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With the number of habitable planets in our own Galaxy, let alone the number of planets in the visible universe life outside of planet earth is more or less inevitable. As our technology increases and we begin to venture out of our own bubble we will eventually make first contact, whether it be on our own moon, Titan (the moon of Jupiter), Mars or any of the other more habitable planets in our solar system.  The definition of a UFO or unidentified flying object is an anomaly in the sky or near the ground that hovers, lands or flies into the sky and is not readily identifiable. These numerous anomalies used to be called flying saucers and the term UFO was given to them back in 1953 by the United States Air Force. This phenomenon is often thought to be associated with alien life forms or extraterrestrials and has become a fascinating topic. There is debate as to the extent of cover-ups by world governments but what is clear is that we are not being told the whole story. Thousands of credible people have come forward and given testimony on one of the most important discoveries humanity has even encountered. UFO sightings have been reported as far back as 240 BC, but with the invention of modern day technology sightings have been increasingly seen over the last seventy years. Various abductions have been reported and notable cases such as the Roswell incident, Phoenix Lights, Area 51 anomalies, and Betty and Barney Hill abduction still remain open and unresolved. The list of sites below contains valuable information and facts on UFO’s and Aliens and all are entirely dedicated to the topic. Some of them give viable explanations and some provide pure entertainment on the subject, but fact or fiction, conspiracy or reality, the below sites may change your view of our world.


1) AboveTopSecret.com – http://www.abovetopsecret.com/

The site has over 280,000 members and is dedicated to exchanging ideas and debating theories on unexplained phenomena. Topics covered are conspiracies, UFO’s, paranormal, secret societies, new world order and scandals to name a few.  Top topics and new topics are featured and all recent posts, threads and blogs are updated regularly to provide the latest news and developments. Videos and photographs assist with the content of articles and a special information section is available for journalists. A newsletter for the site can be received and becoming a member is encouraged in order to contribute to the vibrant forums.


2) Coasttocoastam.com – http://www.coasttocoastam.com/


This is the website for the radio show that airs on 560 radio stations throughout North and Central America. The show deals with UFO’s, unexplained phenomena and unusual occurrences with all show times and details being found on the site. Many articles can be read with videos and photographs, the most popular being advertised, with guests and hosts listed. Podcasts can be downloaded and all shows past and current can be heard through the site. There is a store for buying merchandise and for a small fee you can join the coast insiders club.


3) Earthfiles.com – http://www.earthfiles.com/


Earthfiles has over 2,000 science, environment and Real X-file reports and more than 20,000 photographs and documents giving information on unexplained phenomena. All data is in chronological order facilitating searches and archives can also be read. An option is given for in-depth searches along with a special section for headlines. There is an online shop for buying DVD’s, calendars and books with a further section for asking questions and contacting.


 4) UFO Files – http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/ufos/


The national archives contain a wide range of documents, files, letters and parliamentary questions on UFO sightings. A highlights guide is offered to assist in navigating the files for finding relevant information. Some files are open, but most are now closed. However, they can all be viewed in the archive section. Interesting theories and facts can be viewed in blog form and suggested background reading material is on offer in the bookstore. A video can be viewed from a leading expert in UFO history and a full transcript is available.


 5) National UFO Reporting Centre – http://nuforc.org/


This site contains a complete list of all UFO sightings throughout the world. The database is vast and is in chronological order with the date, the place and the type of the sighting given. There is a section for special articles and director’s picks highlighting certain cases and theories and facts on fireballs and other phenomena can be read. The site welcomes reports of any sightings and a hot-line telephone number is provided for such cases.


 6) Mufon – http://mufon.com/


Mufon has a huge database, which is used by researchers worldwide. Articles can be searched by topic and many videos can be viewed. There is a guide giving tips on filming and recording a UFO sighting and a highlighted section for news and latest events with links to other UFO sites. Free software and UFO case reports can be downloaded and membership and contributions to the site are welcome.


 7) UFO Evidence – http://ufoevidence.org/


This is a popular site with a great variety of UFO information given. Articles, documents and news can be found on a vast range of topics including government cover-ups, sightings, physical evidence, abductions and crop circles to name a few. A section on life in the universe analyses the findings in reports and all featured cases can be viewed in videos and films. There are interesting photographs and facts on UFO sightings with all evidence being documented. The site also welcomes new reports and sightings to add to the database.


8) UFO Whipnet – http://ufo.whipnet.org/

This is a relatively unknown site, but it contains in-depth UFO information. Articles can be selected from individual sections with latest news and sightings being highlighted. Sections in which information can be selected include Area 51, Roswell, races, documents and creation with photographs and diagrams given for assisting with explanations. There is a further section which gives deeper exploration on government cover-ups and useful links can be found to other sites for reference. Maps can be viewed showing sightings and visiting the site regularly is suggested in order to view all the latest developments and news.


9) UFO Casebook – http://www.ufocasebook.com/

This site has many cases and reports of UFO sightings giving valuable information. Special cases are highlighted and topics can be selected from the documents and research files such as Area 51, Astronauts, Project Blue Book, NASA facts and ancient astronauts to name a few. Alien files can be viewed in videos and photographs with FBI cases and abductions featured along with archived cases. Other reports can be read on water incidents, plane disappearances, landings and triangles and further sightings are also found in the blog area and the forums.


10) Crowded Skies – http://www.crowdedskies.com/

Crowded Skies gives a long list of topics to read. Information can be chosen from crop circles, zones, abductions, alien interrogations and human mutilations. Photographs, images, documents and articles can be downloaded with a special feature on grey alien. There are books, videos, message boards, blogs, links and conferences available to obtain data and subscription to the site is welcome to receive all the latest news and updates in the Alien world.








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