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A trend, also known as a fad or trendsetting is adopting a form of behaving or supporting something new such as fashion before most other people and can also refer to a market, culture or movement involving music and thought. A trend in culture usually refers to a form of behaviour that is adopted and followed by the masses and lasts for a period of ten years or more as with technology or business as well as fashion.  Besides style, trends can be seen in legal, medical and financial capacities and show the general direction that something is moving towards. In the 1950s with the era of Rock and Roll the trend was based on the movement and in the 1960s the trend for freedom and love developed with the theme on flowers, togetherness and psychedelic bright colours. The latter 1970s saw the punk movement with the fad spouting from a more aggressive form of dress and music with the message being rebellion and revolt. Other trends developed in the 1980s with the era of dance and electronic music forming the New Romantic movement with exaggerated make-up, but as with most trends their popularity fades and then is revived anew for different generations to adopt and improve. Below is a list of the best sites on the Internet today for trends and for those that enjoy keeping up with the latest fashion and developments the sites will be very interesting indeed.




1. – has ideas for you from unusual fragrances to modern functional furniture. There are articles and videos to view with reports, tips and hints and you can search in today, last week or last month. Categories can be chosen from fashion, tech, culture, design, ads, business, eco, social lifestyle and bizarre and a gallery of amazing photographs to see is also available. You can join the community or even add a trend yourself with plenty of inspiration to spur you on and guide you.




2. –

This site scans the globe for the most promising consumer trends, insights and related hands-on business deals. The trend finders help marketers, CEOs, researchers and anyone interested in consumerism to dream up new goods, services and experiences. There are presentations and articles to view on the site and the latest briefings can be read about what is currently trending each month. A special consumer trend canvas pack is available to assist you launch innovations of your own and subscriptions to the site are welcome.



3. – assists you in seeking inspiration with stories and videos highlighting creativity and innovation in design, technology, style, culture, food and travel. There are daily updates and weekly documentaries to view and you can subscribe to receive the RSS feeds regularly. There are gift ideas and interviews with designers along with guides and the sections named word-of-mouth and listen-up are a must read.




4. The Cool Hunter –

The Cool Hunter has amazing trending ideas for you from metallic fashion shorts, USB bike lights, ‘cool’ summer houses from New Zealand and in vogue style interiors for your home. Trending themes can be chosen from news, architecture, design, travel, fashion, lifestyle, houses, food, bars, transportation, office and tree-life to name a few with photographs of featured offices from around the world as well as kitchens with the emphasis on minimalism.




5. – brings you an essential fix of entrepreneurial ideas. There are articles to read and videos to view with a brand new invention of a button that could help save the lives of elderly people. There is a media section for journalists and professional advice can be found for businesses since there are over 4,000 innovative ideas and start ups in the database. Signing up to the site is free and any submissions are welcome.




6. –

Jeremy Gutsche is no stranger to trendsetters and has always been on the forefront of cool. He is an innovation expert and an award-winning author with his inspiring and keynote speeches. There are videos and reviews to see on the site and a schedule can be found of the next venues where he will appear. Sections can be found for books and workshops and you can view an extensive and impressive list of large corporations who have been inspired and became clients.




7. –

This site can assist you to build your own brand and articles and videos can be found on lighting techniques, advertising and creativity, design and architecture and digital and technology. The business innovation consulting team are led by the latest trends and reports can also be found along with events. Information can be found for new ideas in technology, ealth, the home, travel and food to name a few with trending topics and popular posts highlighted.




8. – is an online magazine that will take you inside the worlds of fashion, design, art, food, photography and other creative disciplines. There are interviews and behind-the-scenes documentation which uncovers stories, obsessions and inspirations. The company curates exhibitions, produces events and provides branding for a variety of forward-thinking clients. There are many articles and videos to view on the site and new ideas can be gained from browsing the inventions.




9. –

Kevin Kelly is famous in the world of trendsetting and has many years experiencing in bringing innovative ideas to the fore-front. He has 1,500 tool reviews that are now in a book, which is filled with possibilities and you can read about his life and his passion for bringing innovation into the spotlight. There are articles, presentations and interviews to read on the site and a special section is dedicated to portraits.




10. –

The Morning News is an online magazine of essays art, humour and culture which has daily features and headlines news. There are articles and interesting facts from around the globe to read and new and bright creations can be seen in the galleries. There is recommended reading along with editor’s picks and profiles of famous trendsetters can be found. The archives can be searched to gain further information and any form of contact with the site is welcome.


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