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It has become increasingly difficult nowadays, with the current recession, to find reliable employment. Hours can be spent amending and updating curricula, followed by an endless search for hunting down valuable information and contacts leading to interviews and gaining jobs. For those amongst us searching for a job it is always useful to have a list of companies to contact who can be relied upon for providing valuable work and for those amongst us who can offer employment a list of where to find reliable and suitable candidates is always needed. The following sites are amongst the best on the Internet for finding work. All the sites rank high on proving that they are popular and used by job-seekers and employers alike, plus all of them contain valuable tips, information and advice when looking for a job. Hopefully this list will be useful and save time and research since both are needed in great proportions when finding suitable employment.


1) – is ranked high on and claims to have 30 million members making it one of the largest networks in the employment industry. Job seekers and employers are connected from 75 different sources and 2,500 communities with the powerful search functions available. Advice and tips on job seeking is given to candidates and employers are offered information on posting all positions. Updates and new job alerts are sent by email with special offer packages being given for corporate postings. Additional services, marketing tools and HR guides can also be found on the site.


2) Craigslist –

Ranked at number 43 on makes Craigslist is the most popular site in the world for local advertising. Individual areas are chosen from the vast database which can then be localised giving an array of listings. Jobs are then searched by industry and the country chosen dictates the language the information appears in. FAQ and full terms of use are given on the site for searching and for posting. Tips are given on safety and many articles and blogs can be read for further insight into finding employment.


3) Odesk –

This is a very popular site for finding freelance work. Freelancers post their profiles and employers browse and choose freelancers from selected categories or through skill sets. Freelancers can also sit tests on various skills and post the results for employers to view. Contractors are paid hourly, which is monitored to provide protection for both employers and employees alike. Although security measures are in place, the site seems to be targeted and plagued by ‘spammers’ and ‘scammers’. However, with careful filtering, genuine companies can be found offering lucrative salaries and on-going employment.


4) Elance –

This is another very popular site for freelancers, which functions in much the same way as Odesk – where job seekers can post their profiles after registering. Job hunters can browse through the many hundreds of assignments that are posted and updated regularly and choose which ones to apply to. Employers can select the suitable candidate from the applicants that have applied to the job and the task is carried out and completed in the workroom protecting both employees and employers. However, despite the security measures that are in place, this site has also been plagued recently by illegitimate individuals and companies, but it still remains a firm favourite with freelancers since many legitimate companies also advertise jobs on the site.


5) People Per Hour –

PPH is a very up and coming site, which is growing in numbers at a rapid rate. It is easy to see why since the security and protection on the site functions very well and phishing scams are easily filtered. The system is user-friendly and all contact between employers and employees is conducted through the site. Jobs can be selected by skill sets and categories and job seekers are free to apply to as many jobs as their ‘free credits’ allow. Updates are sent to candidates informing them of any pending offers, interviews and messages as well as any special announcements. Unlike other sites, PPH manages to match genuine employers with real employees and is becoming a firm favourite with job hunters and employers alike. PPH also offers ‘hourlies’ where freelancers can offer ‘micro’ job – similar to but more UK orientated and jobs seem to go from anywhere from £5 to a few hundred on PPH/


6) Jobserve –

JobServe claims to be “the world’s first Internet recruitment service” and was founded in 1993. Jobseekers register, upload their CV’s and then emails are sent informing them of suitable jobs. Employers post their adverts and if no response is received after seven days then the job is re-advertised for free. Jobs can be searched by location from 21 different industries and subscription to various newsletters is encouraged to receive updates.


7) LinkedIn –

LinkedIn is probably better known for being a social networking site for professionals. However, it also has a large job listing section where jobs can easily be searched by category or location. Sign up is simple for registering to work and for posting a job, which is in agreement with majority of the 225 million users to the site every year. The site is ranked at number ten on and can support many languages making it one of the most successful companies on the Internet today.


8) SimplyHired –

SimplyHired is ranked high on, collecting its information from other recruitment sites, newspapers, recruitment associations and many other sources. Job seekers are informed by email of any new jobs posted in their chosen categories and employers can post jobs by selecting various options available, all within the guidelines of content quality for security purposes. The site offers a special section for publishers and tips and advice on job hunting is also given.


9) Monster –

Monster is arguably the best known global job site on the Internet and has been bringing employers and employees together since 1994 in 50 different countries and languages. Monster offer advice on CV’s, interviewing and job seeking and after sign-up further tips are given through tweets and trending news-feed, which is updated regularly. Even more tips and advice on job hunting can be found on all the Monster Facebook pages with links provided on the site.


10) Careerbuilder –

CareerBuilder receives more than 23 million visitors to the site each month. The company was formed in 1995 and works with over 300,000 employers around the world. Job sectors are divided into three sections Sales, Corporate and Technology and after posting CV’s job seekers can search for jobs by location, type or with keywords. The company as of today is ranked at 141 in the world on and continues to be one of the leaders in the recruitment industry.


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