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The year 1886 is considered to be the year of the birth of the motor car and in 1908 the invention took to the streets with the prize Ford Model T. Today the number of cars is thought to be in the billions with manufacturers introducing new makes and models every year. For many people their car is their pride and joy and time and money can be spent on improvements and accessories with many painting their cars or adding small touches to make them more personal or stand out. For some a car is a necessity for transport to and from work and can also be seen as a vital addition to the family with people carriers now available that allow for all family members to enjoy a day for pleasure with some even having compartments for animals. The trend for cars has recently changed with more people being aware of the price of fuel and therefore downsizing their models to smaller and more compact engines with the idea of saving on petrol as well as making for easier parking. Scientists are currently seeking new modes and types of car with conservation in mind and the electric car is now becoming more popular. Below is a list of sites about cars. If you are looking for a new automobile or are seeking information then the sites will be very useful.




  1. –

This is the official site of the popular magazine in the UK which contains vital information and guides for anyone considering a new car. You can read specs and reviews for every model with prices available and comparison charts. There are articles, special features and videos to see with test results and polls to assist you. Categories for information include advice, news, used cars, leasing deals, free valuations and awards with a special section for green cars and help and advice are available if required.



  1. – is obsessive about cars with articles, videos, podcasts and a gallery of photos to view. There is the facility of a quick scan view of cars and you can read car reviews as well as research any make or model. Popular news stories are highlighted and you can sign up to receive the newsletter regularly. If you are thinking about purchasing a used car, then the facility is available to search and sections can be found for green cars, auto shows and enthusiasts.




  1. – has everything you need to know about cars and more. There are videos to view and articles to read with fascinating stories of cars currently making headlines along with a frightening section to view accidents. The site mentions car failures as well as successes and car stories are reported from all over the world. There are car chases and police dramas to see and stories can be searched as well as submitted.




  1. – 

With this site you can research used cars for sale with nearly one million custom trucks and cars to browse. All makes and models can be searched with the most popular being Honda, Chevrolet, Toyota, Nissan, Cadillac, Jeep, Ford, BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche and Volkswagen to name a few. New additions and updates are highlighted and there is a special section for trucks along with a photographic section for top rides and videos to view.




  1. – is an online magazine that has articles, videos and podcasts of cars to view along with sections for price quotes of new cars and used cars for sale. You can read car reviews and see the results of tests and there is a blog for commenting on the threads about cars with the most popular highlighted.  You can register with the site to contribute in the forum as well as subscribe to the magazine and each individual manufacturer can be selected. News is revealed about cars of the future and there is a further section for auto shows and car exhibitions.




  1. Top Gear –