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Many people like to relax and enjoy large events such as sports, music concerts, the theatre and shows. Nothing enhances the performance more than feeling you are part of a live audience with sometimes up to several thousand people cheering and participating together which can attribute to bringing happy memories and making for good times shared with friends and family. Sporting events such as boxing, football matches, basketball games, baseball games and other sports are enjoyed even more when played in front of your eyes and concerts and music is an experience that is at its best when performed lived. Plays at the theatre can be a pure delight to see and can bring laughter and pleasure to the whole family with some shows specifically aimed at entertaining children and younger audiences. Ballet and classical music can be soothing, uplifting and stirring and seats at comedy shows are proving to be highly sought after since many people are seeking more laughter in their lives. Some companies like to treat staff to days out for team building, whilst others enjoy taking clients to events for corporate and promotional purposes. Below is a list of ten of the best sites on the Internet to find tickets for all major events and shows. With many people leading busy working lives, time is not always available to search for tickets and so the sites below will be very useful since you can find all your tickets in one place.




1. Stubhub.com – http://www.stubhub.com/

Stubhub.com offers you a simple and easy solution to book tickets for shows and events. You can select to view what is available over three days, seven days or thirty days and popular events and venues are highlighted. There is a section for sports with tickets to baseball games, football, basketball, motor-sport and fights and if you like music, then you can book to see your favourite artist with many music genre choices given. The theatre section offers musicals, plays, ballets and comedy to name a few and you can subscribe to receive regular updates to your email.



2. Seatgeek.com –  http://seatgeek.com/

This site allows you to search for your ticket by team, event, artist or venue. In sports you can select your teams for basketball games, American football games, hockey games or baseball games and there is racing, soccer, tennis and golf to choose as well. The latest list of artists appearing in concert can be found and there are tickets for theatre plays, comedies and shows for all the family. Popular deals are listed and the site will search to find you the best price seats from among the database containing hundreds of sites.



3. Vividseats.com – http://www.vividseats.com/

This site has seats available for sports including boxing, horse racing, basketball, football, baseball, hockey, soccer, golf, NASCAR racing and extreme sports. Tickets for the top singers and performers in the world of music are also available as well as theatre plays and performances and you can look for a ticket by region, date or venue. The major and most popular sporting events, plays and concerts are highlighted and you can find guides to concerts and venues.



4. Seatwave.com – http://www.seatwave.com/

Seatwave.com has all the latest seats for the top stars in concert and informs you of what is ‘hot’ right now. There are also tickets for sporting events, plays, musicals, operas and festivals with the option to look for an event. There is a special section to buy tickets for top comedians currently performing with many special offers and reductions advertised. A further section reveals tickets available at the last minute and you can sign up to receive announcements sent directly to you.



5. Ticketmaster.com – http://www.ticketmaster.com/

This site advertises tickets for music concerts, top sporting events, arts and the theatre as well as family entertainment. You can view the tickets that have just become available as well as the most in demand and entertainment guides can be found to assist you. You can search by date and by category with an option to state your location and a special section is dedicated to deals that are available, so you could see the event or performance of your choice at discount prices.



6. Cityboxoffice.com – http://www.cityboxoffice.com/

City Box Office advertises tickets for special events and you can view the list of everything that is up and coming. The facility allows you to search by date or by category which includes comedy, dance, film, holiday, lectures, music, theatre and special events. You can subscribe to the site to be the first to hear of new attractions and useful links are provided leading directly to the shows to ease your purchase in ordering for your favourite show.


7. Ticketzoom.com – http://www.ticketzoom.com/

Ticketzoom.com has the latest top tickets for events and all special events are featured and highlighted. There is a section dedicated to sports such as basketball, American football, soccer, hockey, NASCAR, wrestling and baseball and venues can be searched to find the stars currently appearing in concert. You can see who is touring as well as who is due to tour and tickets for shows such as Lion King, Cirque du Soleil and Phantom of the Opera can also be found.



8. Ticketsnow.com – http://www.ticketsnow.com/

Ticketsnow.com has a section to sell your tickets as well as buy them. There are special alerts to inform you of what tickets are on sale with a 10% discount offered on your first purchase. Top events are reviewed and sporting events include football, baseball, hockey and basketball. A long list of concerts is given for music performances and theatre tickets include the Lion King with many other shows specifically for children and family entertainment.



9. Tickets.com – http://www.tickets.com/

This site allows you to search by team, venue, performer or event in order to purchase your tickets. Several musicians and music genres are given and plays, ballets and musicals are featured for the theatre and arts. There is a special section dedicated to children’s shows with circuses, ice shows and magic shows and the sporting section has tickets for baseball, hockey, basketball, football, soccer and NASCAR to name a few.



10. Razorgator.com – http://www.razorgator.com/

Razorgator.com has hot tickets on sale for top events and advertises the most popular. There are tickets for concerts and sporting events such as football, baseball, hockey, basketball, golf, boxing, tennis, grand prix and rodeo and plays and performances for the theatre can also be purchased. Tickets for special events such as the World Series, the Super Bowl and the masters are highlighted and you can search for tickets by location.


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