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The derivatives market is a financial market that derives its value from an asset, index or interest rate. Derivative transactions include financial contracts, structured debt obligations, deposits, swaps, futures, options, caps, floors, collars and forwards. The market amounted to approximately $700 trillion in 2011, according to The Economist, but some reports say that this is greatly exaggerated and realistically the amount appears to be much lower at $21 trillion. Even when the figure is scaled down it represents a huge amount of money. Derivatives are contracts between two parties that specify conditions of the underlying variables, the parties’ contractual obligations and the amount with the most common underlying assets being commodities, stocks, bonds, interest rates and currencies. There are two groups of contracts which are privately traded with swaps and exchange-traded which are traded through specialised derivative exchanges.  Derivatives are gaining popularity in today’s climate, but their originality dates back several centuries. They can be broadly categorised as ‘lock’ or ‘option’ products. Lock products obligate the contractual parties to the terms of the life of the contract and option products provide the buyer the right, but not the obligation to enter the contract according to the specific terms. Below is a list of trading derivative sites. For anyone with an interest in the subject the sites will make informative and exceptional reading.


derivative 1


1. –

If you are curious about binary options then this site has informative articles to read and access can be gained to the forex, stock indices and commodities markets using easy-to-trade capped-risk binary options. A section is given for bull spreads with charts and examples to follow and in the education centre you can view webinars, videos and glossaries with trading handbooks and market commentary. Information can be found about the trading platform with a demonstration trading account and full details about the company are given on the site.


derivative 2


2. –

This company has offices worldwide and has information for risk-aggregation and high-volume risk detailing the solutions and the benefits. Business consulting along with technical services is provided and training includes stock loans, risk management, swaps and yield-curves as well as training modules for practice. A section can be found for news and events and the service is offered on a free trial with assistance available at all times.


derivative 3


3. – provides the latest updates and news in the world of derivative trading. Articles can be read regarding trading and investing and the top stories are highlighted. The ‘events section’ contains invitations to attend seminars and data can be found for hedge funds, trackers, rankings and fund returns. Signing up to the site is advised in order to receive the newsletter and a special tab is provided for keeping track and listing your investments.


derivative 4


4. –

This site advertises the latest news and analysis for the economy as well as corporate news and mutual fund news. Information can be found for commodities, currencies, online trading, equities, insurance and fixed income and special sections are dedicated to research and market watch. Further hints and tips are given in the finance blog and there are downloads available for topics such as compliance, marketing, online trading, treasury and mutual funds.


derivative 5


5. –

This site assists you to make accurate and informed decisions in the market by providing real-time data and analytics as well as news and suggested reading. The company has several products available and full support can be found along with a wide range of tools. Featured products include the Horizon Suite, analysis and display solutions, integrated excel publisher and Ascot which consists of a viewing platform with Java built-in.


derivative 6


6. –

This site contains good information for trading derivatives with articles, news, events and guides. Reports can be read for algorithmic trading, commodities, trading and derivatives exchanges and a special section can be found for setting up a hedge fund. Courses are offered for executive training and you can sign up to receive the weekly newsletter.


derivative 7


7. –

The IG Group claims to be a world leader for derivatives trading and is evidently popular as it ranks highly on The latest news and reports on funds can be found and there are articles to read on performance, results, regulatory information, shareholders, dividends and corporate social responsibility. The current market valuations are given and full details regarding the company and their successes can be read on the site.


derivative 8


8. – has in-depth information and explanations for derivatives. Articles with diagrams can be found to assist you with understanding options, futures and swaps and popular posts for stock market trading are highlighted. Tips and guides can be found for behavioural finance, brokerage firms, formulas, derivatives, economics, day trading, futures trading and seasonal trading with sections for news and reviews along with the option to ask for a stock quote.


derivative 9


9. –

This site ranks highly on and specialises in derivatives trading. Reasons to trade are explained such as hedging, returns, time leverages and enhancing trading limits and a section is dedicated to learning the basics of trading. You can see the latest market positions as well as open an account and start trading. There are explanations about futures and options and weekly and daily reports can be read. Demonstration videos can be viewed and full details regarding ordering the platform can be obtained from the site.


derivative 10


10. First Derivatives –

This site offers trading platforms and contains the latest news for derivatives trading. You can read about the overview, data, trading, risk and services of the platform offered with a special section for technology. Articles and information can be read on the capital markets, data management consulting and legal and compliance services and a section is dedicated to investors containing information on reports, share capital and prices as well as listings. Quick links and full support are in place for guidance and any form of contact is welcome.



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