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A reader allows you to have all your websites, documents and personal files in one place. A good reader should provide a front-page allowing you to see new items at a glance, automatic marker as items are scrolled, shortcuts for main functions, choice of viewing either in list style or expanded, import and export lists and searches in all fields as well as notification updates. Items in a reader should have the facility to be shared through links, either by email or by creating a basic web-page that allows the user to include all shared items directly from their account. Sometimes a reader will allow the user to work offline with automatic feeds updating the material after returning to online. Readers should be able to be supported by a wide variety of devices including mobiles in order to allow users the freedom of accessing and usage whilst on the move and of course and more importantly, a reader should be able to support all social networking sites to facilitate easy communication and sharing. Below is a list of ten of the best readers available on the Internet today. Most of the sites provide the correct facilities with many offering still more features although prices may vary from site-to-site.


1. AOL Reader –

You can now have all your favourite websites in one place with AOL reader. The system is fully customised so you can tweak the layout to your liking and view your news items in a simple list or a visual card grid as well as in the style of an email. You can star and tag articles to read them later and transfer all your subscriptions in one easy move from another reader. Full details are available to peruse on the site and more features are promised in the near future.




2. – has a reader that is free to download and collates all the information you need in one place. It’s a great app that is very adaptable and works with iPhones, iPads, tablets, windows, kindles and desktops. The friendly community post in the blog and any information needed can be found in the threads and also in the help section given on the site.




3. –

This site has an app that will keep track of all your favourite sites and you can subscribe to any RSS feed on the web. The device can be used on desktop or mobile and you can connect with friends and exchange articles in your channels. If you just want a simple reader you can disable the social feature with views being available in a list or an expanded view. Instant notifications are given with new articles and you can organise your subscriptions in folders. There is hot-key navigation as well as personal statistics and the system is available in many languages.




4. – is a personal reader that allows users to share and unite around the world. You can try it for free and then the price is $24 per year for using the premium account which has more storage and unlimited sites, but there is a free version with restricted access. Stats and feeds are given in real-time and you can select to hide the stories that you do not want to share. It is compatible with web, iPhones, iPads and androids and new feedback about the reader along with updates can be found on the site.




5. The Old Reader –

The Old Reader is still working in beta at the moment, but work is being carried out to constantly improve the facilities and features. You can import all your feeds and share all your documents with a number of mobile apps supporting the site. You are in complete control of what you post and the reader is compatible with all social networking sites. There is a ‘how to’ section to help and guide you and the top posts of the day are highlighted.




6. –

This site allows you to collect your favourite news stories and curate them into your own magazine to be shared and enjoyed by anyone on the web. You can browse examples and suggested content on the site and the reader is compatible with all social networking sites. You can flip through articles, updates, photos and videos as well as decide which layout is the best to suite your needs. There is an active community with web tools and full support to assist you and further information can be found on the site.




7. –

RSSOwl is a powerful and free newsreader that allows you to gather, search and organise your news with endless flexibility and an easy-to-use interface. The system is available in several languages and can be used on all major platforms such as Linux, Mac and Windows. You can list your subscriptions and articles and sync everything together in one place.  There are multi tabs and an embedded browser and newspaper view and keyword feeds are also featured.




8. –

This is a fast and simple RSS reader that is available from only $3 per month. The device offers a choice of feeds and had built in readability with configurable sharing services and tag drawers for organising your feeds. You can view your article content side-by-side as well as import and export and privacy is assured as your data is never shared.




9. –

Netvibes is suitable for businesses and personal use and is used by millions. It comes with a free personal dashboard on a 14-day free trial with various pricing plans starting from less than $350 per month, but there is free version that can be downloaded. Some of the features include real-time monitoring, personalisation and apps, public page and mobile with further features available with the upgraded versions. The site is full of explanations and information and support and tutorials can be found for guidance.




10. Pulse –

You can select your favourite topics, blogs, newspapers and magazines and customise them into unique pages and sources with Pulse. Read, save and share your favourite stories with your friends since it is compatible with iPhones, iPads, android and the web. You can access websites, media, blogs and social networks in one streamline interface and now the device is used and available in over 190 countries throughout the world.




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