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Many people are producing their own web-sites nowadays on the Internet, with rising start-up costs and advertising being a very big expense and extremely taxing on the pocket. There are several ways to open a new site on the web without having to invest large sums of money since web-sites can now be designed and programmes can be installed and activated from many companies offering free downloads and on-going support and assistance. Once you have your web-site it is useful to know how it operates behind the scenes and what programmes and codes your new site uses and needs to make it function perfectly. Not all of us claim to be computer programming experts and the various terminology used is baffling to most of us to say the least. However, there are various sites offering assistance in learning how to code whether you are a complete beginner, an intermediary or an advanced coder. One of the most popular and widely used languages in the computing world is HTML. Due to its popularity and simplicity, many sites are now available on the Internet offering courses and tutorials in how to learn and improve your skills in this language. Below is a list of ten of the best sites to learn HTML code and if you are interested in opening and coding your own site, then the list will be very useful.


1. –

This site is a very good source for learning HTML and other languages such as CSS, PHP, SQL, XML and JavaScript. W3Schools offers HTML online courses with easy-to-follow tutorials and clear and simple explanations. The courses are in chapters with each chapter containing examples and there are certificates and quizzes for beginners and for advanced coders.  A multitude of references are available to open with useful links attached and a forum is in place for assistance and queries.





2. – is the ultimate online resource to learn HTML. The site has been teaching HTML since 1992 and the goal of the online tutors is to provide references, tips and guides to the growing number of web developers. The website assists users to learn the language with keyword references and demonstrates forms, buttons, and frames as well as tables. There is a design centre and a website gallery especially for HTML and a special section is dedicated to mistakes and how to avoid them.


3. – has a free web page to learn HTML. The web page provides the basics of the HTML language for beginners and new web developers. There are tips and guides to code in HTML as well as CSS. Handy reference sheets can be found for tagging applications whenever verification to Syntax is needed and there are articles to read as well as tutorials. There is a section dedicated to HTML 4.01 and further tools are available in the resources menu.





4. – is an online educational site and is one of the best sites for web designers, web professionals, educators and students. contains resources for everybody who wishes to learn the HTML language. There are tutorials and tips which give complete guidance and you can also find books for HTML which provide a great practice approach for beginners and intermediate web users. A useful link in web resources leads to further HTML information and any contact with the site is welcome.




5. – is a good online resource for web designers. It features tutorials, tips, articles and references for the HTML language. This is an easy way to learn with simple and easy-to-understand articles and tutorials which are classified into different sections for beginners, intermediate web developers and advanced designers. The quality of the articles and tutorials provides great ideas and assists user in website promotion.




6. –

This site has a programme called Kickstart, which is framework for teaching HTML code. You can learn how to build web page prototypes simply and fast as well as structure files. Find out how to implement the Grid, insert icons, change fonts, create a hero unit and style buttons and columns and there is a full introduction to read to get you started. Hours of courses and tutorials are available with new content added weekly and you can unlock the full course by becoming a member.





7. –

This site is dedicated to HTML and contains tutorials for learning and a forum. There is a quick list section with tags for further information on HTML and a complete guide can be found especially for beginners. The tutorials cover comments, tags, embedded objects, forms, fonts, images, scripts, symbols and tables to name a few and a help section can be found in the forum.





8. – is a HTML help site with tutorials, code demonstrations and code charts. The web design section takes you through the process step-by-step explaining hypertext, modifications, text formatting and codes with a simple list of mistakes that can easily be avoided. There are sections for creating HTML lists and tables and many hints and tips can be found with the promise that you can create your first web page in minutes.





9. –

This site has tutorials in HTML to help you create your own website in one hour. You can select HTML as well as HTML5 and there is an active forum with topics and threads which can be followed to help you. A table of contents is given with chapters for getting started, creating your first website, elements and tags, links, tables, images, attributions, layout and uploading as well as good tips and advice for projects ideas for your website.





10. –

This site will give you a solid background in HTML to help you create a website. There are tutorials with references, links and examples for each section and beginners are advised to read everything through before starting the course. Preparation and briefing are given in detail and a list of important vocabulary and words to know are stated. The tutorials cover formatting, tagging, forms and attributes to name only a few that are mentioned and other languages can also be found on the site.


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