books. History, news and statistics can be found with a special section on services for societies. Donations are welcome for continuance of the site and the society.


3) European Physical Society –

This is another non-profit organisation whose members include 41 National Physics Societies in Europe along with research institutions. The site is concerned with issues of all European countries relating to research, policy and education. Information can be found in video tutorials, documents and articles throughout the site with a special section dedicated to events and forthcoming meetings within the society. The community has a magazine called Europhysics News and subscription and membership is encouraged. The magazine currently has a circulation of 25,000 per issue.


4) Physics Central –

Physics Central is the official site of the American Physics Society which represents 48,000 people. The site’s aim is to bring knowledge to everyone in a simple and fun way, which is achieved from the layout and text of the articles being simplistic and easy to understand. There is a section dedicated to Physics in pictures and journals and blogs can be read in Physics Buzz. Users are invited to ask questions while exploring the site and useful advice and tips are given to students and schools. Experiments in Physics are demonstrated clearly and there are books and comics to read on the subject.


5) The Physics Hypertextbook –

The site is laid out just like a textbook with easy to follow instructions which can be chosen from the table of topics. The headings are mechanical, thermal, waves, electricity, modern, foundation and more. Each heading provides sub-headings and a complete list of topics and subjects can be selected to give equations and explanations along with discussions, summaries and problems all leading to further knowledge and understanding. There is a section advertising Physics news and events and an online shop for enthusiasts to buy Physics souvenirs.


6) The Physics Classroom –

This is a popular site for Physics and ranks high on Instructions are set out clearly and are easy to understand since they are accompanied by animations. There are various practise modules and tools for teachers and the topics offered are kinematics, Newton’s laws, motion, energy, electricity, waves and light reflection to name a few. Help and assistance is found in the calculator pad, the review session, Physics help and the reasoning centre with further learning to be gained in the laboratory, the photo gallery, curriculum corner and the studios.


7) Physics4kids –

This site brings Physics to the younger generation since all the information is laid out clearly with easy to understand explanations in an attempt to make learning about the subject fun. Data on motion, heat and thermodynamics, electricity, light and magnetism can be found with a special section on modern Physics. Each category can be selected revealing topics containing further links and overviews. There are also Physics quizzes to enter along with a guide on where to start.


8) Physics Forums –

This site is a community with over 385,000 members dedicated to the Science. Many posts and threads can be read on subjects such as nuclear, particles, Quantum Physics, relativity and energy with contributions being allowed after joining. Statistics and latest news are highlighted with further information available in the library, blogs and image gallery. The idea of the site is to share data to help with learning about the subject and registration to the site is free.


9) –

Although the site is small it is quite popular on and provides useful information on Physics. Explanations are given on many topics aided by diagrams and equations. Assistance is given on solving problems with video solutions and special sections are dedicated to homework help, finding tutors and available courses. A further section for basic interactions focuses on motion, speed and friction and demonstrations on how to create computer animations based on Physics are shown. All the information is clearly laid out helping make understanding the subject much easier.


10) Physics Today –

This is the Internet site for the magazine Physics Today. All editions both past and present can be viewed containing news picks, updates, politics and policies along with Science and the media. The most popular topics and articles are highlighted and the site encourages participation in surveys. Links for jobs and careers are offered and a guide is given to help find information on the site.



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