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With rising prices and a world recession happening right now it is important to try to save money and cut costs where possible. Many people have to think before spending money on the simplest of things and even on necessities such as groceries with many items only being purchased when the need arises. There are great bargains to be found if time allows, but for many of us with busy lives sometimes the closest available option appears to be the best. The Internet has made life much easier for busy people and now many sites are used to find cheaper options. Comparing shopping prices online saves time and is valuable as perhaps we can find exactly what we are searching for, but at a much lower price than expected allowing us to save precious funds. These sites take many goods into account such as electrical items, travel, cars, clothes and even basic food and children’s items which can assist a family, especially those that are having to budget. Many of the sites provide guides so you can read about the items before purchasing as well as reviews from other customers to help you make up your mind in order to find value for your money as well as saving. Below is a list of ten of the best sites for comparing shopping prices online and they will be very useful as many pleasant surprises may be in store.




1. – brings you prices to compare on many different items along with recommendations. You can compare digital cameras, videos cameras, flights, sportswear and beach goods to name a few as well as explore categories and see what is currently trending. There are useful links leading to further information and special sections are dedicated to cars and Smartphones. The site specialises in cameras so if you are considering a new camera and need an idea of price then you are bound to find an idea.




2. –

At you can shop and save on millions of products. There are many categories to select such as appliances, babies, autos, books, electronics, furniture, groceries, jewellery, office, pets, sporting goods and toys to name a few with the most popular highlighted. You can subscribe to receive the weekly newsletter and there is an introduction video to view. There are sections for weekly specials and coupons and your opinion is valued since you are invited to take a survey.




3. Price Runner –

This site has many different categories to select in order to compare prices such as sound, vision, photography, games, computers, appliances, entertainment, children, sports, home and clothing to name a few. You can browse by the most popular and there are useful links leading to well-known brands. Popular products are highlighted and there is an interesting article on how to measure your savings. Guides and reviews can be found in the blog and help is available if needed.




4. –

This is a very popular site from the UK for saving money and giving price comparisons. There are 40 tips to slash the cost of buying online and the latest hints, guides and loopholes can be received each week in a newsletter. There is the facility to compare prices at speed and spot hidden brands with a forum for discussing in order to help you. Information can be found in categories such as card loans, reclaims, shopping, deals and vouchers, utilities and phones, banking and saving, motoring and travel, insurance, mortgages and family income.




5. – has the latest deals and you can view what is currently trending from categories such as shoes, apparel, cameras, computers, TVs, perfumes, handbags, games and barbecues. There are tips for retailers as well as shoppers and the latest news and price savings are stated.  There are useful links provided to compare prices with other companies and also the facility to shop by department.




6. –

This site allows the facility to type in a product and gives you options to compare prices. There are over 162,000 stores and more than 2 million products available in the database such as fashion items, children’s products, cleaning devices, home accessories, kitchen appliances and jewellery to name a few. The site is worldwide and available in many languages and can also be downloaded in an app for mobiles. A special section is dedicated to products that can save time and space and buying guides are available along with rebate rewards.





7. –

You can discover the best of everything with as you browse and shop the various departments comparing prices. Top brands can be found with categories including computers, electronics, clothing, cameras, sporting goods, appliances, home improvements and furniture to name a few with hot deals and popular products advertised. There is a section to read what the experts are saying and you can view the items that are selling the best on your PC or on your mobile as an app for site is available.




8. –

This site has over 2 million reviews on more than 61,000 stores for you to view and retailers are waiting to hear your voice. Many famous brand stores can be chosen from the list and you can browse by selecting the best or the worst. You can write a review on new stores that you find and there is also a section for coupons. You can read what other users are saying about prices before you buy in order to help you make up your mind.




9. – can help you save money by comparing prices. There are more than 17 million product reviews for you to read and you can find things you never knew existed with advice given about prices from the experts. You can share your findings on social networking sites with your friends and categories such as electronics, computers, sporting goods, home and garden, health and beauty, clothing, shoes and toys can be selected.




10. – helps you think like an expert when it comes to comparing prices. Categories such as business, education, electronics, home and family, health, motors, software, sports, travel and lifestyle can be selected and you can view the ranking of individual products as well as their prices. The database is maintained from three sources which are expert sources, manufacturer’s websites and public sources ensuring that you always receive up-to-date information.


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