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University 1

1. International Student Exchange Programmes –

The international student exchange programme offers over 300 universities and colleges to members throughout the world. Students are given the chance to travel to another country and study whilst experiencing different cultures and learning new languages. The site gives details required for registering, housing and learning as well as information on what can be gained throughout an exchange from start to finish for students, educational establishments and parents alike.

University 2

2. London School of Economics-

The London School of Economics or LSE is one of the leading universities in the world. Unique because of its focus on the social sciences, the LSE has world renowned status among all its subjects, especially Economics, Law and Politics. Despite its name, the LSE conducts teaching and research across a range of social sciences, as well as in mathematics and statistics. The LSE is among the world’s most selective universities and has the lowest admissions rate of any British university. LSE’s website oozes with class. Whether you want to see the latest news in the Social science scene or see the latest LSE academic to have won a Nobel Prize – it is all there. There undergraduate and postgraduate sections are very detailed, especially for prospective students eager to learn how to secure entry into this fine institution. Their summer school prospectus is well documented at: and one can learn more about LSE’s research and expertise in their special dedicated sections.  Unsurprisingly LSE’s site ranks extremely well on Alexa with thousands of high quality backlinks pointing to their site. Successful businesspeople who studied at LSE include) Stelios Haji-Ioannou (Founder of Easy Jet) Spiros Latsis, David Rockefeller, (Property Tycoon) Maurice Saatchi, George Soros, (FX Investor)  and Michael S. Jeffries.

University 3

3. University of Oxford –

This is a very comprehensive site, giving great detail, facts and figures about the university along with the history and funding. In-depth guides for admissions and all colleges and courses available can be found along with an international and a ‘visitors and friends’ section. There is a gateway section explaining what is expected from staff and another gateway informs students of the achievements that can be gained. Registry to the Alumni is encouraged and under the ‘media tab’ the latest news from the university can be found in books, blogs and films. Information on all current research taking place at the university can be found.

University 4

4. University of Cambridge –

This is a top tech and very informative site, as one would expect since the university is now ranked number one in the world in several opinion polls, including the Guardian newspaper. Detailed information on the history of the university can be found with colleges and courses to attend along with all research projects currently being undertaken. All the latest news, developments and events within the alumni can be found along with reports and guides for staff, students and businesses give further insight into the facilities at the university. Work experience, internships and volunteering is encouraged and a list of museums within the community is given, offering a multitude of interesting artefacts and objects to be viewed.

University 5

5. Open University –

The Open University is based in Milton Keynes in the U.K. offering the chance of higher education to individuals unable to personally attend a university. A wide range of courses are offered to ‘long distance’ learners and the company was first founded in 1969. The site gives details of what can be expected and gained from the courses and how the university operates in terms of study and research. Membership to the community is encouraged since there are students, staff and alumni scattered across the globe. The full prospectus is available online and a taste of what is on offer can be gained through an access module.

University 6

6. University College London –

University College London, or London’s Global University as it is also known as, was established in 1826 and was the first establishment in England to welcome students of any race and the first to offer equal opportunities to both men and women in the terms of study. Details can be found for current and prospective students along with the accomplishments of the academic and research staff who have strived to make the university flourish and produced 21 Nobel prize-winners in the process. News on teaching methods, technologies and training are also shown and there are articles on the latest developments occurring within the university. Timetables, library resources and site maps for students are provided and the newsletter can be read online.

University 7

7. Yale University –

Yale University comprises three components: Yale College, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the professional schools. Details of all academic programmes and admissions can be found on the site and there is a large section on healthcare since many medical students study at Yale. Details are given on all the libraries and there are gateways available for students, parents, staff and alumni to gain all necessary information. You can read about the history of Yale and all the foundations and corporations that contribute to making it one of the most successful universities in the U.S.A.

University 8

8. Harvard University –

Harvard was established in 1636 making it the oldest university in the U.S.A. with over 323,000 living alumni throughout the globe. The history of the establishment and general life on the campus is given in great detail and schools, admissions and ‘aid’ all provides further in-depth information. There are dedicated sections on research, libraries and all courses that are available as well as necessary information for staff, students and parents. Subscribing to the Harvard Gazette is advised to gain all current news and announcements within the campus.

University 9

9. Princeton University –

Princeton is the fourth oldest college in the U.S.A. with the emphasis on humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering. The facts, figures and history of the establishment are provided along with information for staff, alumni, parents, graduates and undergraduates. Life on the campus is demonstrated in photographs and articles and there are in-depth reviews and news on all research currently taking place along with progress reports.

University 10

10. King’s College London –

The mission of the college is to advance “knowledge, learning and understanding in the service of society” and the focus is given to Arts and Humanities, Biomedical Sciences, Mathematics, Law, Dental, Medical and Psychiatry. In-depth information is found on studies, research, academic schools and life on the campus along with the history and structure of the establishment. News and events for alumni can be found along with the expectations and accomplishments of all courses and departments. The site is vast and contains a wealth of information for all students from all cultures. The latest news and press releases can be viewed and the prospectus is available online.


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