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Twitter fanatic?

Twitter is a famous social networking and micro-blogging site that allows you to send and receive text messages up to 140 characters which are known as tweets. It was created by Jack Dorsey in 2006 and by 2012 had reached 500 million registered users with over 340 million tweets per day. It is today one of the most popular websites on the Internet and is based in San Francisco with servers throughout the U.S.  Tweets can be read by everyone, but private tweets, rather like private messages, go directly to the recipient or to a group of friends. Users can subscribe to receive tweets from various individuals and this is known as following with people that follow tweets being known as subscribers. Twitter is free, but to have tweets sent to mobiles may incur charges depending on the service provider. Twitter also has various apps that can be used with mobiles and has been known to significantly promote the careers of many stars with followers growing in numbers daily. Below is a list of the top ten current best Twitter profiles. If you have a twitter account or you are an enthusiast of any of the names below, then the list will provide good entertainment.


twitter 1


1. Justin Bieber –

The latest antics of Justin can be viewed on his page and with over 24 million followers gained in just one day he is in the current top spot. His latest tweets are all about the tour and how it progressed and how he loves all his fans and he will always be there for them and of course there is a mention regarding his latest album. Justin has been tweeting since 2009 and his Twitter future looks bright as the predictions say he is due to stay at the top for a while.


twitter 2


2. Katy Perry –

The lovely Katy Perry is at number 2 with her Twitter profile and has gained many followers recently with over 41 million followers. She has been on Twitter since 2008 and her profile motto is “tweaking the (t)werk into a prism burst”….with her latest tweets being promotions and mentions for her friends. Her stats are very positive and she could be vying with Justin for the number one spot soon.


twitter 3


3. LadyGaga –

LadyGaga is promoting her latest song on her Twitter page and she is at number 3 with over 39 million followers. You can watch her latest video on the page and view her photos, but with caution since there might be some sensitive content. She has 136,000 following her and you can watch her work-out clips and attempt to try her fitness regime. Some of her tweets can raise an eyebrow or two, but with time we have come to expect nothing less from this Diva.


twitter 4


4. Barack Obama –

This the official page of the president of the U.S.A. which is run by his action staff. The profile is at number 4 with over 35 million followers and 658,000 following. There are photos and videos to view on the site as well as a few policies and plans that you can peruse. The video from the president’s 52nd birthday bash is the hottest thing to see on the profile page and there are interesting facts and figures to view as well.


twitter 5


5. Taylor Swift –

Taylor Swift has over 32 million followers her page, but only 109 following, which is a surprise as she is in 4th position. Her latest tweets are about the shows and how amazing she feels afterwards and you can view the latest interview with her on MTV. There are videos and photographs to view and there are some very nice tweets from magazines such as ‘rolling stone’ about this talented lady. Her profile motto is happy, free, confused, lonely, at the same time.


twitter 6


6. YouTube –

The great YouTube stands at number 6 with over 32 million followers and only 536 following. The top photos and videos from the site can be found on the page and some of them make for very interesting viewing. Links are provided to see what is currently trending and of course video enthusiasts will find a treat with amusing and popular videos only a link away.


twitter 7


7. Rihanna –

The twitter profile of the lovely Rihanna has over 31,000 followers, but only 969 following. The latest album is promoted on the site and you can download the latest single from the album via a link. There are some raunchy videos and photos to view and other links to videos and snippets can also be found in her tweets, but caution is advised as the lady holds nothing back on her language.


twitter 8


8. Britney Spears –

You can follow the ups and downs of the lovely Britney Spears on her twitter profile page and she currently has over 30,000 followers and over 407,000 following her. There are personal videos to watch and some very cute photographs of her and family. Her latest tweets contain snippets of some new material in the pipeline and the media section mentions past antics, although thankfully judging by the latest scenes she seems to be back on the right track.


twitter 9


9. Instagram –

Instagram are famous for capturing and sharing moments in a flash of the camera. Their Twitter profile is ranked at number 9 this week with over 25,000 followers and an unbelievable 18 following them. There is a direct link to their blog on the page which will give you answers to commonly asked questions and queries and you can view pictures and videos as well as all the latest tweets.


twitter 10


10. Justin Timberlake –

Dear Justin scrapes in the top ten at number 10 this week with nearly 25,000 followers and only 52 following him. You can check out the newest trailer for the latest release as well as listen to snippets and bonus tracks. There are videos to watch and photographs to view with links to Justin’s recent news as well as his latest tweets.



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