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Tennis is one of the top sports in the world. Tennis is enjoyed by millions of recreational players and is also a hugely popular worldwide spectator sport, especially the four Grand Slam tournaments (also referred to as the “Majors”): the Australian Open played on hard courts, the French Open played on red clay courts, Wimbledon played on grass courts, and the US Open played also on hard courts. Historians believe that the game’s ancient origin lay in 12th century northern France, where a ball was struck with the palm of the hand. tennis sites


1) brings the latest news, reports and commentary in the Tennis world. Players and statistics are listed with ranks and prize money earnings and there are many articles and facts about the sport. Photos and videos can be viewed in the multimedia section and tips on playing the sport can be found. Under the ‘gear tab’ you can browse the list of top racquet and shoe manufacturers.


2) ATP World Tour –

The Association for Tennis Professionals brings current information on events, tournaments and matches in Tennis. A complete list of tournaments and dates are given showing when and where you can expect to see all the top players for both the men’s and women’s circuits. Current rankings are displayed with results and scores of all matches given through live stream, photos and videos. There are articles on the latest news, which is constantly updated along with contact information for purchasing tickets to all events. Match statistics and individual important match points are highlighted and there is an online shop for purchasing Tennis equipment.


3) United States Tennis Association –

The site focuses on U.S.A. Tennis as the name suggests, offering an in-depth guide to how Tennis functions throughout the country with coaches, clubs, training, leagues, organisations and educational establishments for studying Tennis techniques. There is a section dedicated to junior players and advice on how grants and special assistance can be obtained along with links and instructions on how to play and improve your game. The site also contains valuable information for officials and umpires as well as instructional photographs and videos. The media section gives all the latest headlines from tournaments, events and matches around the globe.


4) International Tennis Federation –

This site promotes tournaments and events within the circuit of the International Tennis Federation, which is currently celebrating its centenary year. There are five circuits consisting or pros, seniors, juniors, wheelchairs and beach tennis. The four grand slam tournaments are featured and information on the Federation, Hopman and Davis cups are reported. The role and structure of the organisation is set out clearly and the rules and history of the game are given in great detail. There is a vast photo gallery to be viewed and all the latest news from events in Tennis around the globe is updated regularly.


5) The Tennis Channel –

The Tennis Channel brings live reports on all tournaments, events and matches around the globe in the world of Tennis with the latest match scores being constantly updated. The rankings of all players are shown along with videos and there is a section on travel, which lists all resorts, training camps and establishments where Tennis can be played throughout the U.S.A. Tennis clothing and equipment is promoted and a network of Tennis clubs is listed.


6) Australian Open Grand Slam –

The Australian Open is the first of the grand slam tournaments to take place in the Tennis calendar year. Reports can be found on news and the latest events regarding the tournament and match scores are updated as they occur. The schedules of play for all the draws are laid out and in-depth details of all competing players, especially the top seeds, are given with articles, facts, and photographs. Interviews can be heard in the radio section and all the highlights can be viewed in videos. The site has an online shop for purchasing Tennis goods and information regarding tickets for the tournament is also available. In the ‘Fan Centre’ you can participate in any of the discussions and blogs.


7) Roland Garros –

Roland Garros, also known as the French Open, is the second of the grand slam tournaments in the Tennis calendar. The site is available in English and French and offers a list of all draws and schedules of play. Top seeded players are featured along with rankings and live results are posted on all matches throughout the tournament. There are interesting photographs, interviews and articles regarding famous players along with a history of Roland Garros and all the prize monies. A practical guide and map of the stadium can be viewed and advice is given on purchasing tickets for all matches throughout the tournament. Enthusiasts can follow the site through social networks and Tennis apparel, goods and souvenirs can be purchased in the official store.


8) Wimbledon –

This is the official site for the Wimbledon Championships, also known as ‘The All England Lawn Tennis Club’, which is the most sought-after title in the world of Tennis. The prize fund is substantial and attracts all the top players of the sport both past and present. An entire section is devoted to the long history of the club, where all past title holders are listed and there is a further section for the museum at the club where interesting artefacts can be found. The draws, seeding, schedules of play and matches are reported upon throughout the championships and match results and points are updated as they occur. The news section gives articles and facts to read regarding all the latest events and stories in Tennis plus a list of all competing players along with their history and achievements. A section on purchasing and obtaining tickets can also be found and there is a comprehensive guide and map giving details regarding the operations and functions of the club during the tournament. Tennis goods can be purchased in the online shop along with memorabilia. Interaction and participation in all blog topics is also offered.


9) US Open –

The U.S. Open is the last of the grand slam tournaments, taking place every year in late summer at Flushing Meadows in New York. This is the official site where the schedule of play is given and a complete guide to all events along with advice on purchasing tickets and arriving at the stadium. All the headlines and latest news with match results are updated as they occur and further articles can be read regarding all the competitors in all the events. A large section is dedicated to hospitality and corporate functions packages that are on offer as well as special Tennis promotions in the shop.


10) ESPN Tennis –

ESPN Tennis offers live coverage and match analysis of all the latest goings-on in the Tennis world. Their twitter account is widely follower: and they are one of if not the best site for getting up to date info about anything tennis related. ESPN tennis boasts a wide selection of renound columinists from the tennis world – former and present professionals. In addition, ESPN tennis hosts a number of blogs, latest results and contests and special sections. ESPN tennis also has a specific poll section related to current tournaments and matches and also shows the schedule for matches on the ESPN channel.


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