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Have software you need to download but don’t now where from?

Software Download directories produce a list of software that is available for users to download and are sometimes open source and free to use. The software can usually be chosen from many different categories such as audio and visual for converting, ripping and burning; file sharing software; business software for emails, accounting, project management, printing and e-commerce and databases that contain a variety of texts and images. Usually a directory will give reviews and ratings for the software to facility your decision on whether you require it and want to download it. Licences can also be downloaded for sharing such as GNU and Free Software Foundation, which permit the usage of the software for public use and distribution. Directories enable users to find a variety of different software to suit their needs, eliminating the need for searching since a multitude of software can be obtained in one place. Below is a list of ten of the best software download directories available on the Internet today. Most of the software offered is free to download and use and for anyone looking for specific software for enhancing work or hobbies then the list will be very useful.


1. –

Zeropaid is a software directory that has been around for 12 years and has useful fun tools available to use. Popular and recommended software are highlighted and you can select audio and visual, file sharing software and anti-spy software. There are sections for Bittorrent and media players as well as Codec packs and if you are a developer and feel your programme meets their requirements then you are welcome to contact the site.





2. Free Software Directory –

The Free Software Directory is a catalogue of useful free software that contributors have collected, organised and made accessible to the public. There are featured projects for users, developers and the GNU spotlight with licences verified for each programme listed in the directory. Free software is available with many interfaces as well as for business purposes and in various formats and you are invited to contribute by submitting a new entry or in the participation guide.





3. Nerd’s Heaven –

Nerd’s Heaven is a software directory produced from Stanford University and contains many links for finding shareware, freeware, public domain and high tech. Categories include general software, Internet software, operating systems, scientific software, windows and mackintosh software, platforms and user groups and commercial vendors. Some of the software is free, some is for sharing and others are available at a small price and you are invited to contact the site if you have software of interest.





4. –

This site has a huge database of software to download with featured software and ‘must-have’ downloads. You can view the top searches as well as the top downloads in order to see what other people are using and categories include education, audio, business, development, communication, games, graphics, hobbies, design, security, web development and widgets to name a few. There is a special area for members with a blog as well as the facility to submit software for inclusion on the site.





5. – is a very popular software download directory which contains over 200 directories for submitting your site and offers not only various software utilities, but also checks them for viruses before allowing them to be downloaded by the user. There are editorial reviews to read to help you decide whether to download specific software or not and after submitting an entry you are free to edit, delete and add information.  The site is updated regularly so all dead links are removed.





6. – is another well-known software download directory and has recommended downloads as well as the top free downloads to offer in all sections. The software apps are well-categorised and customer reviews can be read for each one to help you make up your mind.  Some of the categories include windows, games, mobiles and Mac and there is a special section for brands.




7. – is an encyclopaedia of free software downloads and advertises the latest additions to the database. There are also drivers to download as well as virus protection and a section for the latest technology news can also be found. Reviews can be read for various downloads and some of the categories to select include authoring tools, games, mobile phones,  desktop enhancement, network tools, programming, security and office tools to name a few.




8. – is a lesser known name as far as software download directories are concerned, but there is a vast array of software utilities to select in the library.  There is a wide selection of technical software for Windows, Mac and mobiles and the most popular downloads are highlighted.  Many categories are available to browse and select and software can either be purchased, updated, tried for free or download, as some software is free for sharing and using. You can sign up to the site to receive the newsletter and assistance is available if required.





9. –

This site has several categories to download software including games and entertainment, security, business, audio, network and system utilities.  You can view all the publishers as well as the rankings and reviews and there are sections to see the most popular software as well as recommendations.  Suggestions for ‘must-haves’ include Adobe Reader, Firefox, WinRar, iTunes and Windows Messenger and the latest software is added and updated regularly.





10. – is a popular software directory and gives suggestions for downloads and news on the latest download developments as well as reviews with the most recent downloads highlighted.  Categories to select include audio, business, education, games, graphics, utilities and desktop enhancements to name a few and there are sections specifically dedicated to Mac and Windows software.  Top suggestions include CCleaner, Cheat Engine, Sothink video encoder, WinX Bluray DVD, and Avast! free anti-virus and the facility to search individual software is given.




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