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Need some Reverse Images Searches?

Sites for reverse image searching are dedicated to producing results by showing images instead of texts. The search engine looks for images instead of keywords and can provide exact or similar results.  This kind of search is still in its infancy stage and is not very popular yet, but there are now sites on the Internet that are dedicating themselves to this subject. At times different search engines use different algorithms and parameters whilst making the search and images can be found in various sources and different resolutions. Images can be analysed by colour, shape, texture, luminosity and complexity and some tools can even search from a sketch drawing or a select place on a photo. Below is a list of ten of the best sites for searching for reverse images. Some of the sites contain large databases for finding images and others have tools to teach you to how to reverse images yourself. Many of the sites give tutorials and at this early stage in the game you can be a step ahead as the idea catches on if you are equipped with the knowledge and know-how. If you wish to learn this valuable skill or you are curious to know more and search for reverse images, then the sites below will make interesting reading.


1. –

Google Image Search gives you four different ways to search an image. You can drag and drop an image from the web or your computer into the search box, upload an image, copy and paste the URL for an image or right click an image on the web. To upload an image you simply click on the camera icon in the search bar and in the new window and then paste an image link directly. There is a section on the site to show you how it works as well as tips, trick and features and help and a blog are in place to assist you.





2. – is a reverse image search where you can upload your image or insert the URL of the image.  Photos can be dragged and dropped the same as Google Image, but also has an API which makes it attractive to large companies such as eBay and iStockphoto. The system is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera browsers and there is a blog and a contact section to assist you.





3. –

This is a reverse image search engine. Starting with an image, a list of links to web pages will be returned where the photo or a similar photo can be found. Images are matched according to algorithms based on shape, dimensions and colours and resulting links are listed by matching percentages. You are also welcome to upload your URL and images to the site to be included and diagrams and explanations can be found in order to assist you.





4. –


Imgseek is an open-source app developed in Python to start your own reverse image search service. The image you are searching for can be expressed either as a rough-painted sketch or as another image.  There are two versions, the first being a desktop version with a photo collection manager and viewer containing various features including content-based search and the second is a server version for integrating an image-based database into your own software or image-related website. There are screenshots on the site to assist you with the setup along with user guides.



5. – is a search engine with more than 3,000,000,000 images in the database. There are advanced search options such as colours, black and white, animation or image, portrait or landscape and more importantly the ability to search by image size. You can also use normal search operators to fine-tune your search. The site also comes with a family filter for protection of explicit images for family use and also with an extension for Firefox. It is user-friendly and therefore suitable for business, home use, school and family fun.





6. – concentrates on faces in images and look-alike celebrity faces can be searched using the face recognition tool in high resolution. Gender and age can be detected automatically in the images and suggested celebrity names are given.  For the best results a photo with a gap between the eyes of 80 pixels wide is required and files in jpeg format with less than 200K bytes.  URLs can also be uploaded along with photos and the tool is also available in an app.





7. –

This site offers a service that allows you to search and explore a section of images by drawing a rough sketch. The index contains many of Flickr’s best photos, but if you wish to add an image, then the site would like to hear from you. The tool is in the process of being re-modelled and is still in its infancy, so there are many features yet to be added, but it does work well as an exploration tool.





8. –

This is a powerful, but easy-to-use reverse video image software. It is a tool that can help you burn your favourite digital images into a compatible slideshow onto a video CD complete with background noises including music. There are regular updates to improve the system and help is available on the site if necessary. You can browse and search files as well as submit. The company was formerly known as CICA Windows back in 1994 and now has three times the processing power and twice the disk space.




9. – has a page dedicated to reversing a photo image which gives good detail and explanations. A free software is mentioned for you to download and clear and precise instructions are given. Tips and warnings can also be found and links to further software are available if you are looking for more technical features.  Suggested articles to read on the relevant information are also shown along with useful links provided and further details can be found on the site.




10. –

This site allows you to search for images and matches them by colour, similarity or type. You can take a photo of any product and find it online as the site is aiming to serve every online retailer and produce a comprehensive visual shopping suite. There are demos to view on the site along with a celebrity match-up and a blog is in place for commenting and following threads. A news section reveals the latest information and support is available if necessary.


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