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Table tennis or ping pong is a game for all. Whether you are just starting out or a full-time professional you cannot play table tennis without the proper gear. The below outlines the top 10 online table tennis shops – each suited for different needs. They are great for purchasing bats, balls, tables, clothing and training equipment as well as useful guides, videos and tutorials on how to play. Be sure to check them all out for the best prices and best equipment that can be offered and which you won’t find anywhere else.


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1)Butterfly –
Although the site has a large online store selling a wide variety of Table Tennis products, it also reports on news, players, coaches, clubs and leagues within the U.S.A. Butterfly are a famous and popular brand in the world of Table Tennis. Demonstration videos on techniques can be viewed and expert advice is offered from professional players. All products in the shop can be viewed in categories and best sellers, recommended products and new goods are also shown.


2) –
Megaspin offers a wide variety of products in the Table Tennis world from racquets, blades and tables to clothing, cases and robots. The latest products, top sales and most popular items can be viewed and purchased with many brands and categories to choose from. Information on Table Tennis is also given with details and links to players, tournaments, rules and rankings. Subscription to the newsletter is encouraged to receive up to date info on the latest products and also comments are invited on articles in the forum.


3) –
This site was founded by former U.S.A. team players of Table Tennis whose expert opinions and advice can be sought on all the products available. Many top brands are featured in the extensive list of clothing, playing equipment and accessories that are on offer and bargains can be found in the clearance items. A catalogue of all available items can be requested and sent worldwide and a special system is in place for ‘quick orders’. Articles and advice from top players can be viewed along with videos and reviews from coaches and internationally renowned players of the sport.


4) –
The site consists of a very well stocked shop featuring racquets, covers, balls, clothing and shoes, rubbers, robots, blades, tables, cleaners and other accessories for Table Tennis. Deals of the day are displayed along with nets and a wide variety of gifts, such as pen holders, with vouchers also being offered making the site popular with American enthusiasts. All the top sellers are featured and there are videos to watch on the top products available. There are tips on playing, articles regarding the rules and general news about the latest top sponsored players, governing bodies and fencing clubs. You can also read testimonials from previous customers to assist you in deciding what equipment to purchase.


5) –
Killerspin offers a wide range of products for sale in the online shop from tables, racquets, rubbers, balls and robots in ‘equipment’, to bags and nets in ‘accessories’. There is also apparel for men and women and gift vouchers to be purchased too. The company is based in Chicago and sponsors many young players and tournaments within the U.S.A. There are matches and points to be watched in the media section and informative photographs are displayed. Useful articles and tips regarding the art of ‘spinning’ can be read and you can search for any desired club or dealership in the database.



6) –
Robbins specialise in selling Table Tennis Tables and offer a wide selection of tables from famous brand names along with outdoor tables, Ping-Pong tables and portable tables that can be folded easily for transportation. Other products such as balls, robots, paddles and clothing can be found, but not to a great extent, as the emphasis is on tables. There are articles on the history of the sport to be read along with the rules, regulations and general tips about the sport of Table Tennis. You can also look for a club in the database by State and area.


7)Table Tennis Zone –
The site concentrates solely on selling Table Tennis apparel and equipment and offers no information on the sport other than links to other Table Tennis sites. However, the online shop is extensive, offering popular brands of tables, nets, blades, paddles, rubbers, bags, cleaners and many other Table Tennis items. There are many customer reviews to read from and all products are ‘star’ rated from previous feedback to assist with decisions regarding purchases. Free or low cost shipping is offered throughout the U.S.A. with all questions answered by the customer service team.


8)Table Tennis Direct –
Table Tennis Direct has a complete range of products online for all things connected to Table Tennis. Tables, paddles, balls, robots and clothing aside, there are also blades, rubbers, scoring devices and nets; in fact the list is almost endless. You can choose to have a bat custom made to suit your personal needs and also purchase books, DVD’s and videos in the extensive media section. The shop is organised with an extensive index system and even jewellery is offered with Table Tennis designs in mind. The company was established in 1991 and is based in the U.K. They claim to be a one-stop shopping zone for all Table Tennis needs and from the extensive list of products offered, this statement appears to be correct.


9)Go Table Tennis –
Go table Tennis has hundreds of products to buy from their online warehouse. All apparel, equipment, rackets and accessories for Table Tennis can be found along with books, videos and tables. Gift certificates can be purchased and special offers, clearance items and new arrivals are advertised. Advice on training is offered and after analysing your game, you can be referred to a world class coach. Trips to a training camp in China are also available, where you can receive world class coaching to help develop your game.


10)Total Table Tennis –
This site offers a wide range of tables, robots, accessories and items and equipment connected with Table Tennis. Navigation of the site is simple; you type the name of the item you require and the database will search for it. Comments and reviews from customers can be read and the company offers free delivery throughout the U.S.A. A brief history of Table Tennis can be viewed and personal contact and questions are encouraged to ensure the correct products are purchased and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


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    We are the best sellers for table tennis equipment and accessories including tables, balls, rubber, robots, rackets, etc.
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